Boracay: reviews of tourists and features of rest on the island

Judging by the reviews of tourists, Boracay is one of the most beautiful islands located in the center of the Philippine archipelago. This piece of land is small in scale. Its area is a little over 10 square kilometers. The length of the island is 7 km, and its width in different places ranges from 1 to 3 km. The waters of two seas wash Boracay. Sulu waves come here in the north-eastern part, and Sibuyan in the south-west.

Boracay is a kind of beach capital of the Philippines. But, according to many tourists, such a title can not be limited. Boracay, which is 350 km from Manila, is sometimes considered the best place for a beach holiday in the world.

beach of boracay island

It’s even hard to imagine that this island was discovered by tourists relatively recently, in the 60s of the 20th century. However, in those days only adventurers sought to get here. After all, to settle on an island where in those years there was not even electricity, it was possible only in simple bungalows, the payment for which was only a few dollars in one day.

The island began to gain great popularity among foreign tourists by the mid-80s. It was then that the first hotels began to be erected on Boracay. After this, the times when adventure lovers came here for the sake of pristine nature and relaxing pastime on the beach by the sea, are a thing of the past. Today, the island is visited annually by more than 250 thousand travelers. Judging by the reviews of tourists, Boracay in the Philippines is the most popular place in this archipelago.

Infrastructure reconstruction

In April 2018, the island was closed to tourists. This was done to bring its infrastructure in line with modern standards. 10/26/2018, the island again began to receive guests.

What tourists leave reviews of Boracay after opening it for visits? Based on the opinions of experienced travelers who have been to the island before, its infrastructure has been significantly improved over half a year of work. During this period, all that housing that did not meet modern standards was demolished or modernized. Each of Boracay hotels has been thoroughly tested. And only the best of them were given accreditation and they received permission to receive guests.

To date, the hotels of Boracay (Philippines) reviews from tourists are pretty good. Guests of the island claim that they all provide wonderful conditions for a comfortable stay.

Also, after the opening of the island, only those restaurants, discos and bars that complied with the new standards began to work here. Within six months of work on Boracay, a modernization and sewage system took place. Her work has also been greatly improved.

And another innovation of the resort island. It began to go public transport. These are environmentally friendly electric cars whose engines do not use gasoline.

In general, reviews about Boracay (Philippines) indicate that the island, after its discovery in October 2018, has become a real exemplary resort.

White beach

The main problem for any tourist is the place that he must choose for housing. Judging by the reviews, Boracay provides its guests with a fairly wide selection of luxury villas and beach houses. Many on the island and hotels. Moreover, there are modern ones with a large number of rooms, apartments and rooms, as well as those built in the national style, consisting of several bungalows.

When choosing hotels in Boracay, according to tourists, it is advisable, first of all, to determine the location of the housing. First of all, you should pay attention to the White Beach. This coastal zone, stretching for almost 4 km, is the main attraction and pride of the island. The beach attracts the attention of vacationers with white and incredibly gentle sand like flour. This place is preferred by those travelers who come here with children. Judging by their reviews, a holiday on Boracay in the White Beach area is safe for young tourists because of the gentle descent into the sea and gradually increasing depth. In the daytime, vacationers here have the opportunity not only to acquire a beautiful tan, but also to engage in water sports. The active life on the White Beach does not end with the onset of darkness. After sunset, vacationers roam the cooling coast or spend time at the bar.

White beach

Most Boracay hotels are located in this place, on the White Beach, which is divided into three zones under the name “Station 1”, “Station 2” and “Station 3”. A similar division has remained here from the past. Indeed, once upon a time there were three boat stations on the beach, to which tourists were brought to the island.

The first of them is located in the northwestern part of this zone. This is the most calm and quiet place compared to the rest of the beach. It is here that some of the best hotels in Boracay are located. Reviews of tourists confirm the fact that most of them are here on the first line, which creates the most comfortable conditions for recreation.

As for the second station, it is the most popular place on the island. In no part of the Philippines is it possible to meet so many dive centers, shops, bars, restaurants and hotels per one square kilometer. That is why tourists are given a great opportunity to spend time interestingly around the clock.

The third station is considered more calm. From the hotels located here, travelers can always choose for themselves the one that offers the best combination of quality of accommodation and price.

Bulabog Beach

More recently, the almost deserted coast offers tourists today to choose one of the most affordable hotels or to consider the offer of luxurious accommodation. This is where Bulabog Beach is located. This is the northeastern part of the island, located just one kilometer from the territory of the White Beach.

Bulabog beach

It is here that kite-surfing and surfing enthusiasts who choose Boracay as their vacation destination prefer to come. The comments of those who prefer this sport are said to be excellent conditions for such a pastime from November to May on the beach of Bulabog. For vacationers who prefer a quiet beach holiday, during this period it is undesirable to choose the indicated part of the coast. Due to strong waves and fast currents, swimming here is quite dangerous.

Puka Beach

This coastal area is located in the northern part of the island. Puka got its name because of the round, white, small shells that are on it. They themselves gained popularity in the late 70s of the last century. It was then that the original beads from them were put on by Elizabeth Taylor.

Puka beach is literally strewn with these shells and their fragments. On this beach, a large number of small shops are open. Sellers offer tourists unpretentious products made from shells or shark teeth.

Those who prefer to spend their holidays in the Philippines (Boracay) leave reviews about this beach as a place where tourists need to be extremely careful. The entrance to the sea off this coast of the island is quite deep. In addition, inept swimmers may encounter waves and currents that are dangerous to them.

Secluded beaches

Some tourists come to the island for a quiet pastime. In this case, they need to choose for themselves hotels located on secluded beaches. What in this case does Boracay (Philippines) offer them? Traveler reviews praise Dinived Beach. This is a small coastal strip, the length of which is only 200 m. From it to the place where the main life of the island is in full swing, about thirty minutes walk. However, on this beach, in addition to hotels, there are several restaurants. Anyone who does not want to go anywhere can have a great time in one of them.

Boracay Island Hotels

There are even more remote beaches on the island. These are Punta Banga, Baling Hai and Ealing-Iligan. The sea here, as on Bulaboga, is turbulent from November to May. However, in the rest of the period it is quite suitable for swimming and quite clean.

In some hotels of the island, the high season starts from November 1-16 and ends on June 1-15. There are hotels in which prices are raised on the first day of winter until May 31. In addition, during the New Year, Christmas, and Easter holidays, visitors pay 15-20% more in hotels. The same thing is observed here during the celebration of the Chinese New Year. For those who decided to visit the island of Boracay at this time, according to experienced tourists, it is better to book a hotel room in advance. Otherwise, there is a great risk of not finding a place to live at all.

A large influx of holidaymakers on the island is observed in April. This is a traditional vacation month in the Philippines. That is why most of the citizens of this country strive to get here. In the low season, prices on the island fall from 30 to 40 percent.


Among the local residents of the island of Boracay, you can meet representatives of the most diverse peoples of our planet. That is why there is nothing surprising in the fact that the cook in the Italian restaurant is Italian, in Chinese - Chinese, in French - French. Nevertheless, those who came to Boracay, reviews about food in such restaurants leaves not quite ordinary.

restaurant on the island of Boracay

Tourists note the excellent taste and quality of all dishes. However, they indicate that local conditions have left their mark on the cuisine of a particular nationality. Indeed, all restaurants certainly offer fresh seafood (fish, shrimp, etc.).


Tourists who have visited the island of Boracay (Philippines) leave reviews about it as a rather safe place. This, as well as the small size of this piece of land allow us to explore it almost completely. You can do this yourself by renting a bicycle or by hiring a trip.


About half an hour's walk from that part of the coast where the Ealing-Iligan beach is located, travelers will find one of the island's attractions. These are three caves in which flying fruit-eating foxes live.

the bats

You can go to this place on your own, but it is better to do it accompanied by a local resident. During the day, you can see these rather large animals that hang in clusters of trees. An interesting sight awaits tourists at sunset. Against the backdrop of the setting sun, huge hordes of bats fly for their late dinner towards Panaya Island.

Dead forest

This place on the island is a once-freshwater pond into which salty water flowed. As a result, the trees growing here died.

dead forest

And today their trunks darkened from time to time are picturesquely rising from the water. Here tourists can see interesting birds. There is a dead forest near the beaches of Lagutan and Bulabog.

Mount Luho

This hill is used by tourists as the highest observation platform (100 meters above sea level). Climbing it, you can admire a beautiful view of the surroundings.


The island of Boracay provides its guests with the opportunity not only to have a wonderful time under the rays of the bright sun. And this is not only about a wide variety of water sports or diving. So, in the north of the island guests are invited to a golf club. On its field there are eighteen holes. The amazingly beautiful landscape and the absence of a large number of players make this club a great place for those who are just mastering this aristocratic sport.

Activities on the island include horse riding. Clubs in this sport invite both experienced riders and beginners to their classes. Children are invited to ride a pony.

Lovers of outdoor activities can rent bicycles. Guests of the island have a great time on the tennis court. Tourists are also invited to take part in a panoramic sea excursion. Spend her around the island. Motor boats are available for rent. They can get to remote small beaches and have a great time there. Judging by the reviews of tourists, they were also interested in a walk around the island in a boat with a transparent bottom. Looking through it, one could admire the amazing local underwater world.


Both professionals and completely inexperienced beginners can take up this sport on the island. Dive centers offer vacationers various types of dives. Here you can purchase or rent the necessary equipment.


Experienced tourists are advised in favorable weather conditions to rent a small boat and sail on it at sunset. The impressions of such a walk will remain unforgettable. Those who do not know how to steer the boat are given the opportunity to hire an experienced crew of 1 or 2 people.


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