Work in "Ikea": employee reviews, features and conditions

Reviews about work in "Ikea" are of interest to many potential employees of this company. Jobs from this chain of stores with a wide variety of offers regularly appear in large numbers. Before deciding on one of them, it is important to find out what conditions await the workers, what attitude on the part of the bosses can be counted on. In this article we will talk about the features of work in "Ikea", as well as provide feedback from employees.

How to get to work?

Reviews about work in Ikea in Russia

There are quite a lot of reviews about working at Ikea. First, let’s tell you how to get to this job, what features employees may encounter.

Ikea is a large-scale company with a whole network of retail stores in 11 largest cities of the country. Those who want to work in this prestigious company initially get an interview with an HR manager. This is a specialist in working with employees, who should know that the values ​​of a particular employee coincide with the values ​​of the company as a whole.

Ikea, like any large corporation, has its own motivating developments. In particular, there are values ​​that all employees must adhere to. These include enthusiasm, unity, the ability not to stop there, the desire to face reality and many others.

The HR manager makes an overall impression about the candidate, being interested in plans for the near future, goals in life and the steps that a person takes to achieve them. Also at this meeting, the applicant can learn in detail about all the conditions and features of the upcoming work. For example, they include communication with "you" with the leader, open space, a reward system based on a team result, and not on personal sales.

It is noteworthy that recruitment specialists in the company are guided by common criteria around the world. Therefore, most employees are similar in nature. This is done so that if necessary, employees can try themselves not only in different positions, but also in different countries. For example, Ikea employees from Russia are most often sent to Germany, France, the United States or South Korea.

Instead of an interview, an assessment center can be used to select employees for certain specialties. For example, it is used in the selection of interior designers. In this case, no more than 10 candidates are invited, who are monitored by five or six current employees of the company.


The second stage that each applicant must go through is an interview with the immediate future manager. In this case, the potential employee is no longer checked for compliance with the values ​​of the company, but his overall outlook and professional skills are evaluated.

Finally, the final stage is an interview with a senior manager who makes the final decision.

After going through all these necessary stages, the applicant will be given a letter in which the manager already describes in detail the working conditions, everything that will be included in the social package.

Immediately before going to work, each employee must undergo a medical examination. On the first day of work, the novice is assigned a special curator who helps him understand the details and features of the work process, the work of specialized computer programs, get to know his colleagues, and, if necessary, conduct a tour of the office.

As a rule, a new employee is taken for a probationary period, following which a simple certification is required. It consists of a small oral exam, consisting of several questions, with a mentor.


Job reviews in Ikea

The work in the office of "Ikea" has its own characteristics. For example, the Moscow headquarters lacks the concept of a dress code. Dressing in a business style is required only for those who hold meetings with customers, and employees of the sales area in the store are given a special uniform. By the way, after the change, you can give it to the corporate dry cleaning service for free, from where it is returned clean and ironed.

All work in the office is based on open space. At the same time, there are meeting rooms for meetings with clients, and for relaxation there are special relaxation areas. By the way, in the latter you can find horizontal bars, even game consoles.

Officially, the working day of most office workers lasts from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. But in fact it is not normalized.

For eating, the company has coffee points where you can have a bite to eat, warm food brought from home, and communicate with other employees in an informal setting. There is also a dining room, which is usually located on the ground floor of the building. The assortment of dishes for workers here is very diverse, so that for the week the same food is not fed up with those who regularly go to the dining room.

Bonuses and rewards

As in most companies, getting the results of the month more than the previously agreed salary is possible by fulfilling the plan. In addition to traditional bonuses, there are incentive programs for employees, including the so-called thirteenth salary, their own retirement program, and the “Thank you!” Program, designed for employees who have worked for more than five years.

In addition, there are certain bonuses for their own. For example, the company conducts free English courses, Ikea products can be purchased at a 15% discount, however, the size of purchases per year is limited for each employee to exclude the possibility of abuse. But if you are doing a repair at your place or have decided to radically update the furniture in your apartment, then on request they can increase the limit. The company also cares about the appearance and health of employees, monthly compensating up to 9,000 rubles for fitness classes.

Twice a year corporate events are held. This is a New Year's party and the so-called Midsammer is a holiday of the summer solstice, it is customary to celebrate it with the Swedes.

Employee Reviews

Ikea Shops

We told the main thing about the conditions and features of work in this company that the employer promises. Now let’s dwell on the feedback from employees about working at Ikea, who really decided to build their career there.

Most employees agree that the undoubted advantages include a full social package, paid sick leave and leave. In addition, most often it is possible to get into a young ambitious and good team, in which many immediately encounter an attentive relationship with newcomers. They are trying to help them, support them in difficult times, and prompt them in case of any errors or shortcomings. According to the feedback of employees about working at Ikea, it is customary to officially formalize an employee from his first official day. If you want to grow and high working capacity, you can count on a high salary and career prospects. Among the negative aspects, of course, many complain of a high workload and a heavy schedule, because of which they have to spend almost all day on their feet. But in any company, only those who work well can expect a high salary and increase.

At the same time, in some reviews of employees about the Ikea employer, you can find complaints that they have to work 12 hours per shift in rooms without heating, in which the temperature in winter drops to +14 degrees. In addition, cargo gates are located nearby, which constantly open and close for the next loading and unloading. Because of this, drafts arise, which really undermines the health of workers. However, management does not respond to complaints and appeals. In addition, a large number of trainings are held for novice workers, which in practice turn out to be completely useless. Some employees in reviews of Ikea in Russia even compare the motivating films that are shown at these meetings with the Baptist sermons. Their main goal is to convince those present that they are happy and do not need anything.

At the same time, an obvious advantage is the really cheap and affordable food in the dining rooms, which costs purely symbolic money. Analyzing the pros and cons of working at Ikea, we can conclude that decency and stability, unusual and rich gifts for the children of employees for the New Year should be considered obvious advantages. In addition, the employees themselves are constantly stimulated with some small but pleasant bonuses. For example, gift cards for two and a half thousand rubles. Even for those who have voluntary health insurance, they can improve it, and if necessary, provide discounts for children to health camps, a stable, albeit a slight increase in salary.

Moreover, in the reviews of employees about the conditions in Ikea in Russia, you can constantly find complaints about the unfair attitude of experienced workers to newcomers, in the literal sense of the word, hazing is flourishing in many stores. The personnel department in every possible way block any career advancement even for talented employees, taking care only of preserving their own jobs. So this company is suitable, first of all, for those who need comfortable and stable work without claims for career growth and high salary.

Financial closure

Reviews and complaints about work in Ikea

As for the reviews about the work in Ikea of ​​employees in Moscow who are faced with finances, they are immediately surprised by the rule on the ban on the disclosure of any information about wages. This applies to your own earnings and the earnings of others. In particular, this rule applies to accountants.

They find out that the team has experienced workers who receive many times more than the rest. When internal posts appear, they seek to raise not the best, but close ones and associates.

Among the reviews and complaints about the job at IKEA one can find references to unjustifiably low salaries, when even the leading staff immediately after employment receives only about 60 thousand rubles a month.

Company Jobs

Employee reviews on work in Ikea

The company "Ikea" constantly requires a fairly large number of employees in a variety of specialties. Most vacancies are open in the sales department. Sales consultants, administrators of the Customer Support Center, consultants designers, employees of the sales department, employees in the corporate restaurant and bistro, sellers of non-food items at the self-service warehouse, weekend cashiers, trainee managers, wardrobe planning and kitchens, reception desk and game room administrators, cashiers.

It is worth emphasizing that the selection of personnel here is approached carefully and responsibly, regardless of what position a potential candidate holds, in which department he will work. In the reviews about the work in the Ikea restaurant, the employees admit that during the interview they also inquired about their dreams and prospects, their desire for career growth, even if they applied for the most modest position.

Work in the restaurant is quite simple, but exhausting and physically difficult, because most of the working time has to be spent on your feet.

Employees of the sales department leave the most reviews about working at Ikea, as this is the most demanded specialty, where the highest staff turnover occurs. Many workers complain of great theft among managers and low salaries. However, there is no control over the procurement procedure.

You can also often find sharply negative reviews about the work of furniture assemblers at Ikea, so the staff turnover in this position is very high. The assemblers themselves complain about the unsatisfactory attitude of the senior staff, tight work schedules, low salaries and excessive demands.

Office in Khimki

Pros and cons of working in Ikea

Despite the fact that the company is international, of course, reviews about working at IKEA differ depending on which particular city a particular store or office is located in. In this regard, the conditions are getting better or worse. Most of the examples listed above related to reviews of work at Ikea in Moscow. For objectivity, it is worth considering several representative offices in other Russian cities, in which this international company also operates.

So, reviews about work at Ikea in Khimki can be found mostly negative. Employees complain that they are very poorly treated by the management, and that their superiors, at times, come across completely inadequate. You have to work almost daily until late in the evening, and, as a rule, no one pays extra for processing.

You just have to carry out a tremendous amount of work, especially a big load on beginners. Most of them have to work at night, trying to master large volumes of new information. It’s hard to work psychologically, since subordinates regularly meet with the head of a particular department, where he tries to humiliate his employees by any means by pressing on the most painful places so that they do not advance now on the career ladder, but only aspire to this in the future.

The salary increase is indeed there, but imperceptible, by about 3 percent per month.

St. Petersburg

Employer Reviews

Among the feedback from employees about working at IKEA in St. Petersburg, one can find many positive aspects, which include having a uniform, so you don’t have to worry every day with the choice of how to dress for work, almost free food, and a voluntary health insurance policy that includes dental services, friendly colleagues of all ages.

Sellers and most other employees have the opportunity to create individual schedules so that you can adjust to your studies even in full-time studies, provided that you are ready to skip one or two days a week.

At the same time, there is enough negative feedback from employees. In Ikea's employer reviews, the main complaints in St. Petersburg are related to the almost complete lack of financial motivation. Often, instead of cash incentives, they can simply give out a badge or diploma even for a significantly increased sales volume. Therefore, few people want to work too hard, which cannot but affect the general atmosphere in the team.

The sellers have a big load, especially in departments in which there is an increased demand and electronic queue. First of all, these are kitchens and bedrooms. On weekends, such large flows of people are collected that they specially hire sellers and cashiers for the weekend, but even they can’t cope.

A lot of complaints and discontent associated with a variety of useless training, which takes an unacceptably long time. At the same time, the salary level of the store director is comparable to the official income of middle-ranking officials, while for sellers and managers it is several times lower.


According to reviews of work at Ikea in Omsk, we can conclude that the store and office of the company, located in Siberia, are significantly inferior to the Moscow counterparts. In addition, there are inadequately low earnings.

In such remote corners from the central office, one can easily encounter non-compliance with labor laws, which you will not find in Moscow, Moscow Region or St. Petersburg.

This is due to the fact that the management adheres to the principle that it is easier for them to hire new employees, fortunately, young and hard-working unemployed are enough than to pay a decent salary to existing employees, to provide them with adequate working conditions.

In general, summing up, we can conclude that work in this international company will suit young and punchy job seekers who are ready for difficulties in order to achieve higher salaries or career growth. In this case, ultimately, everything will depend on how the team will turn out, where you will get settled.


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