How to create a family tree. Program for building a family tree

Everyone should know the history of their family in order to have an idea of ​​their origin, status, historical value. However, not everyone knows about their relatives beyond their grandparents (at best). Today it is becoming fashionable to compose your family tree, the so-called family tree (the program will help to do this in a colorful and visual way). This scheme is called a tree due to the fact that many relatives β€œgrow” from one person, like the crown of a tree.

family tree program

What you need to make a pedigree

The first step in drawing up a pedigree is to gather information. A program for building a family tree can help in this, in which you can identify possible family lines by name. However, it is understandable that it is difficult to find your own relative by name, so additional information is needed to find the right person.

A genealogical card is compiled for each relative, it contains a list of data that must be provided.

Sources of information about relatives

It is necessary to arm yourself with writing instruments and contact your relatives in order to record not only the last names, first names and patronymics of the relatives they know, but also the place of residence and other information about the life of relatives, their social activities, and participation in global events.

program for compiling a family tree

With the information received, you can contact the archive and for a fee, track the data on the movement of members of the clan. For an employee of the archive, the dates of birth and death of a person are important. If the exact information is not known, at least an approximate period should be indicated.

The necessary information may appear in old family records, so you need to refer to written sources. Older people tend to record important events, including information about their ancestors. It is possible that in the notebooks of grandmothers you can find their distant roots.

Basic and additional information in the family tree

The main, that is, mandatory information is data on birth and death, all other data received are called secondary.

The data obtained during the collection of information may be necessary only at the stage of searching for relatives, however, special merits or status can be indicated directly next to the data about this person on the family tree. For example, information on the number of marriages at first glance may seem superfluous, but at the same time, if children who are already relatives to each other are born in each of the marriages, then when you post information about them without mentioning each marriage, the tree will look incorrect.

How the tree compilation program works

The program for creating a family tree has several forms of presenting information, which will be discussed later. Information is stored in a specific format, a single sample. Therefore, a program for compiling a family tree allows you to not only enter data directly into this program, but also import them from another.

In addition to basic information, the tree may contain photographs, dates of birth and death, and other important information (at the discretion of the components).

program for creating a family tree

The necessary data is entered into the program, after which the tree can be printed or saved in the most convenient form for the user. Composing a family tree, the program allows not only to obtain the necessary information, but also to design it in its original form. This allows you to make the tree an original gift for relatives on any memorable holiday for the family. The program for compiling the family tree is not one, there are many of them. And although the principle of their work is the same, for some it may seem more convenient to use the program "Tree of Life", "GenoPro" or Family Tree Builde. You can save data both within the program and use online compilation, and then the tree will be saved in a computer or other device.

Usually the family tree of a family program allows you to compile quickly enough, it has a convenient simple control.

How can you imagine a family tree

The traditional way of presenting information is through a diagram. The family tree, the program for compiling which has several templates for data storage forms, can fit the scheme into a tree or other colorful form. The scheme in which the family emblem will be placed looks much more solemn.

You can display the data in the form of textual information, or you can add only photos, without signatures. By the location of relatives in the diagram, you can understand the degree of kinship of certain people.

Data can be presented in the form of an upward mixed-type diagram along the vertical axis.

family tree program

Similarly, information can be presented on a horizontal plane, but with a large amount of data it will look beloved.

In addition to the diagram, one of the types of presentation of information is a table. Information in this form is more difficult to digest, however, this type of tree is also used.

Types of family trees

You can draw up a diagram from ancestors to descendants, for which they take the most distant ancestors and then branch off relatives from them. This allows you to find loved ones, for example, on the maternal side. In this case, the program builds the family tree in such a way that the brothers and sisters, including cousins, will be located on the same line. This type of data presentation is used quite often and is classic.

The program for creating a family tree also makes it possible to build a tree from a specific person (component) to his ancestors. The addition of such a table in the future is not possible, but it has a more complete view. In this form, the family tree program is, taking into account relatives both on the maternal and paternal lines.

program for building a family tree

You can add to the tree only continuers, that is, men. Such a tree has a linear appearance, but is much less common.


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