This is not a simple teenage

Sooner or later, all parents are faced with the problems of raising their child, this is especially acute when the teenage age of the child makes itself felt.

This difficult period begins at about ten years of age. Children at this age become β€œexplosive” and vulnerable, therefore it is very important to be able to correctly perceive the problems of the child and find an approach to him.

It should be noted that specialists identify the youngest adolescence, which has its own characteristics and is the first signal for parents that their child is at the turn of their maturity. During this period, the main difficulties are observed in the attitude of the student to study and to peers.

All this is somewhat aggravated with the onset of middle adolescence, and this is 12-13 years. Although, it is impossible to say unequivocally when this period begins, because it does not depend on the calendar age, but on the individual characteristics of the body and is directly related to the moment of adolescence puberty.

In the child’s body, incredible changes occur, expressed in the physiological restructuring of the body. It is during this period that the psychic and psychophysiological deviations of a person are observed. Adolescence is usually characterized by increased excitability and short temper. Teenagers in this period are characterized by a picky attitude to themselves and their appearance, as a result of which self-esteem decreases.

Children become no less demanding to their relatives, so often any behavior of relatives causes them irritation and even anger, as a result of which tension in relationships and frequent conflicts increase.

A teenager has an internal contradiction, which is associated with a discrepancy between reality and his inner world. It turns out that physically he matured and matured, and his status in the family and school did not change, so adolescents begin their struggle and want to be heard so that their opinion and voice become more weighty. However, they are trying to achieve this in their own way, as it seems to them, in the only true way.

Adolescence in boys is manifested in a more aggressive behavior of the child. Many guys start smoking, because this is an adult habit, in their opinion, makes them even more independent and adults. At the same time, with puberty comes the desire to try sex, especially if the first love has settled in the heart of a teenager , which is often another difficult test if it is unhappy.

Teenagers unite and create companies of interest, over time, these groups can split up, and possibly become a solid foundation for further friendship, it is very difficult to say in advance. Passion for the child and the choice of company can be another reason for quarrels and misunderstandings between him and his parents.

At a time when the teenage age of the child passes its peak, the teenager has his own hobbies, in which he finds a real outlet. Such hobbies can be conditionally divided into three types:

- intellectual and aesthetic hobbies (radio equipment, music, history, drawing, etc.);

- cumulative hobbies (collecting discs, stamps, autographs of stars , etc.)

- eccentric (when a teenager seeks to attract attention and prefers extravagant clothes, fashion trends are ready, emo, etc.).

During this period, it is possible to establish relations with a teenager and achieve mutual understanding. Respect for the interests and hobbies of a child at this age will allow him to feel his importance and authority in the family.

Adolescence is not a simple test, not only for the child himself, but also for his parents, because it depends on understanding and respect for the matured child, how he will relate to himself, others and plans for a future life and study.


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