How to make and install do-it-yourself lifting gates?

In order to build a lifting gate with your own hands, be sure to choose the right time and purchase the necessary material. This design is very popular, because it does not require additional space near the garage, and it is also quite easy to care for.

What types of lifting gates are there?

do-it-yourself lifting gates
So, first of all, you should deal with the type of design that you will do. For example, sectional doors are the most common type . The design is an articulation of a certain number of segments that are screwed to the movable panels.

Complex designs include up-and-over doors. It’s a little more difficult to build them yourself. The fact is that the structure rises entirely and hides under the ceiling. Of course, such a product has a large weight.

When planning to make a lifting gate with your own hands, prepare the following materials and tools:

- metal for frame construction;

- material for the construction of the canvas, which fasteners are firmly fixed on the frame;

- a lifting mechanism (it should be purchased at the store);

- screwdriver, drill, grinder, level and tape measure.

Design manufacturing features

DIY garage door
Before starting work, it is necessary to draw a drawing of the structure on paper. At this stage, the width and height of the garage are taken into account. You also need to outline the area in which the drive will be located.

The first actions include the construction of a future design. The height of each section is 50 cm.

It’s very easy to assemble the lifting gates with your own hands . Garage panel panels are preferably made from quality components: durable plastic, galvanized steel, wooden planks. It all depends on the overall design of the room, your taste, as well as the amount of finance that you can spend. Next, the sections are screwed to the prepared frame.

In principle, it is not difficult to build a lifting gate with your own hands, but you should not forget about some of the nuances. For example, it is desirable to make the canvas double. Moreover, between the facing material you need to put a thin insulation, which will protect the room from the cold.

Please note that the outside of the panel must be protected from atmospheric influences. For this, a special film is used, which covers each segment. The lower part of the structure must be equipped with a sealant.

Features of installation of lifting gates

do-it-yourself swing-over gates
After the canvas is ready, you can begin to strengthen it in the garage doorway. Do-it-yourself lifting gates must be installed carefully and accurately. First you need to mount the frame of the structure. Use a level while doing this. Fix it with anchor bolts.

Next, vertical (on the sides) and horizontal (to the ceiling) guides are mounted, along which the sections will ride. All voids should be filled with foam. Now you can fasten the prepared panels to the frame. They must be connected using hinges. Naturally, it is necessary to pay attention to the system for fixing the gates under the ceiling so that they cannot fall.

Lastly, an electric drive, an alarm and an anti-burglary system are installed. All necessary fittings are screwed on, after which you can experience the new design.

Now you know how to build a garage door with your own hands.


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