Human energy body: description, types, functions

Surely every person who at least once was interested in the topic of mysticism and meditation heard about the concept of an energy body. This is a very interesting phenomenon, which can be told a lot of interesting things. In fact, each person has several energy bodies. All of them are interconnected and influence each other.

What is the energy structure of man? What are the functions and features of these bodies? Well, the topic is interesting, but because now it’s worth trying to find answers to these questions.

Etheric body

It’s worth starting with. After all, it is the lowest and densest layer, if we talk about the subtle energy bodies of man. In fact, this is a thinner copy of the physical shell. The etheric body has the following functions:

  • Maintaining and connecting the physical shell with energy.
  • Ensuring the vitality and integrity of the body and all body systems.
  • Conducting vital energy. Also, its subsequent regulation.
  • Storage of forces, as well as the "clean" energy of life.

Can be explained in a simpler language. If everything around is energy, then the notorious ether contains real fire in its purest form.

energy points on the human body

A person can feel this energy body. He feels the ether as a level of vigor, immunity, tone, vitality.

It is appropriate to recall the energy channels in the human body. It is very simple to draw a parallel with respect to the physical shell. As blood flows through veins, so energy passes through channels. It is believed that various reflexes (goosebumps, juggling, spontaneous itching, etc.) are manifestations of the etheric body. It makes itself felt so.

Astral body

It goes right after the broadcast. Usually its thickness varies from 20 to 40 cm. Clairvoyants say that this energy body of a person looks like a luminous cocoon and resembles a physical outline.

It is controlled by the solar plexus chakra, known as the Manipura. It is she who creates the protective layer and regulates the energy forces of man. Of course, the astral body performs similar functions. It controls passions, emotions, drives, feelings, desires.

They say that the astral body is given so that a person is firmly entrenched in the emotional level of the universe. It stores positive and negative experiences - joy, happiness, love, discontent, fear, anger. All this and much more is as if “inscribed” in the cells of the astral energy body of a person under the guise of peculiar “flashes”.

Of course, all this affects the physical shell and the state as a whole. If a person is not at peace with himself, feels weak, is addicted to bad habits, then his astral body suffers first of all. It is thinning, losing its valuable energy. And this cannot but affect the physical body, since everything is interconnected in the human body and state of mind.

The same goes for negative emotions. The more negativity passes through the energy channels in the human body, the more his astral membrane suffers.

Is there any evidence? Of course, and surely everyone at least once felt this on himself. There are hundreds of thousands of examples where a person who could not get tired physically, constantly feels incredibly exhausted, sleepy and weak. And the reason in such cases is negative thoughts and constant problems. His condition is a consequence of the energy weakened in the astral body.

human energy body

In the opposite direction, by the way, this also works. A person who copes with exorbitant physical exertion, but living with positive emotions and inspiration, always feels cheerful, even if by all laws of reality he must be exhausted.

Mental body

The following after the astral. The mental energy envelope of the human body is also often referred to as mental, intellectual, mental and mental. She has a close relationship with the Anahata chakra.

The functions of this body are unique. Its “nourishment” is mental energy, which takes part in all processes of mental activity, without exception. In particular:

  • The formation of thoughts and consciousness.
  • Generation of ideas.
  • Searching of decisions.
  • Memorization and subsequent reproduction of information.
  • The logical construction of phrases.

The appearance of the mental body is very interesting. It has a porous structure, a pleasant milky tint. It looks clean and weightless, although it extends 40 centimeters above the physical body.

The energy that fills the space of this body nourishes thoughts and mind, as if determining the level of its development, speed and effectiveness. If a person does not work on a mental body, then this is reflected in the intellect. His mind is sluggish, he himself can not quickly respond to emerging situations and effectively solve emerging problems. It’s difficult for him to answer any question right away.

In the absence of development, the mental body becomes weak and soft. In a more understandable language, a person is degrading. People who constantly work with ideas have no such problem. Creative and proactive individuals have a well-trained mental body.

Causal body

It is also called karmic. This subtle human energy body has an ovoid shape, and its center is in the throat. It contains the reasons for all actions, it does not depend on temporary reasons. It is the causal body that stores the memory of previously committed actions, of past lives and the causes of future actions. In addition, it works in the so-called field of motivation.

Dense karma is encrypted in the causal body - all the concrete events of a person’s external life, committed acts, as well as distinct experiences experienced by him in the present.

human energy bodies and their functions

Sometimes it is very expressive and active. In reality, this is manifested in the appearance of premonitions, strong feelings, which, according to a person’s senses, appear as if from nowhere.

If a person has a strong karmic body, it means that in reality he lives under the influence of certain events that happened in the past. Such people are interesting for mediums. Having learned these events, they can be brought to consciousness, interpreted through the subconscious. This is necessary to align the energy flows in the human body. Using this method, they can be directed into the natural channel.

But a person with a weak karmic shell does not have prophetic dreams and premonitions. But the past does not haunt him.

Buddhic body

It can be said, the highest spiritual mind. The energy system of the human body is unique, and a developed buddhic shell is possessed by people who have managed to realize the truth outside the intellect and mind. In other words, those in whom Consciousness awoke.

If a person has a developed buddhic body, then the karmic (causal) body simply dissolves along with all the experience that it has accumulated, becoming a pure light.

This is a unique phenomenon. A buddhic body can be called true. It removes the karmic veil, exposing reality. Man’s consciousness moves to the level at which duality (and therefore karma) does not exist.

People with a developed buddhic body are distinguished by sacrifice and incredible compassion. And it doesn’t even matter what exactly this person does. His energy is so strong that he only by his presence contributes to the transformation of the consciousness of other people.

If we talk about the manifestation of the buddhic body on an ordinary level, then we can note the attention to the craving for self-improvement and spiritual development. Such a person wants to realize the true “I”, gain spiritual knowledge and strength, and deal with his life. He also has the ability to find solutions through insight, rather than logic. Such a person has an incredibly developed intuition.

subtle human energy bodies

In simple terms, a buddhic body is that which strives for the highest values. To what forms the basis of our existence.

Atmic body

The last of all existing. If you look at the above photo of human energy bodies, you can see that it is the thinnest. It is stronger than others hidden from consciousness, but manifests itself in extreme situations.

Some mediums say that this body visually resembles a golden egg. It is the largest in size. The atmic body covers other bodies with itself, like a shell. Its border from the physical shape of a person is at a distance of about 80-100 cm.

The atmic body contains information about the purpose of the personality. Of course, it is inaccessible to humans. However, he can access some ideas. They are quite abstract, and are perceived as ideals by the human mind.

At a high level, the atmic body contains information about the fate of the soul, its ideas and properties. They are formed taking into account the Buddhist values ​​acquired by previous incarnations.

If a person fulfills his mission, then he receives in return the powerful energy of higher forces through the atmic body. She seemed to nourish him, empowering him to continue the right path. If the idea that a person is busy corresponds to a mission, then the Universe gives him the opportunity to accomplish the impossible.

The energy of the atmic body is also used for continuous improvement, improvement of one's values, and purification of karma from mistakes. However, becoming better, a person should avoid the temptations of the material world.

He also has to protect himself from falling under the influence of negative feelings and emotions, self-interest, pride, etc. In such situations, by the way, the atmic force begins to create new energy centers of the human body. They are needed to develop incentives, without which he can not escape from the captivity of negative.

Energy channels

You can see them in the photo below. The energy channels in the human body are also called assembly points.

Each of us, regardless of gender, has three main channels - pingala (middle), ida (female) and sushumna (male). All of them deserve special attention.

human energy channels

The pingala channel, for example, carries the energy of action, which includes physical and mental activity. He is responsible for clarity of thinking, calm, peace, prudence. It is believed that all human thoughts about the future are in this channel.

The ida channel feeds the sympathetic nervous system. He is responsible for the past of a person, for his emotional life. The unconscious draws images and information from it. In addition, the channel ida carries the energy of our desires, from which all emotions arise. They are the main action, without their driving force, no one would have the desire to do anything.

The most important quality of the channel of the ida is to bring joy, which is an indispensable condition of the Spirit. Unfortunately, it often fades or is blocked due to the many sufferings experienced by a person in his life.

The sushumna channel, being the central one, is formed first at the birth of a person. And everyone else is subordinate to him. In simple terms, it is revealed in moments of intense gratification of desire, bliss, contemplative presence.

Other energy meridians of the human body

It was described above about the main channels. But if you believe the Eastern teachings, there are only 14. And energy moves along them, which, in essence, is the breath of life.

If it circulates correctly, then a person feels healthy at every level - both physical and mental. But stagnation or excess energy leads to the development of various diseases.

Energy points concentrated on the human body have been studied since ancient times. They are concentrated on the fingers and toes. Interestingly, on some meridians, energy flows from the outside inside, and on others - in the opposite direction.

What does it mean? That the human energy system is in constant energy exchange with the environment. If it takes place, then the body is in good health. Because under such conditions there are bioenergy pros and cons, and such potentials are necessary for the flow of energy.

What is needed for such an interaction? Contact of energy meridians of the human body with the environment. To put it simply, a person’s legs and hands should touch natural objects. This is necessary to remove electrostatic charge and ground the power system.

energy channels in the human body

If at least one channel is blocked, blocked, then the flow will be difficult in the entire channel. Because of this, the authorities will not receive enough energy and, of course, work in normal mode.

Energy blocks

You also need to tell about them in a little more detail. What constitutes energy points on the human body is clear. The essence of the blocks can also be understood. However, how are they felt and manifested, and because of what arise?

In fact, even those people who are not used to listening to the signals of their body can feel them. They can characterize them as a sensation, as if something was wrong with the body. Such states, as a rule, arise at the most important moments in life - when pressure from inside is not at all appropriate.

Some people literally feel like they are “tied” into a knot. Others have nausea, malfunctions in pressure, dizziness, and stability are lost.

These failures are the result of clogged channels. The aura begins to darken, the notorious blocks, energy nodes appear. In their places, energy is refracted, and sometimes even unfolds.

Because of this, not only physiological diseases begin to develop. A person becomes depressed, experiences negative emotions as if from nowhere. Nothing pleases him and he does not want absolutely nothing. Refracted energy does not carry out a creative function, but a destructive one, beginning to slowly destroy a person from the inside.

The emotion that triggers such failures is fear. It leads first to a weakening of the energy, and then to a breakdown of the channels through which it moves.

The streams themselves resemble two oncoming streams - ascending and descending. The energy that the body processes leaves its borders. Especially scary are those nodes that were formed at the "exit" from the body. They block the waste of waste energy. Finding no way out, she remains in the body, and begins to poison him.

energy shells of the human body

This energy often causes many troubles. Diseases, fears that develop into phobias, setbacks and disappointments are just a small part of what a person has to face. How to prevent this?

Cleaning and restoring energy

It is necessary to tell about this separately. The energy bodies of a person and their functions have already been studied above. Now it’s worth returning to the very first of those mentioned - to the etheric.

It is very important to clean it regularly and work on it. After all, it is an energy carrier, and its depletion will quickly appear on the physical body.

Whenever possible, blocks and clamps should be identified immediately and neutralized. Because they negatively affect the intensity of energy flows in the human body. Their management should help restore a healthy course.

It should be noted that the physical state also affects the state of the etheric body. If a person is clamped, constantly stooping and hunched over, then energy cannot flow freely. Because of this, disturbances also often occur. Also, the pollution of the energy meridians of the human body occurs due to the influence of the following factors:

  • Excessive physical exertion.
  • Waste of energy, fussiness.
  • Mental Clips.
  • Stereotypes, complexes, negative attitudes and thoughts.
  • Incorrect, irregular breathing.
  • Negative emotions and desires, emotional clamps.
  • Poor nutrition, use of dirty water and harmful foods.
  • The presence of harmful habits poisoning the body.
  • Idle talk.
  • Lack of contact with the sun, fresh air and nature.

The ethereal energy body of a person consists of the subtlest matters, and therefore it is very important not to destroy it, introducing the listed negative factors into life, but to strengthen and strengthen. This contributes to:

  • Tracking blocks and clamps, removing them and relaxing.
  • Maintaining a balanced, harmonious, smooth flow of energy.
  • Minimizing the occurring stressful situations, bringing to life the maximum amount of positive.
  • Observance of the purity of the mental body. It is important to think correctly, to observe sincere attitudes and programs, to abandon stereotypes.
  • Cleansing the physical body, visiting saunas and baths.
  • Bringing physical activity to life, doing yoga and sports.

It is also recommended to follow these recommendations:

  • Stay in a state of inner peace.
  • Meditate, learn to concentrate, contemplate and visualize your attention.
  • Engage in breathing practices.
  • Constantly keep yourself in good shape.
  • Drink clean water and eat healthy foods.
  • Take a contrast shower, temper in other ways.
  • Attend massage treatments.
  • Observe the correct daily routine.
  • Living in harmony with the world and with yourself.
  • Save energy. Do not spend it on unnecessary and unnecessary thoughts, superficial emotions, idle talk and senseless gestures.

But the most important thing is acceptance and self-love. Many people simply do not allow themselves to "take a place in the sun" and become happy. And the path to the removal of energy blocks in the human body and the development of all these shells lies primarily through awareness and readiness for openness.

human energy body consists of

Positive is the way to increase energy

And this is an undoubted fact. Positive attitude is the most powerful source of energy. Many people themselves do not imagine how enormous forces they possess to develop potential, enthusiasm and energy. All this is given by nature itself. A person only needs to transform what he receives into relationships and into activities.

However, there is one caveat - nature gives exactly as much as he himself is ready to take. And this, in turn, is due to a certain emotional state. A positive mindset, to be more precise.

Successful people should be remembered! They all look cheerful, cheerful, positive, active and full of life. The vast majority of people say that this is due to the state of their affairs. It is easy to be happy when there is success and money! However, this is a very flat, patterned perception. The success of such people is due precisely to their emotional state. And it arises from the ability to think positively.

And in order to start living in this vein, you only need desire. Everything in our world depends on them. And if it seems that everything is bad, and life has finally lost its color, you need to start working on yourself even faster. When everything is bad, negative thinking will not help. So what will a person lose if he changes it to positive?


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