"Lucky Everyone": reviews about the carrier, the procedure for registration, a review of services

Reviews about "Lucky Everyone" have recently come across more and more often by those who are interested in organizing cargo transportation in Russia, and he expects to use such a service in the near future. This is the name of the online service from Rostov-on-Don, which, according to preliminary estimates, brings its creators about two and a half million rubles a month. In this article we will tell you what its feature is, how users respond to its work.

Features of work

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Reviews about "Lucky Everyone" are the most diverse. The common thing in them is admiration for the originality of the proposal and surprise, as it did not occur to anyone before.

One of the creators of the service says that his father, who works in the construction business, constantly complained about the opaque and difficult market of cargo transportation, how difficult it is to find an adequate offer that combines price and quality, a polite and responsible driver.

After studying the specifics of the work of this industry in the forums of carriers, it was decided to open their own business. Starting capital amounted to 350 thousand rubles. It turned out that the turnover of major players in this market is great, but not sufficient to acquire their own cars.

So there was an online platform for meeting customers and performers. This is the service for cargo transportation "Lucky Everyone."

Capital was invested in marketing and site development. Today it is a popular service where customers and carriers can find each other.

Customer Benefits

Online Service Lucky Everyone

It is noteworthy that both sides in this scheme remain the winner. The customer immediately receives a full price overview, which allows him to save on transportation up to 70%. In addition, he does not spend much time, since all the offers are in his one place.

He will only have to place his own request for transportation. Everything is as automated and intuitive as possible, so it does not take more than one minute.

After that, he begins to receive price offers. He himself enters into correspondence with carriers, specifying all the details and features of a future transaction.

Having chosen the best offer, which seems to him the most optimal, he receives the carrier’s contacts, and after that he has the opportunity to track the cargo at each stage. Everything happens according to the trading system, which saves from 10 to 70%.

Carrier Actions

Personal Area

It is convenient to work with this scheme and carriers. They interact directly with the client, bypassing intermediaries. Orders are received immediately on the Internet, they have the opportunity to build their reputation so that future customers trust them more.

Artists will have to register on the site, filling out their profile as fully and in detail as possible. Often this directly depends on how many orders and for what money they can receive.

Looking for orders that they are able to fulfill, carriers offer their own conditions and prices. Enter into correspondence directly with the client. Having agreed all the details, they have a ready-made order on hand.

In order to find a load on the online cargo transportation service “Lucky Everyone”, the driver or company representative only needs to use the free cargo search, which is generated by the customers themselves. Here you can choose the category with which he is ready to work, cities and regions, where and where he is ready to transport.

Service Warranties

The company is lucky for everyone

The company itself says that they are doing everything possible to ensure that the freight market works as openly as possible, relying on fair competition. Only in this case, the user can count on high quality.

There are several reasons to work through the service. The company's specialists guarantee the invariability of the conditions and prices of transportation, as well as the quality of the service provided.

The documents of each carrier and the history of its transactions are checked. The company does not work with unscrupulous, unverified and anonymous performers. As a result, each carrier is assigned a certain reliability rating. It consists of the number of completed orders, customer reviews. If the carrier is constantly complaining, the service refuses to cooperate with him.

Fix price

The price for transportation is fixed in the guarantee form. It contains all the negotiations between customers and the contractor, their contacts and the final cost of the service.

In difficult situations, the service is always ready to help. In addition, each corporate client receives a free personal manager who monitors compliance with the conditions of transportation. All documents are executed on time, by agreement and with VAT. Carriers get them on hand during the day. Payment for mediation is accepted in ways convenient for the company.

The authorized capital of the company is 21 million rubles, which allows you to cover any insurance events.

Service Overview

Find cargo

A review of services on the online cargo transportation service in Russia “Lucky Everyone” allows you to make sure that the widest assortment of options for moving any goods across the Russian Federation is presented here.

The main thing is that everything is as simple and convenient as possible. All existing shipments are divided into categories. The client immediately determines which one suits him, and the customer understands what type of work he is ready to perform. Transport categories are as follows:

  • relocation;
  • household appliances and furniture;
  • garbage removal;
  • equipment and building materials;
  • mototechnics;
  • cars;
  • Passenger Transportation;
  • transportation of animals;
  • commercial transportation;
  • Food;
  • partial load;
  • order a separate car;
  • other goods.

There are also several categories highlighted additionally:

  • office relocation;
  • moving the apartment;
  • moving to the country;
  • moving to a different city;
  • international shipping;
  • moving to Crimea;
  • delivery of purchases from Ikea stores;
  • car with the services of loaders for moving.

Cargo tracking

In the reviews “Lucky Everyone”, many customers note the advantage of being able to track their own cargo.

This service is provided free of charge. As soon as the transportation begins, the client receives a letter. Further, on the online cargo transportation service "Lucky Everyone" in his personal account, he has the opportunity to monitor the movement of cargo at all stages.

The carrier on the way notes the place in which he is currently located through a special mobile application, and communication can also be maintained through SMS messages or a website. After completion of the service, the customer receives a letter stating that the goods have been delivered to their destination.

The most accurate way is to automatically track through the Lucky Everyone app. You can also oblige the carrier to mark his position on the map through the website or in SMS messages.

Transportation cost

Cargo transportation in Russia

To find out the cost of transportation, it is enough for the client to add his request, indicating all the necessary information. That is, what needs to be transported, from where and where, as well as important additional information, if any.

After that, proposals for a specific price from the performers begin to arrive. It remains only to choose the best.

In this case, it is possible to save money due to the fact that carriers compete with each other, trying to offer a real price in order to receive an order.

This is also beneficial for performers, especially if it is possible to find the goods on the return trip or in the case of passing transportation. In this situation, the carrier makes good money, and the client receives an offer at the lowest price.

It is worth noting that this service works not only in the Russian Federation, but also in all republics of the former USSR and European countries. So it’s quite possible to order delivery on the online Luck for All cargo transportation service from Saratov to Paris or Berlin.

Remember the main thing, before booking this or that carrier, specify all important details in the correspondence on the website. From the chat history, it will always be possible to find out what obligations the contractor has undertaken. Only if everything suits you, agree to the proposal made.

It is worth noting that all carriers work in advance. If necessary, you can insure your cargo. True, valuable goods, works of art, mobile phones, cars and some other categories are not subject to insurance.

Customer Opinions

Reviews about cargo transportation in Russia

In reviews of "Lucky Everyone," customers share their impressions of working with this service, be sure to note how much they managed to save.

For example, shipping unedged boards from the village of Krylovskaya to Moscow cost 8300 rubles, while the savings amounted to more than 70%. In addition, a responsive driver came across who not only on time and promptly delivered the order, but also helped with its unloading.

Often customers order transportation of animals. For example, delivering a dog from the city of Shakhty to Moscow costs 6.5 thousand rubles. The driver not only feeds and drinks her all the way, but also stops for short walks.

There are a lot of positive reviews about cargo transportation on the Lucky Everyone website, if necessary, send an order abroad. For example, 90 thousand rubles worth bringing a dog from Moscow to Nice. The savings in this case amounted to about 10%, but it was important for customers that the animal arrived on time, and was comfortable on the road.

In the negative reviews about "Lucky Everyone," customers mainly note problems with meeting delivery deadlines by carriers.

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