Garden stuffed animal: choice of materials, assembly order, installation

A garden scarecrow is often seen in suburban areas. Its main task is to disperse the birds and protect the crop. But sometimes the created element does not fulfill its main task or spoils the entire garden. In order not to waste time and material, it is worth considering every detail. How to make garden stuffed animals with your own hands? Photo and description of the process - further in the article.

How does scare happen?

The main task is to create a structure in the form of a human body, because the bird reacts to it and does not fly up. Although over time, seeing a stationary scarecrow, the bird ceases to be afraid and begins to encroach on plantings in the garden. We will have to think about and take into account some of the nuances, namely the fears of birds:

  • Sudden movements. It is important to make a moving base, so that when the air moves, the scarecrow begins to move. To do this, you can use ribbons, ropes, any objects that can actively respond.
  • Color scheme. In vivo, it is rarely possible to find bright colors, this needs to be played. Red and blue would be a good option for scaring away birds.
  • Bright shades. Glare from birds causes fear, and they do not attack planted beds. As brilliant components rain, tinsel, disks, etc. can act.
  • Sounds. They are able to scare away not only birds. Do not assume that you have to install real music. You will have to organize such elements that, when moving, will be able to publish frightening melodies. These are bells, turntables, any fabrics with rustle. Sometimes pots are quite suitable for this role.
do-it-yourself scarecrow

It is such a garden scarecrow that will become a unique and suitable protector of any plantings from birds. It is not so simple to create an elementary installation so that it definitely helps.

What tools and materials are needed?

There are many instructions for making a stuffed garden, it is worth arming yourself with the necessary tool and starting work. The principle of construction is almost the same everywhere: they prepare the frame, put on the right and suitable clothes on it, mount the head, glue various elements for sound and color.

What you need to have on hand:

  • The first is to create the frame correctly, as it will be the basis. To do this, you will need to have any two rails or bars. For the foundation they are connected crosswise.
  • Further it is necessary to work out the head. Create yourself or you can use an unnecessary spherical object. Some inflate the ball, after which it is tightly wrapped with glue and left to dry. The ball is pierced, and the round base is used as intended.
  • Arms and legs. Without them, a human figure will not work. Any old sweater and pants are taken, stuffed with straw or dry grass. So that nothing falls out, you need to sew on gloves and socks or shoes.
  • A scarecrow not always made by hand should be in rags, because it can spoil the general perception of the site. You need to try to apply bright things that scare away the birds and make the design unique and interesting.
  • Mandatory additions. A lot will be appropriate here - ribbons, shiny objects, a hat, sound objects and other details.
stuffed garden

From this list, everyone prepares everything necessary, only after that you need to start work. Many tools are not required:

  • Hammer and hacksaw to create a frame.
  • Fasteners - screws or nails.
  • Glue, stapler, to make it easier to collect the scarecrow itself.
stuffed garden

The process is not complicated, so anyone will cope with the work, adhering to recommendations and instructions for implementation.

How to start work?

With the help of step-by-step instructions, it is easier to make a scarecrow. In order not to acquire anything, you need to pay attention to what is available from unnecessary things, they will become appropriate. Each step is carried out in full:

  • Mounting the frame. The easiest way to work with the tree, although it is short-lived.
  • The creation of the body - the head, arms and legs.
  • Making additional elements for efficiency.

It’s worth working on each process to make it beautiful, natural, and also effective. In order not to be distracted, it is worthwhile to assemble everything you need and prepare the tool before starting the assembly.

Execution sequence

At the first stage, a wood frame is prepared. The most convenient thing is to take cuttings from old shovels. Unnecessary bars are quite suitable. The connection is made crosswise, in the middle you need to fix it well with a nail or a rope.

The second stage is the most protracted. It is worth turning on all the imagination and work out the parts of the body. In the photo of the stuffed garden some elements are visible. On them it is easier to reproduce it. The easiest step is to take clothes, for the volume they stuff with cotton, straw, padding polyester from old clothes, etc. Since the scarecrow will stand outside and be exposed to rain, the fabric should be strong and bright. To get hands, take rubber gloves and fill them with something as well. After using the rope, place it in place. It’s good to fix them so that they move under the wind. The bird will become more afraid, it will not have a desire to fly up.

make a stuffed garden

What next?

After the head is created. To do this, take an old pillowcase, any bag, create a circle from an inflatable balloon, etc. But in the end, you have to achieve real forms of the human head. Hair is another idea, it’s good to make them from tape from old tape cassettes. Because they will sway in the wind, thereby scaring away birds. In addition, yarn can act as curls on the head of a scarecrow. The finished part of the body is fixed at the top of the wooden cross. In general, a garden stuffed animal made of natural materials is the cheapest option. Now a little art. Getting to the creation of the face:

  • Embroider all parts of the face, and sew the ears from any material.
  • Apply paints, but they should not be washed off.
  • A good option is to purchase a ready-made mask and fix it on your head. This is a very simple and effective method that is often used.

There are a lot of ideas, so you just have to choose the right option and implement your individual project. At the same time, do not forget that the garden scarecrow should be beautiful. So, if there is no drawing experience, buying a mask will be more effective.

stuffed garden photo

If each step is performed in full, then in the end there will be a beautiful element on the garden that adorns and protects the entire site. Something unusual may appear in his hand - an old broom or shovel. Galoshes or boots may be on the feet, but all this is only for visual perception and beauty.

What about the accessories?

As already noted, it is important to add something unusual, but frightening. Tin cans are well suited: in the wind there is sound from them and the birds do not fly up. The foil creates a rustle - bows, beads are made of it, they are placed on the neck, and when the air moves, there is rustle.

scarecrow made of natural materials

Glitter is tinsel, New Year's rain is also attached to different parts of the stuffed body. It is necessary to include imagination in order to turn out beautifully and at the same time effectively. Some hang unnecessary beads around their necks, put on hats and more. But you need to remember that the scarecrow will stand in the open. Therefore, all decorative elements must be resistant to rain and direct sunlight, should not be fragile

Where to place the structure?

Having made a scarecrow, it is not necessary to install it on an ongoing basis, let it be portable. As the crop ripens and the need for protection, it moves around the site, although some create several elements as one idea - a family. They are located in different corners of the land.

DIY stuffed garden photo

The first stage will be an early berry, after which the guard will be at the beds, and in the fall - already in the garden. To make the structure stand firmly and easily installed, the lower end is pointed. But taking into account the load, it will have to be decently driven into the soil. It is interesting that the head of a stuffed animal may well become an old doll.


To create a scarecrow with your own hands is quite possible. But in order to achieve the desired result, it is first drawn on paper and every detail is prescribed. In this image, the entire instrument and material is prepared, after which the project is implemented. To make your site not only protected, but also beautiful for anyone who wants it.


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