What is a Google account and how do I create one? Google features

It is difficult to imagine a modern Internet user who does not have a dozen different accounts. Data storage and management is carried out using special accounts. They are required for mail, instant messengers, social networks and a host of other services. One of the most functional and useful accounts can be a Google account.

What is a Google Account?

What is a Google Account?

Google Account, like any other, is your personal page. It stores your metadata, social profile information and Internet content that you wish to keep. The account allows you to make purchases on the Web, look for various information and so on. The vastness of this list depends solely on what services and capabilities are provided by the company with which you are registered. One of the most useful and necessary is a Google account. The company, known worldwide for its search engine, today offers a huge range of services and owns a lot of interesting services. To access them, you just need an entrance to the Google account. We’ll talk about this in more detail.

How to create a Google account?

In order to create a Google account, you need to visit one of the company’s services and find the “Login” button there. Using it, you can go through the registration process. This procedure does not take much time. It represents the completion of one registration form:

  1. Name and surname.
  2. User nickname (login).
  3. Password.
  4. Date of Birth.
  5. Mobile phone. It is necessary for protection and recovery.
  6. Spare email address (if available).
  7. CAPTCHA. You must enter a code that will confirm that you are not a robot.
  8. And do not forget to check the box confirming the fact that you have read the terms of use and agree with the company policy.

Login to Google Account

Name and surname can be any. It does not have to be true data. The login will also become your email address (more on that later). The password will be used to log in on an ongoing basis. Therefore, remember it. The mobile phone should be indicated real, since Google may require verification, as well as restore the deleted Google account. You should also provide an alternate email address. This is not required to be a Google box. Account registration completed. With the rest of the items should not arise.

Features and Supported Services

When asked what a Google account is, users refer to many different services. After all, the company has so many that it can not be counted. Everyone will find for themselves at least one reason to create such an account. After all, this is not only one of the most popular email services in the world, but also a huge database of videos, an application store for Android and many other useful services. Choose for yourself what it would be worth creating a Google account.

Create a Google Account

post office

Surely, each of you noticed mail addresses ending in @ gmail.com. The service is assigned to the Google company. It is one of the most popular in the world. The mailing address will be created automatically exactly when it is registered on any of the Google services. Yes, even if you are registered on YouTube, you will still receive a box from Google. Mail supports push notifications on mobile devices, read reports, the ability to return a sent letter and a host of third-party email clients.

YouTube and Music

The Google company is inextricably linked to a huge database of media content on the Web. The familiar YouTube service is owned by Google. And for full work requires the presence of their account. The Google account allows you to save videos, build a personalized feed based on views, and post your own videos.

Another less well-known, but no less important service is Google Play Music - a gigantic database of legal tracks (more than thirty million) available for broadcasting for only 189 rubles per month. An account is required to operate the service and download your collection. You need to pay to create collections, save music to your personal library and offline. The accrual is made using Google Wallet. This is a payment and credit card management system.

Google Play Account

Google Play and Android

Well-known to all Android users, the Play Market app store also requires you to have an account. The Google Play account allows you to manage data on your smartphone or Chromebook, archive it and synchronize with different devices. Moreover, the user has access to a huge collection of software for operating systems. All the applications that you see on devices are distributed through the Google Play Market. Just like with music, apps can be purchased using Google Wallet.

Organizer, storage and maps

Among the services there are also smaller, but useful ones. For example, a calendar. If you want to keep control of your schedule and have access to it on any platform, then the Google account is created just for you. Reminders and notes are also synced using your account. The Google Keep service is responsible for these features.

Google Drive is used to store important information and files - a wonderful "cloud" hard drive. It is able to replace any other similar service. In "Google" did not pass by and photo albums. Your memories will be in custody of the cloud storage. So when you are asked what a Google account is, you can safely say that this is your personal archive and virtual hard drive.

Another popular service is maps. Literally the whole world uses them. The company has a colossal database of all over the world, satellite images, traffic information and much more. All this is available without a Google account. But having an account will allow you to receive more relevant information (nearby cafes, gas stations, and so on) and save important places.

Google account deleted


Among all the named and unnamed services, another one was lost - this is the Google + social network. A rather interesting project at first glance. But he did not find popularity with a large audience, as he simply could not compete with Facebook and Twitter. Google + is not only a social profile, but also a means of universal entry. Just like Facebook, which is often used instead of registering, you can use this account.

Google now

At a certain point, when the active growth of the Android operating system began, Google engineers, like Apple, created their voice assistant. He was called Google Now. This is a special service. It is able to provide the user with the most useful and relevant information. The Google account, using various services, collects information about you. It's about the music you listen to, the places you visit, your favorite movies, dishes, websites, football teams.

Based on this data, a profile is created for you. And Google Now uses it to tell you: when the new album of your favorite band was released, how much movie tickets cost, with what account the club you are rooting for, and the like. All this information is encrypted. It is not available to third-party users. If this approach does not suit you, you can always delete the account. Recovering a deleted Google account is almost impossible. Keep this in mind.

Google account registration


As you can see, it is not at all easy to answer the question asked at the beginning of the article. What is a Google Account? This is a whole world of services and products, revealing the Internet in all its glory, simplifying interaction with it, making it friendlier. A Google account today is more a necessity than an opportunity. Having gone online once, you will surely stumble upon one of the company's products that you like. What can we say about the “Android”, the work of which is impossible if the Google Play account was not used for login.

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