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When a person seeks work, he grabs at any straw. This is especially true for guests of the capital who want a decent payment and the opportunity to stay in a hostel. In Moscow, such proposals must also be sought. But there are companies that are engaged in direct employment of those who wish to firms in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Another significant nuance: Employer is engaged in the employment of working class people. They do not conduct interviews for top managers. Most of all, market demand is for workers in retail chains and warehouses. Providing companies with these categories of employees is the company Employer. Employee reviews indicate that every day they have to meet with hundreds of people, heads of large retail chains. At these meetings, contracts for the selection of personnel are concluded, that is, a stream of jobs for applicants is provided. Moreover, the reviews of the latter are far from always encouraging. Let's look at what the reason is today.

employer employee reviews

A little bit about the company

First of all, I want to draw your attention to the fact that it has been operating in the market since 1998. For such a long period, employees managed to gain tremendous experience in the field of personnel selection, as well as conclude contracts with large companies that always need employees.

Here, they simultaneously accept applications for employees, as well as collect resumes of applicants, conduct interviews and organize employment. As a result, the company spends less time searching for personnel; a person does not have to go around a dozen human resources departments. He brings his profile to the manager and gets a job referral. This is what Employer does. Employee reviews emphasize that every day they send dozens of people with a ready-made package of documents directly to the company where they will be waiting.

Required specialties

For 18 years in the market, the company has identified a segment in the labor market, which is the most problematic. It was on him that the main efforts were directed. In this regard, the company today provides work in various industries:

  • These are workers of various industries. Most often packers and assemblers. Workers for whom high demands are not made, and the highest percentage of turnover among them. Employer employee reviews suggest that shift work is especially sought after by job seekers.
  • Retail workers. These are cashiers and scanners, packers and other staff of the trading floor.
  • Warehouse workers. These are loaders and pickers, drivers of electric lift trucks.

Over the years, the company has gained rich knowledge on the market that allows for the mass selection of employees quickly and efficiently. This is confirmed by the reviews of employees. Employer rightfully takes a leading position in the market of social orientation of personnel policy. Pi, the company does not forget about improving the working conditions of employees. For this, an electronic questionnaire is being introduced today, which allows you to allocate more free time for an interview and direct work with people.

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Company goals

In fact, the company communicates between the employer and the applicant. Moreover, it does this so effectively that large companies constantly apply with requests so as not to engage in selection on their own. This is especially true because the turnover among representatives of these specialties is very high.

So, the main goal is to provide all job seekers in Moscow and the Moscow Region with jobs worthy of working conditions and wages, and, if necessary, housing. Judging by the reviews of employees, Employer fully fulfills its obligations.

Key Services Provided

  • It helps people who are unable to find work in their own region on their own.
  • Providing support to people who are experiencing difficulties and are unable to find a job or are faced with excessive demands from employers, managers receive the highest moral satisfaction. Judging by the reviews of employees, Employer LLC meets people in difficult situations every day and helps them quickly find a job.

Today the company is growing and developing. It has an extensive network of representative offices both in Moscow and the Moscow region, and in the largest cities of Russia.

employer company employee reviews

Employees are not only job managers

Indeed, so far we have considered only the vision of the receiving side, and there are also people who apply for employment. They are also workers. Yes, it’s the Employer company that is applying for the job. Opinions of employees are often negative. When people go to work, they agree to any conditions. Then discontent begins. The salary is small, the work is hard and there are still many reasons for discontent. Those who have worked in retail know how fast sellers and movers change. Therefore, this state of affairs is not surprising.

But there are lots of positive reviews. People emphasize that wages are paid on time, a place in the hostel and meals in the dining room are provided. Of course, money is deducted for this from the salary, but this is expected.

llc employer employee reviews

Different employment options

What is another advantage of such an intermediary company? Each of us has a different life situation. One needs a work schedule that is easy to adjust to the mode of operation of the kindergarten. Students are looking for part-time jobs, but for someone, a week-after-week schedule is more convenient. All these requests are taken into account by GSR Employer managers. Employee reviews often include words of gratitude. For students, this is often the only opportunity to find a job.

The company is interested in long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. They are always ready to meet you if for family reasons you have to temporarily be absent from the workplace. The employer is very loyal, he is ready to offer both temporary and permanent employment, depending on your preferences. The number of vacancies is constantly growing. This leads to the need to attract new personnel even without work experience.

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Development and training

The company itself is constantly growing and developing, and also provides similar opportunities to its employees. This accomplishes two tasks. On the one hand, the staff is motivated to move forward. On the other hand, loyalty to the company is increasing. Only at first glance the warehouse worker should not know anything. A trained employee will quickly master all the intricacies of working on site and will not make a number of mistakes.

For these purposes, the company has created its own training center. Employee LLC Employer reviews (Moscow) emphasize that for many it became an opportunity to obtain certificates and improve qualifications, which contributed to further growth. Here you can acquire a new profession. What are the advantages?

  • Training is conducted by a manager with practical experience.
  • During the training, the most advanced methods are applied.
  • Classes are held in equipped classrooms.
  • Upon completion of training, a certificate of the established form is issued.

global staff resource employer employee reviews

Job Orientation

Often this issue is raised in the forums. Employer works to provide staff with large retail chains or to give jobs to hundreds and thousands of people in need. On the one hand, there is not much difference. But in fact, the emphasis is strikingly different. In the first case, recruitment agencies have one goal: to find job seekers and close the vacancy. What a man himself wants is of little interest to anyone.

Here the situation is different. It is really important for managers to make you feel comfortable. A number of vacancies are constantly open in the capital in the region, so the applicant has a choice. A special category is vacancies for shift workers. In this case, hostels are provided, delivery to the place by corporate transport is provided.

As already noted above, helping people is the company's task. Those who do not have special education and special skills. Due to this, Employer (Moscow) does not lose its popularity. Employee reviews confirm that the choice of work here is always large. There is an opportunity to retrain. Currently, the company employs about 4,000 employees only in Moscow and the Moscow region, at different facilities.

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What does work on duty mean?

For many residents of other cities, this may be the only opportunity not only to visit the capital, but also to get a job according to the labor code. Applicants are waiting for:

  • Weekly salary.
  • Corporate transport.
  • The provision of housing.
  • Free education.

Thanks to such opportunities, Global Staff Resource Employer does not lose its popularity. Employee reviews, of course, are different. Some were not satisfied with the conditions in the hostel, others did not like the food in the dining room, others thought that they were completely deceived and the work was too hard. I would like to recommend asking more questions at the interview so that there are no dark spots in what you have to do tomorrow.

Instead of a conclusion

Today, the company has a lot of objects, and everywhere employees are required. Therefore, the vacancy announcement does not leave the main page of the site. The team leaders and leaders on the ground are different, you can encounter outright rudeness, this is also often written in reviews. The living conditions at each facility are also very different: from clean dormitories to unsanitary conditions. It depends not only on the leadership, but also on the living brigade. It’s hard to get the right Employer performance. The goals are good, the implementation is also quite acceptable, but on the ground people often remain dissatisfied with working conditions.

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