DIY wood mortiser: drawings, installation instructions

Do-it-yourself wood mortising machine can easily be done in your own home workshop. Such equipment is necessary for the selection of grooves, grooves, nests in metal and wood. The cutter of such equipment rotates around the axis and during operation makes reciprocating movements. As for the parts, they make intermittent feed motions.

Acquaintance with design features

DIY wood mortiser

The slotter is a hollow base that is used to secure the rack. The design has a column, inside of which there are drive mechanisms. A cutter is installed on the front side of the rack, from the bottom of which a tool holder is fixed. The position of the cutter can be changed in relation to the countertop using clamps.

Dolbyak will move, its course will determine the length of processing parts. The level of the cutter in relation to the workpiece can be adjusted. The slider, which has a drive, operates on hydraulic or mechanical traction. The wood mortising machine is quite simple, it can be used in furniture manufacturing. Such equipment is suitable for the manufacture of any carpentry blanks.

Machine recommendations

homemade machines

For a home workshop, you can well make the described equipment. As an example, two options can be considered. The first does not involve significant labor costs. As the actuator of the second device, a conventional manual milling cutter will act. For the independent manufacture of a mortising machine, you must have the skills of a turner and a welder. Before assembly, prepare the appropriate tools and necessary materials, including:

  • Electrical engine;
  • metal corner;
  • channel piece;
  • 4 mm thick plywood;
  • pipe trimming;
  • clamp;
  • nuts.

Stock up on two varieties of metal corner: the first workpiece should have a side of 30 mm, the second - 50 mm. Fastening will be carried out by four nuts.

Machine assembly

wood mortising drills

When a grooving machine is made on a tree with its own hands, its frame is made of a channel along which the platform will move with the help of guides. At the left end of the channel, it is necessary to fix the platform for the electric motor and make holes for the mounting bolts in it.

The metal plate is mounted on the right end and welded. On each side of the channel, allowances of 7 cm should be left. A smaller corner is installed on these protruding parts - its corners should be directed upwards, this will allow the formation of rails for the carriage.

When a grooving machine is performed on a tree with your own hands, you need to put corners on the rails, having previously pre-perpendicularly welded the rails for lateral movement. The base of the platform is formed from the corner; the platform is made of plywood or wood. Home-made clamps are easily assembled from pipe segments, nuts, pins and attached to the platform using self-tapping screws.

At the next, final stage, you need to connect an electric drive with a plug to the engine. Homemade machines are considered finished when the rails are well machined with solid oil.

Making a machine from a hand milling cutter

DIY wood mortiser

If the assembly is carried out according to such a simple technology, the design will have a number of advantages, among which it should be highlighted the location in sight of the workpiece and mill section being processed. This suggests that the process can be controlled. The wizard will be able to set the level of movement of the cutter, he will be able to do the same nests on different workpieces.

Preparation of tool materials

wood mortising machine

Homemade machines from a manual milling cutter are made using special tools and materials, among which the following should be mentioned:

  • bar made of wood;
  • metal pin;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • 10 mm plywood;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • screwdriver.

Machine assembly

At the first stage of assembly of the machine from plywood, it is necessary to cut a rectangle, the dimensions of which will depend on the parameters of the milling cutter. Next, screws need to fix the bars, placing them along the edges. The handles of the milling cutter will rest on the bars, which should be taken into account when choosing a height. When making a mortising machine on wood with your own hands, it is important to prepare drawings in advance.

The milling cutter must be installed in level, then the axis of the engine will be located horizontally.

To fix the milling cutter, you need to install a metal pin. Holes are made at the base of the machine and the bars under it. Once the milling cutter can be installed, it can be used as a mortising machine, however, it will have to be held and moved manually. To improve the ergonomics of the device, the design can be supplemented with pushers-levers.

Additional equipment

When you independently assemble a horizontal mortising machine on a tree, be sure to supplement it with levers. From the plywood, cut a rectangle, on the long edge with the help of screws, fix the block. Screw the lever in the longitudinal direction to the bar. It will help you immerse the tool in the workpiece to the required depth.

To move the equipment in a perpendicular direction, the position of the lower plywood layer should be changed. Attach a joint with a handle to the worktop.


Drills for wood mortising machines usually cost between 300 and 400 rubles apiece. You can purchase the necessary consumables at any building goods store. But the mortising machine can be made independently. For its longitudinal movement, it is necessary to supplement the design with guides, while the cutter stroke will be limited only by nodes in the bars. To set the height of the workpiece before work, use bars of different sizes. Secure the part with clamps. Everything, the master can begin processing!


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