Earnings on "Toloka Yandex": reviews

Service "Yandex.Toloka" - a new platform for earning from the leading search engine. It gives the opportunity to work for all Internet users, performing the most simple tasks. It is worth noting that each registered user of the Toloka system (Yandex) can earn. User reviews confirm this fact.

Theme of making money on the Internet

toloka Yandex reviews
For most Internet users, the topic of real money making on the World Wide Web is considered the most relevant and constantly discussed, and using the Yandex system you can earn your first dollars online even without your own website. It should be noted that there is no affiliate program on this project. For most users, this fact may seem to be a minus of the Toloka (Yandex) service. Reviews have already begun to earn evidence of this.

Earnings on the Internet with a service from Yandex

Today, Yandex.Toloka offers earnings for residents of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Turkey and Kazakhstan. In order to start working on the portal, the first thing the user needs to do is fill out the form, confirm the so-called user agreement, and confirm his real phone number. Only after that full access to the list of tasks of varying complexity and value will be open.

Yandex crowd reviews

Today, on the Internet, about the Toloka (Yandex) earnings system, reviews can be found both positive and negative.

Yandex toll earnings
As for the complexity of the tasks, they are simple. For example, you can mark adult content in five categories, compare the proposed objects according to clear criteria, and make an independent assessment of the relevance of the search results for a specific search query. In a word, there are a lot of tasks, their list is formed taking into account the territorial location of the user and the request text. This post is called - assessor, or moderator.

How much can you earn with the service from Yandex?

As for the payment, for one completed task the assessor can get $ 0.01 to $ 0.05 - here everything depends on the complexity of the work done. The simplest tasks are evaluated, as a rule, by the lower mark - such tasks include, for example, an assessment of the relevance of search results. From $ 0.03 to $ 0.05, you can earn by completing the task of reviewing and identifying pages with adult content.

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It takes about five minutes to complete one task in the system, the exact time depends on the requirements. For each particular site, there are three assessment options - display error, relevant or irrelevant. To exclude fraud, the correctness of the assessment is checked by an additional group of administrators. In the case when the user constantly gives negative ratings, he stops receiving tasks from the system.

Monetization of earned funds

The earnings offered by the Yandex.Tolok Internet resource can be withdrawn either to the wallet itself in the Yandex system, which is called Yandex Money, or to the Pay Pal system. Payment of earned funds occurs within 14 days from the date of application for withdrawal. It should be noted that if the amount earned is more than $ 10, then the project participant will need to fill out an application to the tax service in Latin letters, no matter how strange it sounds, the USA. After working for some time on the Yandex.Tolok service, the reviews of assessors only raise the question of what is the relationship between the Russian-language system and the US tax system.

Service Forum

Based on the fact that the service was launched recently, and the excitement around it is very, very large, the tasks set are executed at lightning speed and they are constantly in short supply. In turn, Yandex is actively working on regular replenishment of the system. If we say that much is not entirely clear on Yandex-Tolok, feedback from active users is sent to a specially created forum in English, Turkish and Russian. On it everyone can ask a question that excites him and, of course, read the opinions of the project participants.

Basically, the forum raised the topic that there are no tasks on Yandex-Toloka, and the question of the number of dollars earned using the site is constantly being asked. Many people write that if you have tasks for 20-30 minutes of the time given to the project, you can easily earn from $ 1 to $ 5. But, probably, this is the statement of those who work from the very first day. Of course, you can still find many mistakes and shortcomings on the resource, but Yandex is working to eliminate them.

"Toloka" ("Yandex") - what is it?

As it became clear from the above, you can earn money on the service immediately after the simplest questionnaire procedure. Only you need to carefully read the instructions and follow the rules prescribed in it.

Get started at Yandex.Toloka

Getting started, you need to choose any task you like, read the instructions carefully, complete the work, and ultimately receive a reward.

It should be noted that, perhaps, the browser will block the sites that need to be evaluated before completing the task, but the pop-up window from the Toloka service will provide information on further actions. For example, in a popular browser such as Firefox, you need to perform the simplest action, namely "Disable protection on this page."

Yandex crowd no assignments


Before proceeding with the simplest tasks, it is imperative to carefully study the small instructions for it, which you can read by clicking on the button in the upper right corner of the page.

On the Yandex-Tolok service, earnings are not very large, but at the same time, this type of work cannot be called boring. Indeed, the contractor must, in the course of the assessment, browse through various sites for a wide variety of search queries. You also need to adhere to your point of view, and to complete the task it is necessary to approach creatively and with complete passion.

Promotion on demand and quality of work of assessors - how are they connected?

Yandex crowd
This type of Internet earning will be very interesting for webmasters-optimizers who, in the process of completing tasks in the Toloka system from Yandex, will become even better versed in the relevance of the site to a specific search query. And understanding this, as we see, is already serious, because according to the results of the assessment, the site will occupy a certain position in the top of search results.
Yandex crowd

Summing up, I want to note that the Toloka (Yandex) service receives the most diverse reviews from users - both positive and negative, so there is no way to make an unambiguous conclusion. It follows that one should not rely on rumors, but it is better to make sure yourself by working, and only after that write your impressions in the comments.

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