Day of the elderly - a family holiday of grandparents

With age, a person becomes mature and wise. But it was precisely during this period of his life that he, as never before, needed the kind attention of his relatives, in recognizing his need and in expressing love and appreciation. It is a pity that the relatives do not always have enough time and sensitivity to express their gratitude to the most dear and close - their grandparents. And specifically in order to raise the priority of our wise "old people" in the eyes of society, the government announced a holiday - Day of an elderly person.

And if someone suddenly asks: “And what day is the day of the elderly?”, Then even the baby will answer him: “Day of the elderly - October 1!” Because now this holiday is celebrated in the country everywhere. Tea-parties with a concert are being prepared at children's institutions for beloved grandmothers and grandfathers, special festive feasts are held in clubs, district administrations give individual gifts to pensioners and greeting cards.

But are these expressions of attention comparable to those that our dear “ancestors” expect from their family on an elderly person’s day ? So let's try and arrange a real celebration for them at home!

An interesting is the home party “Our Most Favorite”, when in addition to the festive table grandparents expect pleasant playful surprises and real good gifts. For example, it’s a good idea to create a wall newspaper in which you need to beautifully place photos. It is recommended to use both those pictures where the oldest founders of the surname are captured young and beautiful, as well as the latter. Be sure to use photos that capture the turning points of the lives of older people. You can also make interesting captions with humorous or romantic nostalgic shades.

Further, the Day of an Elderly involves an amateur concert. You can start it with a touching performance of the youngest - grandchildren. It’s great if the room is composed specifically for certain grandparents. To do this, you can use the well-known song remade by everyone. For example, this is how the song “My Neighbor”, which Edita Pieha sang in the youth of her grandmothers, looks like new words.

A hymn to our grandfather, family president, head of the clan, generalissimo and simply - to the most remarkable person on earth!

I brag about not needing

We are sad from different troubles,

And everyone in the family is very happy

That we have the best grandfather!

He does not regret for grandchildren

Neither warmth nor kindness

Sip, regret

And fulfill all dreams.

Make a submarine with a grandson

She goes to the cinema with her granddaughter.

May shoot from a bow

Blow bubbles out the window.

In swimming, in struggle, grandfather is the best,

He will always prevail

In competitions - no cooler!

And sings like Dzhigurda.

Math solves -

We need a "rookie".

He composes fairy tales -

This spit time to him.

Our grandfather is very talented,

We love our grandfather very much,

And today, that's for sure,

We want to give flowers!

May it always be healthy

He will say to all diseases: “No!”

And let it live long - long

Our "family president"!

He is the head of our family

Wrap yourself on a mustache!

Grandfather is proudly called:

"Our generalissimo!"

Of course, you can also learn and sing your favorite songs of those in honor of whom a celebration is held. Good, sincere verses will unusually decorate the day of an elderly person, as well as a selection of records of popular songs about parental love and the love of children for their parents, as well as for grandparents. Some actively use the media for congratulations - this also has the most positive effect on pensioners.

An important aspect of the holiday is the presentation of a gift to loved ones. The choice of surprise must be approached with all seriousness. It is worth taking care of everything in advance, remembering exactly what the dreams of grannies and grandparents are. You may even have to form financially with all other relatives in order to acquire the desired thing for your beloved relatives.

And let this day be one of the best days of the elderly. Let him help to become a family one even more dear and establish mutual understanding.


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