Amazing marigold decoration technique - knitted manicure

An amazing and unusual trend of the winter season is a knitted manicure. Knitting on graceful nails looks wonderful. She brings an aura of home coziness and comfort. With such an unusual manicure, I want to put on a soft knitted sweater, sit on the windowsill and drink a cup of hot cappuccino.

Preference for short graceful nails

The technique of knitted manicure is the decoration and creation of three-dimensional figures on the nails. Many girls, because of their professions, are not able to grow long nails, which are designed for most techniques. An interesting feature of knitted manicure is the fact that on small short nails it looks more attractive and beautiful.

knitted manicure

Each girl thought about how to make a knitted manicure. The idea to wrap nails in scarves and hats came about not by chance. The new beauty trend is widespread abroad and has a global distribution. Such decor is loved by Hollywood stars, musicians, famous dancers. There are a great many schemes and patterns of knitted manicure. There are interweaving of woolen threads, various braids, diamonds, ovals, straight lines, Christmas trees, zigzags and cones. It’s just worth showing your imagination, and the knitted manicure will turn out to be unusually beautiful and exclusive.

Color palette and necessary tools

It is known that even in Ancient Egypt, girls, to stand out and attract the attention of others, painted their nails with henna or other useful plant dyes. Nowadays, the manicure market offers many varnishes for every taste and color. The color palette is not only a rainbow, but also various types of bright and flesh tones. To create a knitted manicure with gel polish or acrylic, we need a basic base, LED lamp or UV lamp. Marigolds are coated with a base gel. Then it is dried with lamps. On top of it are varnishes of different colors. It is advisable to apply two or three layers. Each of them is also carefully dried. The bed tones are especially unique. They give a knitted manicure a delightful matte effect. In most cases, knitting is done on one ring finger. But there are types of decors when a knitted manicure is applied on two fingers - the ring and index fingers, or all five fingers at once.

Description of the technique

Before starting to create a manicure, hands are washed with soap, nails are cleaned from the previous decor. Then the cuticle is processed. It is pushed back or cut off with special manicure scissors. Marigolds give the desired ideal shape using buffs or special nail files. Then the nail plates are thoroughly degreased.

A base coat is applied to the nails. Such an action will help the manicure to become strong and sustainable. The base coat also protects the nails from bumps and direct UV exposure.

knitted manicure technique

Then the desired color is selected and carefully applied to the nails. The gel is dried in a lamp. Then the procedure is repeated 2-3 times depending on the density of acrylic.

After a knitted manicure has already been applied, the nails are processed. The sticky layer is removed. To strengthen the manicure, you can apply a clear varnish on top.

Christmas decoration

A straight line is drawn along the nail, which is immediately dried under a UV lamp. Then an identical line is drawn at the same place. The gel is dried and applied to the same nail in a third strip. The result should be a three-dimensional figure. Subsequently, the application of each line of the pattern should be repeated three times. But if the varnish is too thick, you can do with two identical stripes.

knitted manicure gel polish

The main thing is that the girl creating the decor likes a voluminous knitted manicure. The technique of performing patterns includes applying strokes. Short dashed lines are created next to the volume line drawn. They are also dried with a UV lamp and polymerized twice. To continue the herringbone pattern, strokes are applied parallel to short sticks. The procedure will also be repeated twice. On the other hand, dots are plotted next to the main vertical line. The result should be a woven Christmas tree pattern of decorated manicure.

Oval chain decoration

On the ring finger, draw a rounded knitted manicure. The technique of this design involves the creation of a continuous chain. In this case, rounded or oval figures are drawn on the marigold. The execution procedure is identical to the Christmas tree pattern. Each chain is repeated three times and after each repeat is dried with a UV lamp.

knitted manicure technique

Near the chain, you can draw vertical straight lines. And along these lines are placed small dots. It should be noted that the chain should not be applied to the very middle of the nail, but slightly to the left or right. Otherwise, the points may not fit, and the chain in the middle will put a lot of pressure on the nail.

Decoration and decoration of marigolds

How to decorate a knitted manicure? The technique of execution allows the use of various decor. You can create shiny nails with small rhinestones. They will look like dew drops. In winter, such a decor will perfectly complement the grace of knitted manicure. You can apply glitter and bright sparkles.

how to make knitted manicure

Often there is decoration with voluminous figures of fimo. You can create outstanding nail art using ordinary or water stickers. Creating bright ribbons will create a cheerful mood. One thing is certain with confidence - an amazing knitted manicure is combined with any decor. Such excellent decoration suits all girls without exception.


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