How to pull cotton from your ear: specialist advice

Penetration of a foreign object into the ear leads to unpleasant sensations. This can cause an infection. Cotton buds are used to cleanse the ears. Sometimes their remains remain in the conch and auditory tube. How to remove cotton wool from the ear is described in the article.

Causes of Vata Penetration

A piece of cotton, stuck in the ear, causes a lot of trouble. If there is no pain, then in the coming days you should consult a doctor. In this case, the procedure for extracting a foreign body is better to entrust to a specialist. The doctor on call at the clinic will help solve this problem.

Vata penetrates the ear when it is too deep cleansed. She remains in the ear canal, causing discomfort. Due to the poor quality of the sanitary sticks, cotton wool flies off and breaks off the tip of the stick. Fleece is also able to get stuck when laying a tampon with a medicine. In addition, some people put a piece of it, protecting themselves from the wind or loud sound.

stuck cotton wool in the ear

Foreign objects disrupt hearing. Due to blockage of the passage, the necessary ventilation and self-cleaning are not available. The villi irritate the eardrum, which causes pain and itching. Ear wax accumulates in the ear, which can lead to inflammation.

From incorrect actions the situation is aggravated. During procedures, there is a risk of pushing the wool deeper or damage to the eardrum. Therefore, you should contact the ENT. The specialist knows all the intricacies of how to get cotton wool out of your ear.


If the fleece is stuck in the ear, then a person can not always determine this, especially if a small piece of it has penetrated. This usually manifests itself in the form:

  • stuffy ear;
  • sensations of the presence of a foreign object;
  • discomfort
  • itching
  • hearing impairment;
  • pains.

Specific symptoms depend on the amount of cotton wool that has penetrated the ear canal and the depth of penetration. For example, if the fleece blocked the entire channel, then congestion appears. In this case, the presence of a foreign body may not be felt.

how to get cotton from the ear

Discomfort and a feeling of a foreign object appear with a small amount of cotton wool in the ear, when with a turn of the head, neck or when the chewing muscles work, the lump moves along the channel. At the same time, itching appears.


How to pull cotton from your ear yourself? Care must be taken. Heated vegetable oil or a few drops of hydrogen peroxide (5%) are dripped into the ear. It should lie down for 20-30 minutes. During this period, the stuck scrap should exit or move towards the exit. Then it should be carefully removed with tweezers. The ear must be pulled back and down to straighten the ear canal.

how to get cotton wool out of your ear

If cotton wool is stuck in the ear, then it is advisable that someone from the family carry out the procedure for removing it. A pre-moistened piece of cotton wool can be removed with a crochet hook. The procedure must be performed in good light. If the fleece is not shallow, but it cannot be hooked with a finger, then a band-aid or adhesive tape is wound on the tip of the finger with the sticky side out.

How to pull cotton wool from a child’s ear? It is advisable not to perform the procedure on your own, as the baby can twitch, which will lead to big problems. Children should be treated by a doctor.

Another method

How to get cotton from your ear in a different way? The procedure is as follows:

  1. On a thin stick, which has a non-sharp end, a little moistened cotton wool is wound. In spiral movements, it is advanced to a stuck piece. Then you should pick up the edge of the cotton wool and in a circular motion in the opposite direction, carefully remove it out.
  2. The tip of the match needs to be fluffed. With this brush, the cotton wool is carefully picked up and pulled out in a circular motion. The auditory meatus must be examined using a flashlight.
  3. If cotton wool is stuck in the ear from a stick, it can be promoted by suctioning air with a small syringe. For this purpose, a thin tube inserted into the ear is used, and air is sucked out by mouth.
  4. After wetting the cotton wool in advance with water, you should jump on 1 leg from the side of the ear in which it is stuck. The head should be tilted in the same direction. If within 10 minutes there is no result, the action must be completed.

After removing the fleece, the auditory canal should be cleaned of villi. To do this, wipe it with a damp cotton swab moistened with water.

After eliminating a foreign object, the doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory or antibacterial drops to prevent the appearance of otitis media.

ear sticks

Are there any other methods?

Vacuuming is not effective. With it there is a risk of hearing damage due to high noise, so you should not endanger your health.

All procedures in the ear canal must be performed especially carefully. With any damage, there is a danger of infection and the appearance of inflammation. If the methods are not effective, you should consult a doctor. Foreign bodies cannot be removed themselves, they lead to complications.

Security measures

To exclude injuries, several rules should be followed:

  1. Brush your ears outside. Deep areas are self-cleaning. Residual sulfur is removed from the ear canal, trapping dust and dirt.
  2. You should use only high-quality cotton swabs, in which cotton wool is tightly wound. You can not use matches, otherwise the help of an ENT doctor will still be required.
  3. For high-quality cleansing of dried sulfur, a cotton wool is moistened with water.
  4. It is advisable to perform a hygienic procedure for the ears after the bath. In this case, sulfur is easier to clean.
  5. Only a circular motion should be used with a cotton swab. And progressive provide pushing dirt and sulfur deeper.
  6. It is forbidden to insert foreign objects into the ear, as this can damage the eardrum and lead to deafness.
  7. Picking in the ear with extraneous elements damages the organ and provokes inflammation.
  8. Infection can be carried by dirty hands.
  9. There are special preparations for softening sulfur.
doctor on duty at the clinic

Foreign body hazard

Do not ignore the problem of stuck cotton wool in the ear, otherwise it can lead to negative consequences. The main complications include:

  1. Hearing impairment. Fleece occupies a certain part of the ear canal, so the ear does not perceive sounds completely. As a result, congestion and deafness are felt.
  2. Stress. If before that there was an excellent hearing, then with its sharp deterioration a nervous shock appears. A person will feel inferior, experiences appear.
  3. The discomfort. Due to the constant presence of a foreign body, physical problems arise. And with pain, the effect will be enhanced.
  4. Microtrauma of the ear canal. Although the fibers of the cotton wool are soft, they harm the ear canal.
  5. High infection. The risk of infection appears due to a decrease in secretion in the ear canal, since part of it is occupied by a foreign body. The risk of multiplication of fungal spores and pathogenic bacteria increases.
  6. Otitis media appears. If the cotton wool in the ear is long, then the material will be the focus of inflammation.
stuck cotton wool in the ear from the stick

The body does not always reject foreign bodies. But if a person ignores the problem, waiting for this process, then rejection will begin through pathology. Purulent otitis media usually appears. Therefore, you should not postpone the visit to the doctor.


If cotton wool or another object is stuck in your ear, you need to consider all the risks. You can perform a procedure to remove a foreign body only if there is confidence that this will not lead to complications. It is advisable to consult a doctor. On an outpatient basis, the procedure is performed quickly and without risk to health.


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