Knitted little things for the home - top 10. Trivia for the house with your own hands

Interior decoration is a very popular activity both among housewives and business women. Everyone organizes space in different ways. However, do-it-yourself things will undoubtedly add coziness to the atmosphere of each room. You can choose an accessory in the style of hand-made to any style of room decoration. Show your imagination, use ready-made ideas! Create a unique work of art that will keep the warmth of the hands of a craftswoman. If you don’t do any artistic work at all, because you don’t know how or do not have time, you can buy a finished thing from professionals. In any case, such a cute decoration will not go unnoticed in your home.

nice and useful little things for your home do-it-yourself

Execution techniques

Due to the availability of various art materials, the possibilities for creativity are almost endless. There are complex versions that require a high level of skill. If you are a layman in this business, choose simple methods for decorating surfaces that do not require much experience. You can even involve family members, such as children, in this activity. They will be happy to keep you company. Any creativity will be very useful for them. In addition, this is an extra chance to have a good time together. Many women are fond of knitting, crocheting or knitting. This option of needlework, no doubt, will help make the house more comfortable.

nice and useful little things for your home do-it-yourself


Most often, pleasant little things with your own hands can be found in the kitchen of a needlewoman. After all, it is here that a woman spends most of her time. There is room for creativity too. As a rule, they make things that perform a certain function and at the same time are a beautiful accessory for decorating a room.

Knitted little things for the home can be classified into light openwork and dense warm. The latter are just used for their intended purpose in the kitchen, ensuring the preservation of heat or preventing the contact of a hot surface with surrounding objects. You can make hot coasters, potholders, a heating pad for a kettle, and make stylish “clothes” for cups, glasses, bottles and other jars and containers, for example, for bulk products, very beautiful and original. All these things look like nice souvenirs. If you make them in a certain style, you get a whole set.

Holiday collection

Each trifle for kitchen decor, made with your own hands, will be an amazing gift to a dear person. A variant of the thematic solution is perfect. You can choose any idea absolutely. A festive concept, for example, to a specific celebration, will allow you to change the design of the kitchen, decorating it differently by a certain date. Take the New Year theme.

nice little things with your own hands
In this case, the kit will include such things:

  • round, crocheted, coasters and potholders in the form of Christmas balls;
  • a teapot warmer made like Santa Claus, Snow Maiden or a decorated Christmas tree;
  • “clothes” for cups, glasses, bottles, containers are also carried out.

It is interesting to use plots of symbols of the year, for example, when tying jars for cereals, flour, salt.

Original ideas

Floral theme is very good. She is beautiful and in demand always, at any time of the year. It’s easy to decorate any kitchen item with petals, buds, leaves , even cabinet handles, if it suits the style of your furniture.

knitted little things for home

The most traditional option for the kitchen is the concept of food. Potholders and coasters in the form of flat images of round vegetables and fruits, sweets and other sweets. Make a teapot warmer that looks like a multi-story cake, and it definitely won’t go unnoticed by your guests.

Knitted volumetric figures look very original. Crocheting is easy to create a fun cook, a nesting doll, a mouse with cheese, a teddy bear with a barrel of honey, or several cute bees.

See how easy it is to make a cozy home. The ideas for arranging your own kitchen are so diverse that you can change your own accessories often enough. So you emphasize the uniqueness and give special sophistication to the room, in which you often have to spend a lot of time.


In modern interiors, the dining room is often performed as a separate room or connected to the kitchen, but without a partition between them. If you have both zones in the same style, then that's it the pleasant little things made with your own hands, which you hang or put here, must be carried out in a general concept.

Compatibility is easiest to achieve with a single color scheme or technique. All jewelry is made, for example, with an openwork crochet of thin threads. This will give grace and sophistication to the interior. Another option is to perform decor elements of the same hue. Bright accents of different sizes, but one tone will allow to combine space. White will be a win-win, as it combines with any interior, furniture, textiles.

little things for the home do-it-yourself

The dining room is for eating, a quiet family dinner, or lunch with friends. It is very important to ensure the coziness and comfort of the process. In this, of course, pleasant trifles made by oneself for the home will help in this. Openwork tablecloths and napkins made by crochet look especially beautiful. A very unexpected and original element will be a knitted vase with flowers. They can be created so subtle and aesthetic that it will be difficult to distinguish them from natural ones.

nice little things made by yourself for home
Also, a special charm will give the room decorations on windows, stool seats and even tied chairs.

cozy house ideas for arranging your own kitchen


This room is usually considered purely functional, where decoration is given a minimum of attention. This is actually wrong. Guests who come to the house, first of all, get here. The elegantly decorated hallway will testify to the hospitality of the owners, their good taste. She will fulfill the role of the business card of the apartment. If you want to create a good impression of yourself for all incoming guests, put pleasant and useful little things for your home in the hallway. With your own hands you can decorate even a very small corridor if you are constrained in the square. You can put a knitted mat on the door, place the original chair.

a trifle for a kitchen decor with your own hands

The combination of benefits and beauty

The easiest option is to put a knitted box or chest for shoes. He will not take up much space, in addition, he will perform a useful function. With this interior decoration you will definitely surprise your guests. To do such a thing is not difficult. Take any old wooden, metal or plastic container and simply tie it around. Knitting needles can make a textured patterned surface. Openwork is easier to achieve by crocheting. The second option is only suitable if you draw the box or box itself beautifully, for example, paint or make visible parts using decoupage technique. Such a chest will become not only a functional thing, but also a subject of admiration for the guests and your pride, of course.

do-it-yourself little things design

If you are afraid to take on a complex pattern or create a curly surface, just pick a beautiful combination of colors and make the details a regular garter stitch. You can also decorate the box with beads or crocheted flowers. Even a novice can master such technologies.

An even simpler and more functional element for the entrance hall is a hanging pocket for combs, accessories for shoe care or keys. It can be decorated with brushes or decorative elements. This thing, made in the form of a house, animal, slippers or stylized bast shoes, will look original. Thus, the original trifles for the house, made with their own hands, can decorate even the most ordinary-looking room, such as a tiny hallway, for example, small cars.

Living room

This room, as a rule, is the main one in the apartment or house. Its design is given the most attention. Knitted little things for the home, placed here, will help create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth - something that you can not do without. The living room should be stylish and elegant. Do not hang a lot of colorful and colorful things, it is better to limit the color scheme or the number of items.

Knitted watches or panels will look original.

do-it-yourself trifle for kitchen decor
Their appearance, of course, should match the design of the living room itself. If there is a mirror on the wall, its frame can also be decorated with openwork knitting. On a windowsill or even on a coffee table, a knitted flower pot will look spectacular and at the same time unexpectedly.

cute little things with your own hands for comfort at home
You can achieve the naturalness of the plant with the help of thin threads and many small details: petals, leaves, buds. The big advantage of such a flower pot is that it will not cause you any troubles or furniture. Thus, it can even be put on the back of the sofa. The first impression and surprise effect are guaranteed. Knitted covers for furniture, cute ottomans look exquisite.
cozy house ideas for arranging your own kitchen

Fashion decor

Instead of a flower pot with a rose, you can place other little things for the home. With your own hands it’s interesting and easy to make a topiary. This is a very popular and modern accessory for decorating the interior. It is a small spherical tree in a pot. It is made of different materials: ribbons, coffee beans and much more. If you do all the little things for the house with your own hands using the knitting technique, do not leave it here. You can come up with several options:

  1. Crochet a lot of beads and connect them into a ball or place on the finished form.
    knitted little things for home
  2. Find the ball, even tennis will be enough. Crochet a sphere based on it, decorate the surface with a knitted wavy strip or flowers.
  3. If the base itself is beautiful, just decorate it with an openwork pattern.

Any option will be very nice if made with love and keeps the warmth of your hands.


Here, without an atmosphere of comfort, it is difficult to ensure good sleep and relaxation. All sorts of little things for the home, made with your own hands and with love, will come in handy. The main piece of furniture is the bed, therefore it is worth decorating it first of all. Tie decorative pillowcases , bedspreads or slippers. It is so nice to feel the warmth of these things that you have created with love.

Techniques and implementation methods can be chosen different. If the rug is round, it is better to crochet it from tight threads or even ribbons.

little things for the home do-it-yourself
Often use old colored fabrics cut into thin strips. Spherical dumka is worth the same method. Square and rectangular things are made either solid, or from separate parts, for example, squares. They are crocheted and knitted, flat or embossed, plain or variegated.
nice little things made by yourself for home

Choose the option that is easiest for you to do. The resulting thing should be combined with the overall style of the bedroom and match your ideas about comfort and coziness. Some people like colorful bedspreads and pillowcases, while others are exclusively white, but embossed.

Often on the walls in the bedroom are pictures of loved ones, dear people. The frames are also interesting to crochet. Even the beginner will cope with the simplest drawing.

a trifle for a kitchen decor with your own hands

Knitted lampshades for lamps and floor lamps look absolutely exclusive and elegant. Openwork patterns are chosen for them, so that rays break through the picture, creating bizarre shadows on the walls of the bedroom. Carefully choose the color of the threads, because the room will get exactly their shade when the lights are on.

knitted little things for home

Decor for kids room

Many women, in anticipation of a miracle, prefer to cook everything in advance. When expectant mothers go on maternity leave, free time appears, but there is no way to lead an active lifestyle, most spend hours and days doing needlework.

cute little things with your own hands for comfort at home
It's so nice to create cute little things with your own hands for the future baby. The design of the crib of a newborn is a huge field for the manifestation of imagination and love for the baby. You can make knitted toys, crib ornaments, a warm plaid, a night lamp, an original cute mobile or slingobus, which initially will simply decorate the crib.
little things for the home do-it-yourself

Thus, you have learned what you can do cute little things with your own hands for comfort at home. In each room they will create a unique atmosphere of warmth, love and kindness. To get a beautiful decoration, it is not at all necessary to be a professional. You can be able to knit the simplest loops, while taking the original idea, and perform an exclusive thing that will not go unnoticed by your guests.


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