Auxiliary air suspension on the Mercedes Sprinter: reviews

Mercedes Sprinter is one of the most famous commercial vehicles in Europe. Based on this model, many modifications have been created. These are vans, passenger and freight vans, onboard platforms and so on. But one thing unites these cars - spring suspension. It is very simple to use. But when it comes to increasing the carrying capacity, the question arises of installing an auxiliary air suspension on the Mercedes Sprinter. Reviews about this revision are positive. But are there pitfalls? About installing air suspension on a Mercedes Sprinter Classic, as well as the pros and cons of such a refinement, read in our article today.


What is this system for? In general, the air suspension serves for a softer damping of vibrations from road irregularities.

air suspension Mercedes Sprinter 313

It is also installed in order to change the ride height. Usually such pendants are found on tuned cars. But with Sprinter, the situation is slightly different. Air suspension is installed on the Mercedes Sprinter Classic for other purposes. This is an increase in vehicle capacity.

Why helper

Many associate the installation of an air suspension with the complete dismantling of the old elastic elements - springs and springs. But in this case, the picture is different. A cylindrical air cylinder is fixed between the rear axle and the frame. When the machine is empty, it is inoperative. But as soon as the mass of the cargo exceeds one or more tons, cylinders are used.

air suspension for mercedes

They pump up and under pressure lift the body relative to the ground. Thus, the auxiliary air suspension is an analogue of the classic spring reinforcement. And if in the latter case the driver had to drive a constantly hard car, then with pneuma you can lower the pillows at any time. So, an empty car will gently go on its few leaf springs.

Device and features

The design of this system is quite simple. The main elastic element is air cylinders. They are made of dense multilayer rubber. Their shape may be different. But if it is an air suspension for the Mercedes Sprinter 515, then the balloon consists of three “tablets” that are interconnected. On the lightest versions, the Sprinter can be equipped with simply cylindrical air springs. But usually such elements do not withstand a load of more than one ton, reviews say. The air suspension of the Mercedes Sprinter of the 906th model necessarily has powerful cylinders that can withstand a load of up to three tons each. And this is without taking into account the fact that only factory springs are involved in low weight.

air suspension for Mercedes Benz Sprinter 311 906 body

Also in the design there are air lines. Depending on the configuration, they can be connected to a swap nipple, or to a receiver with a compressor. The latter option is more convenient to operate - say the reviews. The air suspension of the Mercedes Sprinter in this case is controlled from a separate console. To pump or lower the springs, just click on the appropriate button. As for the swap nipples, here the situation is different - say the reviews. In this case, the Mercedes Sprinter air suspension is manually pumped. To do this, use a third-party pump or a 12-volt compressor. On the device, such a system is simpler, and its cost is low. But, as practice shows, in operation it causes a lot of inconvenience. It takes a long time until a third-party pump pumps the system. And buying a more productive one does not make sense - it’s cheaper to pay extra and put the suspension with a compressor.

Another component of pneuma is the receiver. It can be of different volumes, but for the “Sprinter” a three- or five-liter element is enough. The receiver itself is a cylindrical container made of metal, which is connected to the compressor and the air lines. The main task of this element is to contain air under pressure. It is held by special electromagnetic valves. As soon as it opens, air will go to the pillows. Typically, a pressure of about ten atmospheres is maintained in the receiver. This is enough to raise and lower the pillows several times. By the way, the air does not go back to the receiver when lowering the cylinders. He gets to the street. And the receiver is replenished with air thanks to the compressor.

air suspension mercedes sprinter reviews

The latter has a special sensor. It automatically cuts off power to the compressor when a certain pressure is reached in the receiver.

Is the air suspension convenient to operate

According to reviews, air suspension on the Mercedes Sprinter will be far from superfluous. This is especially true for those who carry large loads on the Sprinter. Auxiliary suspension allows you to make stiffer springs and prevent rattling on the road. Every Sprinter owner knows how the car behaves when fully loaded. The suspension becomes soft, but sometimes it is not necessary. The car begins to swing and carry from side to side.

Mercedes Sprinter Classic air suspension

If the mass of the load is large, the only safe way out is to install an auxiliary air suspension on the rear axle. So you can align the back and make the car more manageable at speed. According to reviews, with such a suspension side rolls are reduced. The machine behaves easier with overload. The load on regular spring leaves is also reduced. After all, part of the energy and shock is extinguished precisely by pillows. The earrings and the silent blocks last longer.

Are there any pitfalls

Reviews say that such a suspension does not have any “pitfalls”. If necessary, it can be lowered, making the suspension stroke softer. But there is a nuance: you can not ride on pillows, the pressure level in which is below one atmosphere. Even on an empty car, they should be inflated (at least minimally). This applies to all cars, whether it is air suspension on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 311 (906 body) or 416.

How much is

The cost of a single-circuit air suspension excluding the installation price for the Sprinter is 20 thousand rubles. This is the simplest system, which includes:

  • Two air cylinders.
  • Fittings, tubes seven meters long.
  • Mounting plates for cylinders.
  • Swap nipples and connectors.

There are more expensive systems. They already include a receiver with a compressor. Such a system will cost about 30 thousand rubles. What is noteworthy, the design of the auxiliary suspension is the same for the Sprinter and for the Volkswagen Crafter. Also note that the cost of the system may vary depending on the model of car.

air suspension Mercedes Sprinter

So, air suspension on the Mercedes Sprinter 515 will cost a little more. Here you will need more powerful pillows, which can withstand not two, but three tons each. Well, if it’s air suspension on a Mercedes Sprinter 906 “Dolphin”, the simplest pillows are enough.

How to install

Mounting the air suspension on the Sprinter is quite simple. First, a place is prepared for mounting metal plates for pillows. Next, the cylinders themselves are installed. They need to center and fix the metal pads on the bolts. How is the air suspension mounted on the Mercedes Sprinter 313? Then the airways are laid. They are connected to a compressor with a receiver. A control panel is installed in the cabin.

air suspension Mercedes Sprinter 515

It is small and contains a manometer and a couple of keys. It is wired from solenoid valves. If air suspension is installed on the Mercedes Sprinter 313 without a compressor, you should figure out where to place the swap nipple. Usually it is placed under the passenger seat. And then, if necessary, they connect to it and pump air.

To summarize

So, we found out what auxiliary air suspension is and what feedback it receives. Many car owners have already experienced all the benefits of such a suspension. She really saves when transporting heavy loads. As for passenger Sprinters, such a suspension is rarely installed. After all, such minibuses are almost never loaded. Reviews say that the installation of auxiliary air suspension is relevant only for those involved in the transport of goods.


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