How to connect digital television to an old TV: methods and instructions

2019, which will come very soon, will bring the residents of Russia, among other changes, a complete transition to digital television. This innovation has its pros and cons. But in any case, fans of spending free time at the blue screen sooner or later run into the question: how to connect digital television to an old TV?

This article will discuss this topic in detail.

Different variants

The easiest way, of course, to owners of televisions with built-in digital tuners. They do not have to rack their brains over the question "How to connect the T2 set-top box to an old TV?". Almost all plasma models and some liquid crystal ones have a built-in receiver that allows you to watch broadcasts without the use of additional equipment. They already have everything they need.

It remains only to properly set up the TV, guided by the instructions. In other cases, you need to buy an additional device called a tuner or receiver. There is also the Russian name for this device - a television set-top box. The above terms are used to refer to equipment for watching TV channels in digital format.


However, owners of televisions that do not have a built-in tuner have a certain advantage. After all, they can purchase a special set-top box, which will not only allow you to enjoy your favorite shows in excellent quality, but also record them, pause while watching, listen to digital radio and much more.

digital set top box

In addition, we should not forget that almost all television receivers are simultaneously media players, that is, they are able to play various audio and video files recorded on flash drives.

How to connect digital television to an old TV?

It has already been said that this will require a special prefix. It can be purchased at any hardware store. Electricians from house management often themselves offer customers these devices. If you buy a television set-top box from them, then you do not have to worry about connecting it yourself, since such a service is usually provided for free. There is another option that allows you to connect digital television to an old TV.

You can buy a tuner yourself and invite a specialist to install it. When parsing the model, you need to remember that you should pay attention only to samples that are designed for a DVB-T2 format signal. This is the type of digital television developed by the community of European technology manufacturers. The T2 marking indicates that this is a second-generation digital signal transmission technology. It differs from its predecessor in higher sound and image quality. In addition, it became possible to broadcast more television channels. Now they are transmitted by the so-called multiplexes, that is, groups.

In Russia now there is the opportunity to watch two of them for free. These multiplexes include several dozen channels. Image quality has significantly improved over analogue television. In addition, the coverage area of ​​broadcasting has increased. If before in our country there were enough places where watching television broadcasts was not available, now there are almost no such points on the map of Russia. This, of course, is one of the main advantages of this innovation. Indeed, now people working, for example, in the remote taiga will have the opportunity to keep abreast of all the latest news. To enjoy all the features of digital television, you need a receiver that supports the DVB-T2 format.

Various models

The theme of the transition to a new television is now more than relevant. Already in February of next year, the first stage of disabling analog broadcasting will begin. That is, it will be impossible to watch some TV channels using an ordinary antenna that receives television.

In the summer there will be a complete abolition of the old broadcast standard. Therefore, it’s puzzling how to connect analog television to an old TV, it should be right now.


On the shelves of stores now a large selection of such devices. Which receiver to buy depends on the individual needs of each. If you need it only to watch your favorite shows in "real time", without pausing, without recording a program and without playing music and movies from a flash drive, then the simplest model is quite suitable. Typically, the price of devices of this category does not exceed one thousand rubles.


In addition, experts advise first of all to pay attention to models with controls on the case, that is, on which there are special buttons for turning on and off, changing the channel, and so on.

This feature of the interface is useful if the remote control from the device breaks or simply gets lost in the apartment. The buttons located on the case will be useful, and when the batteries run out in the remote control, and there is no way to immediately replace them.

For the sophisticated user

If, in addition to watching TV in normal mode, the reader needs other additional functions of the receiver, then you should look at the more expensive models. Are you planning to record your favorite TV shows? Then you need to make sure that the device supports MPEG-2 format with a lower compression ratio than the popular, but not so high-quality MPEG-4 format. In addition, it is better if the selected device is able to work autonomously, that is, without connecting to a TV.

Using this function is convenient if you want to record a television program that is broadcast late at night. In this case, you can turn off the image and sound and set the time of the intended program display for the device. Further, the technique will do everything for you. You just need to understand how to connect a digital receiver to the TV, and have a flash drive of the required volume.

flash drives

It will be recorded.

These points should be remembered by a person who is interested in connecting an old TV to digital television.

In addition, music lovers are advised to pay attention to models with the ability to play the wav format (recording with a low compression ratio). Music lovers also need to make sure that there is a stereo output on the receiver that will allow you to connect an acoustic system to the device. Do not forget about the dimensions of the tuner. If you are going to often transport it from one place to another, it is best to opt for more compact samples. There are even models on sale whose sizes allow you to carry them in your pockets.


Before proceeding directly to the question of how to connect the T2 tuner to an old TV, one more important point should be reminded to readers. Watching gears is not possible without an antenna. It can be room or shared (which is located on the roof of the building and serves several apartments at once). When choosing either of these two options, you should make sure that the device supports a decimeter wave signal. This does not have to be a new antenna. Broadcast in the decimeter range began in our country more than twenty years ago. Therefore, antennas capable of receiving such a signal are in almost every home.

tele antenna

A sign that it is intended for the decimeter range is the characteristic round part. If we talk about external, common antennas, then almost all of them are suitable for watching TV in a new digital format, with a receiver.


When the equipment is already purchased, the question arises: how to connect the DVB-T2 set-top box to the TV? Further detailed instructions will be given on this subject. After unpacking the device, insert the batteries into the remote control. Then you need to connect the power supply to the device. The instructions usually contain a diagram that clearly shows how to do this. The next step is to connect a cable to the TV to transmit sound and image. In older CRT TVs (up to 25 years of service), the rear panel, as a rule, has a connector, popularly called a "comb". The easiest way to connect them is a receiver that has the same output connector. In this case, the kit usually has a cable with which you can connect these two devices.

How to connect a DVB-T2 digital set - top box to a TV if it has a different type of jack, for example, “tulip” or “HDMI”?

HDMI plug

In this case, there is also a fairly simple solution. True, it will require small expenses. All you need to do is go to an electronics or radio store and buy an adapter cable from the Tulip or Hdmi to the comb.

A similar method should be followed in many other cases. For example, if the reader has a TV with a “tulip” connector, and the receiver has the same jacks, it remains only to connect one device to another (each plug is inserted into the connector corresponding in color).

plug tulip

Some people use old Soviet technology. She, as a rule, differs in durability and unpretentiousness. But here, unfortunately, it is not intended to work with modern devices.

old tv

But still, such an interaction of antique technology with a new one is possible.

How to connect a DVB-T2 TV tuner to an old Soviet TV?

You need to purchase a device called an RF modulator and is a kind of adapter to the antenna connector.

av modulator

The famous Dandy game consoles in the nineties of the twentieth century were equipped with such devices.

Remaining actions

The question of how to connect digital television to an old television has already been almost completely considered in previous chapters. The last steps remained.

By connecting the set-top box to the TV, you need to connect the antenna to the receiver. Having done this, turn on the TV and tuner. Using the remote control from the receiver, go to its menu and select the item for automatic channel search. After all the programs are found, you can start watching digital television.


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