Fortune telling at New Year's Eve

Many girls on New Year's Eve go not only to festivities, but also get together in order to tell fortunes. Basically, this is done by those who are not yet married, but striving to find their second half, or, if there is already one, try to find out what awaits them in the future. Fortune-telling at midnight was very popular, especially among the village youth. Even after dark, they all gathered in small groups and began to guess. Today, of course, there have been some changes in fortune telling, for example, an adjustment has been made to the methods of fortune telling and their types, but their essence has remained virtually unchanged. Everyone still uses fortune-telling on the night of Andrei, Alexei, Ivan, Dmitry, Maxim, etc. Next, we will try to learn in more detail about the most popular fortune-telling on New Year's Eve.

Fortune telling

The most popular among night fortune-telling is fortune-telling with an answer to such a question that requires a yes / no answer, or it will come true / will not come true. This will require coffee or rice grains. First, try to think of a question of interest, then use your left hand to take a handful of coffee or rice beans from the can. After that, they must be poured onto a small napkin and counted. The answer will depend on how many grains you have. If it is even, then the answer is β€œyes”, if it is odd, then, accordingly, β€œno”.

Fortune telling with a cat

The cat has long been an integral attribute of fortune-telling. Such entertainment as fortunetelling at night also could not do without her participation. Make a wish on New Year's Eve and call the cat to your room. After that, try to carefully monitor your pet. If the left paw crosses the threshold first, then everything that you have guessed will come true, if the right paw does not.

Fortune telling with a mirror

Fortune-telling, which uses mirrors, is probably the worst. Only brave girls can sit at the table opposite this subject in complete darkness. At the same time, the table should be covered with a white tablecloth; two snow-white plates with two appliances and candles, also two, are placed on it. Candles are lit with these words: "Come and have dinner with me, narrow-minded." The spirits present in the mirror will certainly show the future spouse.

Fortune telling using water

For this fortunetelling at night you need to put a plate of clean water on the balcony or on the windowsill. The only condition for this fortune-telling is frost on the street. The whole night plate with water should be on the street with minus temperature. And only in the morning you can look at the ice formed in it. If it is even and smooth, then your life will be the same, you will have money, your husband will carry you in his arms. If it’s the other way round, then don’t let it go, but in life you will have a lot of problems and perhaps you will not get married.

Fortune telling

Even before dark, you need to fill the glass with water, so that exactly half the glass is filled. After that, look at the reflection of the water in the glass and make a wish. In the morning, in order for your desire to come true, the water must remain at the same level or more, if part of the water has evaporated, then your desire will not come true.

There are a huge number of such fortune-telling, but we will not have enough space to list them all here. I would like to note that the New Year is a kind of boundary between the past and the future and we always expect something new, better and more successful from it. That is why many of us, with the hope of a happy future, are guessing on this very day. Fortune-telling on New Year's Eve gives some hope, although sometimes unrealizable, for the whole year ahead. The main thing in fortune telling is to stock up with a lot of positive mood. But do not betray this fortune-telling so important. Remember that everything is in your hands, including your life.


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