Mine surveyor - who is it? Let's figure it out

Modern cities are ground and underground buildings. This is due to space saving and the creation of a large number of structures. A striking example of underground development is Moscow. Most of the population knows its tunnels, metro, underpasses and entire shopping centers. A special place in the construction process is occupied by a surveyor. Who this is will be described in this article.

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The meaning of the word "mine surveyor" means the profession of a mining engineer who is a specialist in geodetic surveying of mines and underground workings. This profession is multifaceted and includes several industries: construction, oil, gas and mining.

The main tasks of the surveyor

So, the surveyor - who is it? This is a specialist who performs the following functions.

  • Organization of the construction of underground and aboveground structures. At the same time, he must strictly follow the rules of technical operation, follow the provisions on environmental protection and conservation of natural resources.
  • Design drawings.
  • Monitoring compliance with requirements and exercising control over work at the facility entrusted to him.
  • Monitoring the state of a building under construction.
  • Controlling the operation process.
  • In case of emergency, help with advice on the repair of the facility.

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Mine Responsibilities

  1. Drawing up a work plan after reviewing the design drawings.
  2. Introducing the team entrusted to him with the plans.
  3. Breakdown of design axes and ground objects.
  4. Cutting and installation of the first slotted rings.
  5. Gauging in the tunnel.
  6. Participation in the installation of the shield (installation of a vertical well, which is used at the beginning of construction).
  7. Monitoring of geodetic works for laying railway tracks in tunnels.
  8. Participation in the alignment work in the construction of structures.
  9. Observation of the deformation of structures.
  10. Geodetic control over all stages of construction.
  11. Monitoring compliance with all geometric parameters of the construction project.

Specific knowledge required for work

The surveyor needs to know the basics of the following sciences.

  • Surveying is a science that compares the image of the earth on maps and accurate measurements on the ground during various engineering activities.
  • Topography is a discipline that studies the basic methods of depicting geometric and geographical objects on maps based on filming.
  • Mathematics is a fundamental science that is applied in all fields of activity, based on the study of the relationship of essences that are not material.
  • Geology is the science of the composition, development, and history of the earth's crust and the minerals found in it.
  • Ecology is the science of the interaction of organisms between themselves and the environment.

Mine surveyor who is it

In connection with the specifics of work in extreme working conditions, it is required:

  • strict adherence to the technical regime;
  • compliance with safety regulations.

Qualities necessary for a specialist to work

The mine surveyor must possess the following skills and qualities:

  • high share of responsibility;
  • attentiveness;
  • good shutter speed;
  • self-control;
  • self-discipline;
  • good organizational skills;
  • ability to exercise control;
  • good eye
  • developed spatial representations;
  • good imagination;
  • perfect understanding of the drawings;
  • accuracy.

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Speaking about geodetic works, it is worth mentioning such a specialist as the chief surveyor. Who it is is not known to many. He is the main management link. An employee to this position goes from a local surveyor. The tasks of the chief surveyor are more complex and significant, since all responsibility for the safety of people and material property falls on his shoulders. In addition, he is obliged to possess a broader knowledge of the provisions and decisions of the highest bodies, to supervise the conduct of surveying work.

To get a job as a surveyor, a person must meet the qualification requirements: have a higher or secondary special education in the specialties of “Surveying Worker”, “Transport Construction”, “Topographic and Geodetic Works”.

In the modern world, this is a very popular profession, as many cities and countries try to develop as many mineral deposits as possible. In the construction of mines without specialists in the profession "mine surveyor" can not do.

Areas in which the profession is in demand

Such specialists are in demand in the development of minerals; in the construction, design, operation of subways and railways.

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So, the surveyor - who is it? This is a person who has the above knowledge, skills, is aware of the responsibility for people's lives and the functioning of enterprises, knows his job. The work is very interesting, because working in this position, you can visit different parts of the world. Specialists in this field are called underground navigators. Mine surveyors are unique people who have tremendous knowledge and dedicate their work all their lives. This is an extreme and interesting job. Mine surveyor - a profession for strong people!

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