Evening manicure at home: ideas, tips, features

Evening manicure is no less important detail of the image than a dress, shoes and hairstyle. Each girl knows that there are times when beautiful hands fall into the spotlight, and in no way should they be allowed to look imperfect.

evening manicure

If you are going for a romantic date, family dinner, meeting with partners, or other important event, think over the image in advance.

Main rules

The first commandment of a stylish woman - do not overdo it. The lurid painting and stucco work on the nails left the pages of fashion magazines for a long time. Today, saturated shades, mixes of textures, natural organic form are in fashion. In a word, in order to look stylish, just look after your hands.

When thinking over evening manicure, remember that it should be combined with the jewelry that you are going to wear. Experiment by applying nail polish and trying on rings. Will silver lacquer and gold jewelry mix? It’s better to check in advance so that you don’t have to replay everything at the last moment.

blue dress manicure

The brighter the decor of the nails, the less jewelry should be on the brush. Do not overdo it with beauty, it will look vulgar.

If you plan to make a complex drawing, practice in advance. This will significantly increase your chances of beautiful and neat nails. Well, for those who are racking their brains in search of inspiration, this article will come in handy, which contains up-to-date novelties and ideas of evening manicure that can be brought to life on your own.

New trend - glass manicure

This season, designers offer fashionable women an unusual manicure, which is perfect as an evening one. Glass manicure is done using a rainbow film, which must be cut into small triangles before use.

blue dress manicure

Cover your nails with clear or colored varnish, let it dry. Apply a thin layer of transparent varnish - it will work as glue. Carefully attach the pieces of glass in any order, and when they dry, cover your nails with a layer of fixing varnish.

Art painting

In everyday style, painting is a rarity, but it can work well for an evening look . If you are considering a manicure for an evening dress, perhaps this is what you are looking for. Of course, in order to realize this idea, art skills are needed. If you can draw, do the job easily.

manicure under an evening dress

Such an evening manicure can be a good option for those who have the perfect form of nails. In order to build up the artificial, in most cases the help of a professional is required, but every girl can cope with tips. File them according to the shape of the nail plate, glue and apply a picture.

Classic: deep color

Looks very nice evening manicure on short nails, made with varnishes in saturated colors. Moreover, colors such as black, chocolate, cherry and dark blue are only suitable for short nails, while long ones look predatory and offensive.

evening manicure

If a plain manicure seems too boring to you, add shine. Evening is the time when you can afford to look brilliant. Think about whether it will go with clothing.

For example, a manicure for a blue dress, made with a varnish in tone with silver stripes, will look very beautiful.

back side

How can one not recall the black “labootens” with red soles! A similar trend has penetrated the nail design. This evening manicure looks spectacular, but requires great accuracy.

evening manicure on short nails

To implement this idea, you will need at least two different varnishes. Use one for the usual method of application - on the nail plate. Using a thin brush, cover the nail on the back with another.


The most courageous and risky fashionistas often make a choice in favor of the radiance of gold, bronze or silver. Once upon a time, an evening manicure of this color could only be done with varnish. Today, manufacturers of products for nail design offer many other ways.

One of them is a thin sheet of foil called gold leaf masters . It’s easy to work with, special skills and tools are not required. Pieces of foil are applied to the base, gently smoothed, allowed to dry and remove excess. You can cover both the entire nail, and part of it.

evening manicure

There is another way - tips. Some of them look like metal. If this idea inspired you, remember a sense of proportion. A gold dress and gold shoes are a disgusting company for nails of this color. Sparkling can be a maximum of a small clutch, and better - clutch decor. These nails are best worn with clothes of moderate colors. A golden manicure will work well with a blue dress or trouser suit in brown tones.

French and moon manicure

It would seem that over the years of its existence the theme of the French has completely exhausted itself. But this is not so. Recently, lunar manicure has come into fashion , in which special attention is paid to the part of the nail adjacent along the growth line. The classic jacket and its lunar variety look great in different colors, and not just in white and beige colors, as it was before. On them you can do elegant painting, glue half beads, sparkles, rhinestones.

evening manicure ideas

For an evening look, a jacket made of glossy and matte varnish of the same color may be suitable. A contrasting combination of the French and lunar variants looks very original.

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