Business coach Maxim Khirkovsky

Maxim Khirkovsky is a salesperson, marketer, Internet entrepreneur and business trainer who, over the course of several years, has been able to make a career from a sales assistant to a company manager. At the age of 21, Maxim took up the post of marketing director at, and a few years later he was awarded the XX Successful People of St. Petersburg Prize in the Business Coach nomination. One of the main “tricks” of Maxim is a constant change of occupation, which not only does not prevent him from succeeding in his chosen business, but also allows him to constantly improve in various directions.

Maxim Khirkovsky

Way to success

The turning point in the career of Maxim was the work in the company "Groupon". Fulfilling his promise to himself, Max quit his next job on his birthday and, thinking about what to do next, accidentally heard about the Gruppon campaign and decided to take advantage of the offer. The idea of ​​such a business inspired a young man, he got a job in Gruppon in a short time, and already in the first months he showed good results in concluding deals. A few months later, Khirkovsky received an offer from, a company operating in this segment, but offering much more favorable conditions to both its customers and employees.

It was while working in Vygoda that Maxim Khirkovsky thought not only about changing his job, but also about the possibility of changing the profile of his activity. Having achieved tangible success in sales, Max became interested in marketing. For several months, having carefully studied the new field, he began to give valuable advice to the company's marketing staff, and his achievements were immediately introduced into the business. Soon Maxim received an offer to become the marketing director of, which he accepted without hesitation.

While working in marketing, Maxim was inspired by Internet entrepreneurs, many of whom were younger than himself. These guys earned 300,000 rubles per share in their online store. Seeing such a success and even participating in its creation, Maxim Khirkovsky decided to try to open his online store and start working for himself.

Khirkovsky’s first online store was the DVR store. The business developed quite successfully, largely thanks to the young entrepreneur’s experience in marketing, as well as a two-year product warranty that the store offered to all its customers. Despite the fact that the equipment was of about the same quality as its competitors, thanks to this store Maxim was trusted much more, and few warranty returns more than paid off with sales volumes.

Further, online stores of toys and dresses were opened, which also brought a steady income. Seeing the success of a young businessman, Maxim began to be invited to various business conferences and seminars. It was then that Maxim Khirkovsky realized what area he would explore further. The process of organizing a business, wholesale purchases and sales, which carried away earlier, was no longer so interesting, and the entrepreneur wanted a different movement. This movement has become business coaching.

Max held his first seminar almost "by argument", trying to prove to his colleague that this idea would not bring anything special. However, it turned out that the Maxim Khirkovsky brand already had weight by that time, and about 30 people attended its online training. This attempt eventually led to the development of Maxim as a business coach and the opening of the Bumblebee Entrepreneurship Development Center.

Trainings and individual training from Khirkovsky

The Bumblebee Enterprise Development Center has been operating for four years. Based on this portal, Maxim and his partner Yevgeny Shleenkov conduct trainings and individual training, helping a variety of people start their business and reach a stable income in the first months.

The main principles on which the work of the Center "Bumblebee" is based are as follows:

  • An individual approach is the main feature and advantage of Bumblebee over competitors. Coaches make an active emphasis on the fact that all the tips and techniques are focused on each client individually. If other training centers give general recommendations for everyone, then students of Khirkovsky and Shleenkov will not have to worry about how to apply the knowledge, because they are focused directly on the character and preferences of the client.
  • Guaranteed earnings. The contract with the company states that, provided that all requirements are met, the client is guaranteed to receive a profit of at least two times the cost of training. If this does not happen, Bumblebee will pay customers twice the amount spent on training in compensation.
  • The ability to pay for training at the expense of future business revenue. Thanks to the proposed free installment plan, the client pays 4990 rubles as the first payment, the remaining money is paid after receiving income from the business.
  • Unique technique. The authors of the course offer a step-by-step methodology that any student is able to master and which will bring the client to an income level of 300,000 rubles monthly.

When creating training programs and business templates, Maxim Khirkovsky and Evgeny Shleenkov are guided, first of all, by their own experience in creating a business. The successful implementation of their own projects in various fields, from online trading to real estate investments and development, allows coaches to successfully train people with a wide variety of abilities.

Maxim Khirkovsky, business coach

The program "3 million rubles of passive income"

The latest project of Khirkovsky and Shleenkov - “3 million per month”, or “Project 0-150”, was launched due to the desire of the coach to not only help people create a business and earn money, thereby earning income from trainings, but to create a source of passive income. Under this Centorm Bumblebee program, 100 start-up entrepreneurs will be selected through an interview, which business trainers will bring to income from 300,000 rubles a month for three months.

The difference between this project and previous Bumblebee programs is that Khirkovsky and Shleenkov will become partners in each business and will have 10% shares in the enterprise. Thus, coaches create an instrument for obtaining passive income and are more than ever interested in the success of their wards. The cost of the training itself has been reduced to 65,000 for the full course with the possibility of installments and the first payment of only 1000 rubles.

According to Maxim and Eugene themselves, this move is due to the fact that they both want to gradually change priorities: spend more time with families, travel and enjoy life. With active business, such a lifestyle is impossible, because the larger and more successful the enterprise, the more time is spent on management and control. The “3 million per month” program will allow both clients and coaches to achieve their goals - some receive well-established business and management skills, others receive passive income and more personal time.

The main characteristic of any business coach is his portfolio: the number of successful projects, business turnovers and its profitability. Maxim Khirkovsky, at least, is a successful entrepreneur who has launched several large profitable projects, and his methods are based on personal experience. This, as well as the guarantee of making a profit in the first months or returning funds, inspire a certain confidence in the coach, distinguishing him from many other business trainers who offer their services in a modern business environment.


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