online store: user reviews online store, the reviews of which are mostly positive, is a large portal for the sale of used smartphones, phones and tablets. At the moment, the store specializes in work only in Moscow, the Moscow region and St. Petersburg.

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The site administration positions its project as a team of businessmen building their business on the ReCommerce system. Those things that can be used a second time without a significant decrease in quality should "have the right to life," according to the creators of the project. This culture has long been popular in Europe and North America, in which almost every second person buys or sells used items. In Russia, this is not so well developed yet, as Russians prefer to buy more expensive or on credit, but a new thing than second-hand and cheaper.

smartprice ru reviews

Smartphones, mobile phones and tablets, of course, belong to this category. Therefore,, reviews of which on the Web are mostly positive, is a very relevant and sought-after resource.

The project is aimed not just at selling used items, but primarily at providing high quality services. In this indicator, the company focuses on its Western colleagues, who for decades have honed the rules and norms of behavior with customers.

Quality assurance

The working team of the online store, according to user reviews, provides top-level services. It is to this level of service that the creators of the company strive, therefore the rules of conduct for staff with potential customers are strictly regulated.

All phones, smartphones that go on sale through this site are tested for performance. If any idle functions are detected, the service restores them. In this case, only high-quality parts are used, identical to those used at the manufacturer's factory.

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Also, the product is certified, authenticated. According to the results of all inspections, the product is divided into 3 status categories: "As New", "Excellent" and "Work". The category depends only on the appearance, all functions are valid at any level of preservation.

Service Features

In addition to monitoring product quality, the company gives a guarantee on its product lasting 90 days. This, of course, is not a very long period, but for a product that has already been in use, a guarantee is already a rarity.

Another advantage of the service is the ability to return the purchased goods if you did not like it with something. For this, the buyer is given one week. Virtually no company selling used items provides such an opportunity.

At the moment, delivery of goods is possible only in Moscow and the region, St. Petersburg. The cost is from 350 rubles in Moscow time and St. Petersburg to 600 in the region of the Moscow region, which is generally not too expensive by the standards of capital cities.

smartprice ru store reviews

It is not surprising that, given all the advantages of, customer reviews mainly indicate high quality products and good service. The company values ​​its reputation very much, because the number of new customers and sales depends on it, therefore, it strives in every way to meet the high standard that it showed at the start of its work.

Reviews on the online store

Most of the people who used the services of this company were satisfied, so there are a lot of reviews written in a positive way about it. Of course, there are those who are dissatisfied, but they are a minority.

Basically, people distinguish fast and relatively inexpensive delivery, high quality of the product itself and its low cost in comparison with new copies as pluses. Polite attentive staff is also a significant plus, according to users, because sellers not only help with the selection and purchase of the best product, but also give a charge of positive emotions.

Based on this, we can safely say that the service is in high enough demand, which will continue to grow. Perhaps the company will begin to expand its work outside the metropolitan regions. However, the store owners themselves do not talk about such plans yet, since it is too early to aim at such a scale.

Store office location

Although most potential buyers prefer to purchase goods directly on the site, many still decide to visit the office. Reviews about the store, whose address is the city of Moscow, metro station Dmitrovskaya, ul. Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya, 23s3, Z-Plaza business center, confirm this.

smartprice ru user reviews

It is relatively close to the city center. Getting there is easy both with your own car and public transport. Going to the office, it is better to take your passport with you and make a preliminary call so that there are no problems, since employees can not always meet a visitor due to a rather busy work schedule.

The store is open without lunch every day from 9 am to 9 pm. And on holidays and weekends too. A visit to the office is quite interesting, because you can not only see the working environment and look at some products live, but also get a very high level of service, which will certainly please any customer.

Conclusion, reviews of which demonstrate the considerable popularity of the project, is a specialized service that makes it possible to purchase prestigious branded smartphones at fairly low prices. After all, many do not care if a new phone or not. The main thing is the functionality and quality embedded in the gadgets by eminent manufacturers.

smartprice ru customer reviews

In Russia, the market for used items is not yet as developed and developed as in Western countries. Therefore, there is something to strive for and where to expand. Smartprice is one of the largest and most successful companies in this field. Looking at the rapid development of this company, we can confidently say that this business niche is very promising.

Surely, following the example of this company, more and more new ones will appear that may become quite successful. However, Smart Price, although not a pioneer in this segment of the Russian market, is certainly considered one of the most prominent representatives.


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