Why did the nail move away from the nail bed?

When something out of the ordinary happens with fingernails or toenails, it causes a lot of trouble. And this concerns both the usual fragility problem for ladies and more serious cases, for example, when the nail has moved away from the nail bed. In medicine, this disease is called "onycholysis." What is it, why does it arise and how to deal with it, we will consider further in our article.

the nail moved away from the nail bed
The symptom that the nail has moved away from the nail bed is primarily a violation of the integrity of the plate itself. Also, the nail itself often changes color, a cavity filled with air forms under it. This process can occur both on the hands and feet. At first, the passage can be almost imperceptible, but over time, if you do not start treatment, you can completely lose the horn plate.

The reasons that the nail moves away from the nail bed may be the following factors:

- non-infectious: trauma, taking fluoroquinolone antibiotics, a violation of the blood supply to the limbs, as well as exposure to chemicals such as washing powders, detergents;

- infectious: the occurrence of onycholysis is associated with damage to the skin around the nail and the plate itself, mainly with a fungus;

- also onycholysis can develop with psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis or be a consequence of disorders in the work of the cardiovascular, endocrine or nervous systems.

the nail moves away from the nail bed
If you notice that the nail has moved away from the nail bed, you should think about your health. To cure this disease, it is necessary to identify its causes, because they often significantly weaken the body and provoke such side effects as the onset of diseases of the nails and skin.

the nail moves away from the skin
In order to cure onycholysis, the doctor usually prescribes general strengthening therapy, which includes the intake of vitamins, preparations containing calcium and iron. In addition, if the nail has moved away from the nail bed, local procedures are mandatory: baths using potassium permanganate, applying heliomycin ointment. If the cause of the disease is a fungal infection, special antimycotics can be used that cause the death of the fungal colony. Another mandatory stage of treatment is a quality manicure and pedicure, because if the nail moves away from the skin, bacteria and other microorganisms can accumulate under it, the inflammatory process can begin, which will not benefit the patientโ€™s health and appearance at all. In such cases, to ensure sterility and proper processing of nails, the doctor may advise you to go to the beauty parlor and undergo a hardware pedicure procedure, which is characterized by increased antisepticity compared to conventional cosmetic care.

If you notice signs of onycholysis in yourself, do not be scared. It is better to immediately take emergency measures: consult a doctor, start treatment and carefully take care of the nails on the hands and feet.

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