Custom rewrite

Users of many sites often share common interests: they are looking for the same or similar information on the network. For example, it can be news or scientific data (medical, legal, historical articles, etc.).

When is rewriting necessary?

Despite the similarity in content, almost all texts (with a small percentage of exceptions) are unique. These are not just copies of each other, since copying is a measure not permitted by search engines. Non-unique texts are useless from a promotion point of view, since they do not fall into the search engine rating and do not bring new visitors to the untwisted resources.

How are such texts created - similar in meaning but different in form? This is a rewrite to order. Not all cases require copywriting to fill the site , in some cases it can be successfully replaced with high-quality rewriting. This is a normal and successful practice. Remaking the source material while maintaining the original meaning is a very successful solution for creating unique online materials for sites.

Most often, news, informational, descriptive materials are subject to rewrite, less often - selling and image texts. The main advantages of rewriting to order are much lower prices than copywriting. The quality of the materials is very high, uniqueness does not suffer at all.

Custom rewrite: where to look for good performers

You can order rewriting on copywriting exchanges, at freelancers, in special agencies or on individual resources offering similar services. Their cost varies significantly depending on many factors. The more professional and experienced authors are involved in the execution, the higher prices are set for the job.

You can order a rewrite to order, for example, on, a project that has been successfully developing on the network for more than two years, whose audience exceeds one million readers a week.

Which type of rewriting is better

There is the possibility of performing rewriting in a machine way: using special programs - synonymizers. They change the text, the quality of which at the output is quite low. In this case, manual revision is mandatory to obtain adequate material.

This method of rewriting in terms of quality is not comparable with manual rewriting of text, but it allows you to do the job much faster. Software processing of texts is usually allowed only with the consent of the customer and is cheaper than manual. Currently, very few site owners resort to machine rewriting, as search engines make rather high demands on the quality of the text, and such texts may not correspond to them. In this case, there is a risk of getting into the “black index”.

How much is a rewrite?

The price is determined individually by the author. On exchanges you can find offers at a price of $ 1-2 per thousand characters, in reputable agencies the prices are higher - approximately $ 6-10. The cost of services depends not only on the professionalism of the performer, but also on the nature and complexity of the text.

Performing a quality rewrite is not as easy as it seems at first glance. From the performer, he requires no less skill, literacy, the ability to express thoughts and present material in accordance with stylistic requirements than when performing full copywriting.

A custom rewrite provides for the work of several varieties. The first - from one customer’s source, the second - from several sources, the information of which needs to be combined and compressed to a certain volume, the third - without a source, when the author independently searches for data for writing. As a rule, the cost of work, depending on the type, differs slightly.


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