Exotic feijoa: calorie content and useful properties of an overseas guest

In late November, winter fruits begin to appear on the shelves of supermarkets. And if most of them, such as pomegranates, tangerines or persimmons, are very familiar and loved, then a small dark green dense fruit under the exotic name of feijoa still remains without due attention. But itโ€™s even in vain, because, first of all, it is necessary for the owners of a slim figure, since feijoa calorie content has a small, but there are quite a lot of useful trace elements and vitamins in it.

feijoa calorie content

Useful composition feijoa

Firstly, this is the only fruit that has a huge percentage of iodine in its composition, the amount of which is comparable only with seafood. Further, it should be noted the high iron content and almost the entire vast group of vitamin B, not to mention copper and zinc. This composition makes it especially attractive for various deviations in the digestion. They also use it to strengthen immunity, with acute vitamin deficiency and during various diets (since the calorie content of feijoa is only 49 kcal per 100 g of fruit).

How to eat feijoa?

At this stage, as a rule, some contradictions arise between the usefulness of the fruit and its taste, or rather, the taste of its peel. Basically, it is customary to eat feijoa completely, along with the peel, which contains a large amount of antioxidants that can prolong youth at the cellular level. However, the peel itself has a pronounced astringent taste, which not everyone likes, so many prefer to eat peeled fruit. And to get the most out of it, you can use the peel as an aromatic additive in tea, after drying it.

In addition, feijoa is actively used in cooking, preparing from it raw jam, compote, fruit salads, cottage cheese desserts. And from it it turns out quite an interesting filling for baking.

calories feijoa
Feijoa Treatment

A mixture is prepared from fruits and sugar crushed in a blender in a ratio of 2: 1, and stored in the refrigerator. This mass is an excellent prophylactic and therapeutic agent for colds, hypertension, atherosclerosis. But fresh is better for the cardiovascular system, however, fruits for it must be very ripe. If you are on a diet, be sure to include feijoa fresh in your diet: the calorie content of a glass of such a drink is 38 kcal. To get rid of thyroid problems, it is best to eat 3 large fruits with the skin daily.

How to choose feijoa?

Ripe fruit has a uniform dark green color without any inclusions and stains. It is dense, but also soft to the touch (in this it is very similar to kiwi, and it should be chosen in the same way) and exudes a delicate aroma of a mixture of strawberries and kiwi. When cut, the feijoa flesh looks more like jelly - the same transparent and elastic. However, if an overly hard fruit was acquired that does not have any odor and has a white flesh in the section, then this is just still unripe feijoa (the photos presented to your attention demonstrate this quite clearly). Note that very many risk buying an unripe product, because this fruit is collected and transported in green. In this case, you just need to give him some time to ripen (in this he is somewhat similar to a banana).

Feijoa and diet

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The rich composition makes the use of feijoa in the daily menu indispensable. The calorie content of this fruit allows you to include it in your diet, even for those who are forced to adhere to strict low-calorie diets. And the most delicious, perhaps, is the curd dessert, which not only does not add extra pounds, but also allows you to enjoy an exquisite taste combination of low-fat cottage cheese and puree from ripe exotic fruits. Compote of feijoa is considered to be a very useful drink on fasting days, even the most ardent followers of various diets cease to count the calorie content, since its amber-green color and the delicate aroma of fresh strawberries leave no one indifferent.

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