Features of homemade equipment

Owners of private homes often face issues of caring for their land. It is difficult to do all the work manually, and it takes a lot of time (especially if the site is large). So they think about acquiring equipment. But here there are some nuances. The main one is the high price of equipment in the store. Homemade appliances come to the rescue. There are quite a few options on the Internet. Many self-made people spread the results of their work with a step-by-step description of the whole process. There is plenty to choose from. A detailed idea of ​​the stages of work and attached photos will help to realize the idea you like.

The benefits of homemade technology

With your own hands you can assemble units of good quality and with great functionality. True, this requires a little experience and diligence. On the financial side, this is cheaper than buying ready-made cars.

home-made appliances

Basically, home-made equipment, the photo of which can be found on the Web, is suitable for small private courtyards. With its help, they transport goods, ennoble the territory, cultivate the soil and so on. Due to the small size (and this, as a rule, this is the case) it is much easier to maneuver on the site than to call serious equipment. And in terms of functionality, the units are almost not inferior. They, for example, will help to plow the soil to the same depth as conventional tractors. But manually using a shovel to dig a garden to such a depth is not always possible. This is difficult, and the soil can be rocky, and work will progress very slowly.

Another advantage of home-made equipment is that for its construction most often use parts and mechanisms that are available. Even in the event of a possible failure, such spare parts are easy to find.

Disadvantages of DIY equipment

There are some disadvantages that are worth remembering when deciding to assemble homemade units. The main one is that not everyone can do it. Need some experience with tools, an understanding of the basic principles of the mechanisms.

DIY homemade appliances

Secondly, finding the necessary parts will take time. Many details can be taken from old cars, household appliances. It is possible to find a lot of interesting things in places of acceptance of scrap metal. The main thing is to understand what and why. And this, again, requires certain knowledge in the field of technology. It is difficult to find a part if you do not know how it looks. It will be even more difficult to search if the assembly provides for the presence of rare elements.

Another disadvantage of home-made equipment is the impossibility of its use on public roads. For example, a tractor or a car trailer assembled with your own hands require the execution of relevant documents. Otherwise, a fine or even confiscation could be imposed.

What can be assembled?

There are a lot of options for home-made equipment for your compound, which you can assemble on your own. Often assemble a tractor and a mini tractor. The basis for their creation can serve as old cars, motorcycles. You can buy an engine that is used for a walk-behind tractor. Bridges, wiring elements, steering gear and many other mechanisms can also come from similar machines. Therefore, if the assembly of agricultural machinery provides for the presence of a "donor car", do not rush to throw anything away. The frame is the foundation of any machine. It can be made from a conventional metal profile. Its thickness depends on the severity that will be assigned to this design. For example, profiles 40x40 or 40x80 may be suitable.

homemade technique photo

They also assemble attachments for various purposes. These can be plows, cultivators, mowers, planters and much more. A popular dump is to clean the area from snow in the winter.

Trailers are made for the transportation of various materials and goods. Their design depends on what equipment they will be used with.


Home-made equipment will be a good helper when working on your site. The work will be done much faster, it will take less effort and the result will be better. The cost of money for the construction of such units will be lower than for the purchase of finished factory equipment, albeit so attractive in appearance.

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