Thoughts of a young girl: How to become better?

Dissatisfaction with ourselves is a quality that accompanies many of us throughout our lives, constantly poisoning our existence and interfering with the achievement of many goals, including promotion and winning the hearts of a good guy. And is it possible to find at least one person who is completely satisfied with his qualities?

So any of us is increasingly visited by thoughts on how to become better. Especially if you need to become better for Him, for the one and only who should become a faithful companion for life ...

Well , it’s worth thinking about how to get better . But how? How and what does this mean for each particular girl? And - this is the most crucial question - for whom?

First you need to determine exactly: is it necessary? Indeed, the attitude towards oneself is very rarely completely adequate. Try to find at least one person who could tell himself - honestly and openly: yes, I love myself. There is a biblical truth that you need to love your neighbor as yourself. This means that you need to love yourself, and this is very difficult. But you can’t just slide down to swagger!

A look at ourselves from the outside, fair and impartial, allows you to see your strengths and weaknesses and evaluate them completely adequately, without unnecessary emotions. This is a step to know how to become better, how to improve.

Strictly speaking, one can strive to become the best in comparison with anyone specifically, and it is on this that specific further actions to achieve excellence may depend. If the girl has a desire to become better than her work colleague sitting at the next table in the office, then this is one thing, and if she can’t wait to improve her achievements in sports, it’s completely different. But in any case, you need to determine some goal for yourself and strive for it with all your might. And simple - how to become a good girl? This is the question that most of the young girls care about, but few people figure out how to get better.

One of the main qualities that any girl should possess, especially if she strives for perfection, is complete self-confidence. You can even say that this is the most important quality! Confidence in yourself and in your strength will help any girl to become the best for Him, her lover, whom she can wait all her life.

Building self-confidence is not easy, but if there is no such confidence, it will be difficult to find your place in the community, whether it be a group at the university or a friendly team of employees of the organization. So many of us simply go into the virtual world, where they find their communication, place, new friends and even a new name and new face in virtual communities. By the way, why is the virtual world bad?

Self-confidence is achieved not least of all by the knowledge that any girl can possess. After all, when communicating in the virtual world, they pay attention primarily to those who can express completely sound and smart thoughts, and not to simple empty-headed talkers, right? But the same people live in the real world, and it will be much more interesting for them to communicate with a smart and interesting girl, and not with a windy and empty-headed one, although it can be interesting to communicate with such people.

So, you just need to be yourself, to love yourself just the way you are? Oh, this helps a lot to achieve complete self-confidence and self-confidence, which means that it becomes interesting for others, therefore, better! There is a strict dependence: the wider the circle of interests, the greater the respect of others and friends. The more interesting the girl, the larger the circle of admirers, and there’s absolutely nothing to put on a face a thick layer of decorative cosmetics and seem affordable ...

Friendliness is another quality that allows any girl to become good. If you are tolerant and benevolent of the people around you, then they too will only be happy to be called friends. In no case do you need to show others your bad mood, you can also not tear others to evil. A good attitude towards people goes very cheaply, but is very expensively valued by others. Equally important is the attention with which many of those in need can be surrounded. These are just some tips for becoming a good girl.

You can also achieve self-confidence if you don’t get too hung up on your shortcomings, eliminate complexes and think about what is good in us and develop these qualities.

But the most interesting thing is simply to come to God and consult about everything with Him. He will tell.


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