How to make a husband confess to treason: signs of treason, reasons for silence of a husband, effective advice and recommendations of a family psychologist

By nature, all men are polygamous, and not everyone has the strength and desire to resist temptations. For this reason, many families experience difficulties in relationships and even break long-term family ties. A lot of men voluntarily or involuntarily become hostages of such a situation when they decided to go left and don’t want to destroy the family. What should a wise wife do in this situation - make a scandal, keep silent offended, or pretend that she doesn’t know anything? But how to overcome a bitter resentment in yourself or cross out with one emotional act everything that is strong and good that was built together for many years and was called a family? To make any fateful decisions, apparently, you should first understand the reasons that prompted your husband to such an offensive step for you. But how to make her husband confess to treason if he stubbornly remains silent about it?

Find out the reason

husband admitted to treason

Family life is a difficult joint work, during which the spouses painstakingly build their relationship daily, adjusting and adjusting to each other. And if you managed to create a good family, do not rush to destroy it. After all, history already knows many examples when a wife, who rolled up a scandal in a rage and defiantly slammed the door, thereby untied her husband's hands and remained without him. You can regret it a hundred times, but you won’t return it. Therefore, before taking decisive measures, you must carefully find out why he did it. Maybe everything happened so unexpectedly that he was taken by surprise and he could not stop in time? Perhaps he regrets that he changed, maybe he does not regret, but the fact that he keeps his betrayal a secret nevertheless suggests that he cherishes his wife and her peace of mind is dear to him.

Do you need truth?

How to make her husband confess to treason? About it - further. But, trying to “split” the spouse into recognition, first decide if you need it? Do you want to know for sure that the betrayal took place and hear it from his lips? If so, will you have the strength to survive it, understand your husband and forgive, or are you categorically determined to break up? For the most part, random “left” sexual stories for men do not mean anything precisely because of the nature of the polygamous nature laid down in them, while a woman, as the guardian of the family hearth, is always on guard of the family and has a very negative attitude towards adultery.

Fleeting hobby

Let's try to understand impartially why the husband does not admit to treason. If some time has passed after you received a signal about the spouse’s infidelity, and the husband’s behavior remained exactly the same as always, this may indicate that this event did not leave a noticeable trace in his memory or that there was no event at all. After all, a lot of cases are known when some well-wishers interpret in their own way what they saw and present their speculation as an already accomplished fact.

husband forced his wife to admit to treason

Say it all in the forehead!

There are many different ways to get your husband to admit to treason. In the reviews, women write that if you really want to make sure that there has been marital infidelity, then apply a sudden psychological attack. Its essence is as follows: reconnaissance in battle. Tell him in the forehead that he was seen with his mistress in a piquant situation, and carefully observe his reaction. The husband’s bewilderment and his feverish search for innocent excuses for this meeting will tell you that there was treason, but he does not attach any importance to her and does not want to ruin your relationship because of such a minor incident. If he has not lost his temper, remained calm and calm, even surprised at your words, most likely your suspicions are unfounded or he is a deeply conspiratorial and well-trained spy manager.

What to do with recognition?

But it may happen that the husband admitted to treason. What to do now with your exact knowledge? Without secrecy in this matter, you will have to make some kind of decision. And how to do this if you love your husband and would like to maintain a relationship by any means? In this case, you will have to swallow your grudge and, possibly, give the green light to his further affairs, if he understands how dear to you. It should be borne in mind that even if you try to forget about this case and continue to live in harmony and happiness, from time to time you will recall this situation when the husband lingers at work or goes fishing with friends. This worm of doubt will always give rise to distrust of his words and promises. Is knowledge of treason worth it? Maybe it's better to leave everything at the stage of doubt? It’s easier to survive psychologically: whether it was, or not.


In this situation, psychologists advise not to chop off your shoulder, but to pull yourself together and carefully look at how your husband behaves. After all, there are some signs by which you can quite accurately understand whether your spouse is honest with you. For example, he began to linger more often at work, explaining this by the next rush, he does not have enough time for you - neither for caresses, nor for simple attention, conversations with you on the phone have become shorter and drier, and there has been some cooling in the bedroom, and even completely calm - tired at work, just no strength.

Men with a different temperament, on the contrary, begin to pay increased attention to their spouse, bring expensive gifts to her, in every way pamper, or even present a long-term ticket to some prestigious resort. So they try, firstly, to make amends for you, and secondly, to ward off any suspicions from themselves. But if the husband is silent and secretive all the time, often receives SMS messages and talks on the phone, trying to be alone with him, this is a good reason to beware.

husband admitted to treason

If you add to this constant dissatisfaction with your actions and questions, far-fetched reproaches begin, intensive updating of the wardrobe, narcissism in the mirror, love wakes up for sports, it is time to be in the bell. Otherwise, soon there will be traces of lipstick on his clothes, the smell of other people's spirits and lack of sex. And this is an occasion to think about whether your family is so strong, whether it is worth continuing such a life together, full of omissions and lies. Maybe, instead of pondering how to make her husband confess to treason, it is better to let him go into new relationships and part with good friends than raise a scandal, tell your spouse about his meanness and your ruined life? And as a result, still disperse, but already enemies. Each such case is individual, and only the two of you decide what to do in your situation.

Why hides the fact of treason?

However, first of all it is better to try to understand why the husband does not want to admit his infidelity. Psychologically, men hide this to the last, even if everything is already obvious. They are staunchly defending themselves, preferring in this case to turn arrows on their wife and make her a counter, albeit absurd, accusation of adultery. There have been many cases in the practice of psychologists when a husband forced his wife to confess to treason, trying to justify his infidelity and give her the status of revenge for cheating on his wife. This, as it were, reduces the degree of his guilt and shifts all responsibility for the situation to his wife as the source of the problem.

how can you make your husband confess to treason

But how to force a husband to admit to treason if he is silent, although this fact is already undeniable and he has been presented with sufficient weighty evidence that does not allow maneuver? Here it should be noted the features of male psychology that prevent him from recognizing the obvious:

  • for him it’s stress, he’s afraid to admit that he is a traitor, because he will have to give explanations to his act, which he usually does not have;
  • he does not want to lose his family without attaching importance to the one-time clouding of his mind, therefore, he thus protects his family from collapse;
  • he does not consider the relations on the side serious and any significant, the family will not harm these relations, therefore he is not going to talk about them;
  • he may worry about the opinions of children about himself if he admits his deed;
  • the husband can be crystal clear, and all these warnings are the machinations of ill-wishers.

As you can see, men have their own reasons, and in some cases their reaction is justified, and the guilt is excusable. So if you care about family and husband, think about a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

why the husband does not admit to treason


But if you are determined to find an effective way to snatch confession, pay attention to other ways to make your husband confess to treason. The conspiracy is an excellent folk remedy with which you can succeed in this matter. In practical magic, there are many conspiracies appropriate to this situation.

What is the conspiracy to have her husband confess to treason? It is necessary to pour water into a bowl, light a candle and, holding it above the water, say the words: "Candle, painting, strange woman, show yourself." If the wax, frozen on the water, takes the shape of a female figure or head, then the fact of infidelity takes place.

Magic ritual

Another way to find out if the husband is cheating: cut a long strip from sheet A4, where you write your name at the top, your husband below and put a cross under it. Take your wedding ring and let it roll on paper with the words: "Roll, my little ring, indicate your beloved heart." The ring that fell on your name testifies to the husband’s fidelity, if you hit the cross, betrayal took place, and if it rolled further, it was not once.


What to do if, in spite of everything, the husband does not admit to treason? The advice of experienced people who have come this way before can help you. For example, some of them recommend provocation.

The provocation is considered to be the right way to snatch confession when you provoke your husband by direct conversations to explain the meeting with another woman that took place before your eyes or your good friends / acquaintances. His reaction will tell you a lot. You can also put pressure on his conscience if he is a conscientious person, telling him what a wonderful husband he is, loyal and caring, unlike any common acquaintance or even a fictional character - the husband of a mythical friend who supposedly cheats on her secretly, scoundrel kind of. Watch the reaction.

how to make husband confess


You can set a wiretap on his phone and track his correspondence, but if a snoop is detected, the husband can legally be offended, especially if he is clean. It’s easier to ask someone from your friends to send a message of love content to his number and watch his reaction and excuses about declaring love from an undefined number. You can say that you know everything and file for divorce. The method is dangerous, because he can immediately give his consent.

Social networks

You can check for fidelity through social networks, registering under a different name and with a beautiful photo of someone else, ask for a friend's request and start correspondence. You can learn a lot about yourself, so think: do you need it? Organize a romantic dinner for him and carefully taste the information you are interested in. In any case, recognition is not full evidence of treason, it may just get angry and confirm your conjectures or want to tease and keep you in good shape. If you want to convict your husband, get iron evidence, otherwise he will lead you by the nose for a very long time.

Psychologists advice

cheating husband

What to do if traces of betrayal are found, and the husband does not admit to treason? Psychologist’s advice is as follows: when the masks are torn off, invite your husband to talk seriously, without tantrums and recriminations. Men, firstly, do not like tantrums, and secondly, they receive a moral right to retaliation and hysteria. While you have not lost a strong connection, talk in confidence and find out all the existing aspects, as well as the moments that accompany the crime by the husband of the fatal trait. In no case do not humiliate your opponent - insults against her can put your husband out of balance and your confidential conversation will not take place. Generally depersonalize this woman, take her out of the conversation, focus your attention only on your relationships, feelings and desires. Demonstrate your agreement to work on those moments that pushed your husband from you into the arms of another woman, and calmly tell us about your complaints about him.

Maybe such a frank conversation will lead to parting. But it will be peaceful and will not infringe on anyone's dignity. But, most likely, the ending will be positive, and you will be able to with honor get out of this delicate situation, preserving the family and wonderful mutual feelings.


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