What is a public place: concept and definition. Etiquette in public. Prohibition of smoking in public places

Current Russian legislation is not yet complete. It has some gaps that still need to be filled. One of them is the definition of the term “public space”. That's what I want to talk about now.

public place


Initially, it should be noted that there is no exact definition of this concept in Russian legislation. And this is a huge omission, because in this case the term “public place” can be interpreted in completely different ways. But nevertheless, lawyers also found a way out of the situation. So, in this case, two articles of the Code of Administrative Offense are taken as a basis:

  • Article 20.1 “Petty hooliganism”.
  • Art.20.20, which talks about drinking beer and other alcoholic beverages.

In these articles it is written exactly where it is impossible to commit such offenses. Here they are considered to be considered public today.

From the foregoing, an independent definition can be made. So, a public place is:

  • Children's, medical and educational organizations.
  • Various types of public transport (i.e. public transport) - buses, trolleybuses, trains, etc.
  • Various kinds of cultural organizations. However, there is an exception: the catering establishments located in them, even if they are not private property, are not considered a public place (if we take into account the above articles).
  • Various sports and fitness facilities.
  • Parks, streets, stadiums and squares.

However, it should be noted that this is not a complete list.

There is a slightly different formulation of this concept. According to her, public places are called regular, frequent and one-time visits to citizens. It is this definition of the term that law enforcement officials are often guided by.

Principles of conduct

There is also the concept of “etiquette in public places”. What is it? So, these are some unspoken rules of conduct that people should be guided by.

  1. Tact. As they say, people should be treated as they want to be treated. You need to have respect for all those around you, even if they are strangers.
  2. Security. Any behavior of a person in a public place should be safe both for himself and for those around him.
  3. Modesty. Today, this rule is often not respected. However, no one has canceled it. A person in a public place should look decent.
  4. Personal space. It must be remembered that in a public place, a person also has the right to some personal space. So, according to this principle, for example, one should not eat or drink in a cramped bus.
  5. Politeness. Nobody has canceled it either. We must remember that we must be especially attentive to women, the elderly and children. These are those categories of the population that require special attention, often help.

etiquette in public

General rules of conduct

We must also remember that every educated and self-respecting person will abide by various behavioral rules in public places. What do they suggest:

  • When entering a room, one must say hello first.
  • Also in the room you need to remove the hat and mittens. However, ladies do not need to remove gloves and a hat.
  • Man after woman can carry a heavy shopping bag. However, the guy behind the girl should not carry a handbag, an umbrella or a coat. It is not right.
  • Etiquette in public places says: you need to say hello to all the people the satellite greets. Let it be strangers.
  • In a public place you need to have a neat look. Clothing should be clean, shoes should be polished.
  • It is not worth responding to insults in a public place. It’s best not to answer anything, but simply to get away from the offender.
  • In public places you cannot raise your voice, laugh out loud or eat.

Rules of conduct on the street

A street is a public place, and therefore, certain rules of conduct must also be followed.

  1. Walk along the street on the right side, observing the principle of right-hand traffic.
  2. Women and men are not allowed to smoke in the streets. This should be done in specially designated places.
  3. On the go you can’t talk loudly or actively gesticulate. This can interfere with others.
  4. According to the rules of etiquette, a man should always go to the left of the lady. Only military personnel can be on the right side. This is necessary so that they can respond to the military greeting on time and without problems.
  5. On the street you can’t stare at strangers.
  6. You can not turn to a whistle or uncivilized response like "Hey you." It is necessary to pretend that this appeal was not heard.
  7. You can’t eat on the go. It's not beautiful.

rules in public places

Rules of conduct in transport

Etiquette in public places may vary depending on the location of the person. So what rules of conduct should be followed in transport?

  • Children, women, elderly people are the first to enter public transport. The first men to go out. After all, they should give a hand to the above categories of the population.
  • First of all, elderly people, people with disabilities, children and women occupy places in public transport. And only then - the representatives of the stronger sex.
  • Always give way to people who need it. So, it can be old people, children, pregnant women.
  • Before you sit down on an empty seat, you need to ask permission from others. Maybe it’s already taken by someone.

Places of Culture and Rest

What other behavioral rules are there in public? You need to know how to behave correctly in various institutions of recreation and entertainment.

  1. You cannot be late for the start of a movie or a performance.
  2. Along the rows with places for sitting it is necessary to pass so as to be facing the seated.
  3. While watching the picture you can’t talk, laugh out loud, eat. Also, before starting a picture or performance, you must turn off the mobile phone.
  4. During the action you can not walk around the hall, leave it.
  5. At the entrance to the store, you must first skip the exit, and then enter.

bans in public places

A few words about the bans

It is worth saying that various prohibitions in public places are prescribed in certain laws. So, today there are two big taboos in this direction:

  • Smoking ban.
  • The prohibition of drinking alcoholic beverages, including low-alcohol drinks in public places.


The most pressing contemporary problem in the country regarding public spaces is smoking. It is worth noting that in Russia since February 2013 a federal anti-smoking law has been in force, which provides for the following important points:

  1. The ban on smoking in various public places since June 1, 2013. At the same time, in apartment buildings, smoking is possible only in specially designated places.
  2. And from June 1, 2014 it is already forbidden to smoke in cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, and long-distance trains (including on platforms).

However, this is not all. At their discretion, city authorities can expand bans on public places that relate to smoking.

smoking in public places article

Smoking ban article

What regulations and laws prohibit smoking in public places?

  • Article 12, which is called “Prohibition of tobacco smoking in certain facilities, territories and premises”. In this case, we are talking about federal law 15-FZ of February 23, 2012.
  • What else forbids smoking in public places? Article 6.24 of the Code of Administrative Offenses. Here we are talking about various violations of the ban on smoking in public places.

Penalties and punishment for breaking the law

Each offense carries a penalty. This is worth remembering. And as they say, ignorance of the law does not exempt anyone from punishment, responsibility. If we consider such a problem as smoking in public places, a fine and punishment for such violations - that’s also what needs to be said. How much will you have to give in this case? The range of punishment by the ruble is very wide and ranges from 500 rubles to 1.5 thousand.

Those who sell tobacco products to children and adolescents will be especially severely punished. In this case, citizens will have to pay from 3 to 5 thousand rubles, and officials even more - from 30 to 50 thousand. Nevertheless, legal entities will suffer as much as possible. In this case, they will have to pay from 100 to 150 thousand Russian rubles.

We further consider the punishment for smoking in public places. The fine will be approximately 2-3 thousand rubles in the event that a person will smoke at the playground.

If someone involves minors in the smoking process, you will also have to pay for it (give about 1-2 thousand rubles). If such actions are committed by parents or immediate family, the punishment will be even stricter.

drinking in public

What do smokers do?

What else can you learn by looking at the relevant law? Smoking in public places should be prohibited - this is all understood. But what to do to those people who cannot give up this bad habit? Special smoking areas should be equipped for them. Those officials who did not do so will also be fined. It is also important to note that smokers can defend their rights in court or other relevant state authorities.

Smoking hookah

Russia is one of those countries that banned hookah smoking in public places. Where can this not be done?

  1. In educational institutions.
  2. In medical institutions.
  3. In the workplace.
  4. In the authorities.

In the near future it is also planned to introduce a ban on uncontrolled smoking of hookahs in cafes and bars. To do this, you will need to make special rooms or assign special places.

A few words about smoking bans in different countries

It should be noted that the introduction and active operation of the law on the prohibition of smoking is a quick and not so easy process. Indeed, today in the country there are very few specially designated places for this. That is why it is still impossible to fine all smokers. However, the state does not stand still, taking steps in the right direction. I’d like to tell you a little about the different bans on smoking in public places in different countries:

  1. In Finland, the ban was introduced a long time ago, back in 1977. The fine today is 50-150 euros. Juveniles face imprisonment.
  2. In Ireland, the fine is 3,000 euros.
  3. In Sweden, a ban was introduced in 2005, and the fine is 100 euros.
  4. In the UK, law was introduced throughout the year (2006-2007). The fine there today is 2.5 thousand pounds.
  5. In India, you can smoke outdoors without fear. In other cases, you will have to pay a fine of almost $ 4.5. The ban was introduced in 2008.
  6. Everyone knows that in France there are many smokers. So, they are allowed to smoke on the terraces of cafes and on platforms. The penalty for violation is small - only 68 euros.
  7. In Japan, some cities allow smoking outdoors. The fine ranges from 13 to 500 dollars.
  8. In the United States, such bans entered into force in 2010 (in most states). The fine is 250-1000 dollars.

drinking alcohol in public places


It must be said that drinking alcohol and low alcohol drinks in public places is also prohibited. This is regulated by Russian law. The ban is valid from January 2014.

You can read more about this in federal law No. 171-FZ, which talks not only about the production of ethyl alcohol and its derivatives, but also about when and where these drinks can be consumed. Particular attention should be paid to Part 3 of the Law, Article 16. It is here that it is said that drinking alcohol is not allowed in public places, including in various entrances, in elevators, on children's playgrounds, as well as on stairs and staircases. Moreover, this law prohibits the intake of alcohol in the recreational area, i.e. in forests, parks, squares, gardens, etc.

Naturally, violators will be punished for non-compliance with the law. For this, a system of fines is provided. It will be possible to give from 500 to one and a half thousand rubles.


When considering drinking in public places, a few words should also be said about beer. According to Russian law, it also belongs to the category of “alcohol”. So, for drinking beer in public places will face a fine in the amount described above.

Places where drinking beer will be punished according to the letter of the law:

  • Medical and educational institutions.
  • Playgrounds.
  • Stairs and stairwells.
  • Markets.
  • Yards.
  • Objects of sport.
  • Public transport.
  • Beaches and recreational areas.

The state has limited the number of places where beer can be sold. So, this drink can not be bought in the subway, at stations, at the airport, at gas stations, retail markets and in other places of extremely large crowds.

Psychotropic substances

It is forbidden to take in public places and various psychotropic substances. In this case, a person will have to pay 4-5 thousand rubles. And if such actions were committed by a foreigner, then after paying the fine he will have to leave the country.

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