Lemon Manicure: Design Ideas

One of the brightest notes of yellow is a lemon tint. It is used in clothing, interior decoration. With the development of modern nail art, lemon manicure has become popular. The color of ripe lemon is associated with the sun, summer mood, freshness of tropical winds. If you are sad, do not know how to get a boost of vivacity and inspiration, we offer you ideas for a summer manicure in lemon color. Does it differ from ordinary yellow, with what to combine it? Let's try to trace.

lemon manicure

Symbolism of a lemon shade

Only a friendly person chooses a lemon color manicure as the design of the nails . This is a shade of kindness, vivacity, light. Those who prefer this color are endowed with intelligence and spirituality. This is a rich, juicy, and sometimes slightly muted female color. With him, the girl becomes charming, romantic, cheerful and sociable.

The color of the lemon resembles sunlight and the harvest of healthy citrus fruit. At the sight of a lemon color, the heartbeat, breathing quickens, it stimulates the psyche. The choice of lemon manicure is a bold fashion experiment. Even if there is no sun on the street, you can get it with the help of bright nail polish. He looks especially expressively on tanned hands and is in harmony with the colorful summer outfits.

summer manicure ideas

Shades of lemon polish

What shade of lemon to choose? The palette of this trendy color is wide enough. You can find a warm, cold, pastel or bright tone in it. If you are going on vacation, juicy lemon varnish is more suitable. For summer office days, pick up a more muffled and whitish color of lemonade. With a special playfulness, a magical yellow tint with a little green mesmerizes.

Have you ever seen a yellow buttercup, and so, this bright tone is also a kind of lemon. The palette of this sunny color includes shades such as bright yellow, imperial yellow, maize, the color of the northern lights. Especially lemon manicure is suitable for teenage girls full of energy and vitality.

Solid matte or glossy design

If you are a lover of monotonous manicure, it is better to perform a glossy or matte design on all nails. Matte varnish will add to the image of nobility and brightness. Matte shades at the peak of popularity today. For gel polishes, a special matte coating is used, which gives the nails nobility.

For a plain manicure, it is worth doing a neat manicure and perfectly preparing the nail plate, because the shape of the nail plays a significant role here. Today, the trend is monotonous light manicure on short nails.

Permanent classics of the manicure genre are bright glossy nails. Lemon gloss lures, attracts attention, cheers up. Such a sparkling glossy manicure switches the interlocutor's attention to his hands. Lemon gloss sparkles in daylight and evening lights. For a fun party choose plain gloss in the style of "disco". The advantage of a glossy finish is its unusual luster. In a few minutes you can get an excellent glossy gel polish.

light manicure on short nails

The combination of lemon with other bright colors

If you consider the ideas of manicure for the summer in lemon tones, then you should know what shades it most combines with. Bright color and light contrast is obtained in lemon with muted red. This invigorating combination is very noticeable and memorable. A defiant, strict classic option is the contrast of lemon and black. This combination resembles a danger signal, similar to bees and poisonous snakes. This option is very successful, because black color is combined with all shades. They can emphasize details or draw cute sunflowers, butterflies.

The combination with an orange and tan look more harmonious, which is suitable for light manicure on short nails. If you need a youth version, then the combination of lemon and pink looks catchy and bold. At the same time, it looks gentle and feminine.

The combination with a coral shade will bring even more light to the design. Golden notes will make lemon manicure rich and luxurious. For marine subjects, a variant with blue and blue notes is possible. The combination of gray with lemon looks glamorous. A combination with brown and turquoise is acceptable.

lemon manicure

Harmony of yellow and green

As you know, unripe lemons are green, so the combination of lemon with it is the most harmonious. Especially often resort to such a decision in the spring, when you want greenery and sun. These shades merge smoothly, without arguing with each other. Experienced craftsmen perform smooth yellow-green transitions, patterns or geometric shapes.

The most popular pattern in these two tones is the image on the nails of slices of green and yellow lemon. This manicure is very "tasty and mouth-watering." Lemon manicure with a design of citrus slices can be done using water stickers at home.

Lemon holes and jacket

French manicure visited the collection of each girl. Among the ideas of manicure for the summer is considered an elegant lemon french. This classic version is still popular, and the color of the lemon will inspire notes of freshness and vigor in it. The base coat for the jacket does not have to be neutral. You can use blue, gray, turquoise varnish. Smiles can be narrow or wider. French in a sunny color is appropriate to decorate with butterflies, dots, daisies, original patterns and stains.

Moon manicure is also a great idea for using lemon polish. This reverse jacket emphasizes the hole traced near the nail. So they can be made lemon or combine several shades and rows of oval holes.

The semicircle at the base of the nail can be left neutral, and the rest of the plate painted with lemon gloss. Masters perform an unusual, eye-catching, "Hollywood French", characterized by large holes. Interesting variations of the lemon โ€œmoonโ€ in combination with lace look very elegant.

lemon manicure with rhinestones

Lemon manicure with fruit and flower design.

What is the best way to show your fantasy on your nails? The most original idea of โ€‹โ€‹manicure for the summer is the creation of drawings in lemon tones. Small pictures on the nails look harmonious, bright, fun, elegant. Here it is important to show imagination, choose an idea and introduce skill. What can be depicted on lemon nails? It is not necessary to carry out drawings on all nail plates, it is enough to decorate one or two nails.

The image of a sliced โ€‹โ€‹lemon is the most common design. In yellow tones, it is appropriate to draw a tropical fruit - pineapple or slices of watermelon. The arrival of summer begs for drawings of dandelions and ladybugs. Cute emoticons on lemon varnish are chosen by teenage girls. The image of a golden crown looks beautiful on one plate.

It is best to perform drawings with gel polish. This coating is strong and durable, lasts a month. The masterpiece made by the master pleases the eye for a long time. Particularly popular are drawings made with special powder. It can be velvet sand or fleecy flock. The ornaments made by this material are simply magnificent. Especially popular are flower and leaf compositions. Often draw daisies in beautiful lemon stains.

lemon varnish

Rhinestones, patterns, geometry

For a special occasion, a chic lemon manicure with rhinestones is suitable. Such a design is associated with wealth, luxury. Here is one of the options for such a manicure:

  • Choose muted lemon gel polish to color the plates.
  • Having prepared all the nails for painting, apply varnish to all nails and dry.
  • Apply another layer of lemon gel polish and dry.
  • On one plate along the entire nail, lay out a series of large rhinestones.
  • Fix rhinestones with a fixative and dry.

These masterpieces are created using stamping, sliders, and adhesive tape. They help to create on the nails various geometric shapes in which a lemon color is present. White or black patterns look great on a sunny background. It is often appropriate to use sequins, threads, broths, rubs.

lemon manicure with design

Summer gradient and ombre

Looks interesting manicure in different shades of lemon or gradient. The yellow color is very catchy, it dominates others, so you need to comply with the measure. For many girls, for the summer, make an ombre in rainbow colors, where lemon is also present. You can observe such a bright manicure in the photo above. This is a vertical ombre, the horizontal option is also possible. The most spectacular will be the transition from yellow to green.

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