Network of nail salons Nail Sunny: reviews, addresses in Moscow

From time immemorial, people strove to be beautiful. Even in the ancient civilization, women and men made home-made cosmetics, performed hair masks and wraps, tried to make haircuts. One of the first references to the place where people came to improve their appearance dates back to the middle of the ninth century AD. As we used to see them, salons appeared in America at the end of the nineteenth century.

Beauty today

Today, the beauty industry is developing at a frantic pace. Every day new salons and studios open, new masters who are ready to create the beautiful receive certificates. More recently, less than thirty years ago, for women of our country, only the same styling and haircuts were available, no one knew much about manicure. A trip to such establishments was not ordinary, they went there before the holidays or solemn events. Today a lot has changed. Thousands of beauty salons in Moscow with a different range of services and price category are open to the fair sex. They can be found in courtyards, in the entrances and basements of residential buildings, in shopping centers, in separate buildings and even at the airport. Modern women can no longer imagine themselves without a neat manicure with a high-quality coating and professional haircuts and hair dyeing.

Rest during the provision of services

Difficulty choosing

Of course, in the life of every client of a beauty salon, the question once arose: where to go? How to find a place where price and quality will be inextricably linked? It sounds absurd, but the more options, the harder it is to choose. Many turn to the Internet for help. Mainly paid great attention to customer reviews. Of these, you can determine what the quality of the services provided is, how employees and craftsmen relate to their visitors, you can often understand which master is worth signing up to and which one is better not. Sometimes photos are attached to the review, which also say a lot about the condition of the cabin. No self-respecting owner will not allow a dirty floor in his room, a mess of tools, old unpresentable furniture. Consider visiting this place is not worth it. In a good beauty salon, it is always clean, tools and cosmetics are neatly placed on shelves.

workplace order

How not to make a mistake in choosing?

Here are some ways to help you choose a decent beauty salon in Moscow:

  1. The Internet. Look for information about salons in your area on women's forums. Girls there share photos of the work done, talk about the masters, about their impressions. There you can also ask your questions.
  2. Word of mouth. Ask your friends or old neighbors, find out where and to which master they are addressing. Tip: ask those who are close to you on a budget: someone is satisfied with a manicure for five hundred rubles, and someone for five thousand.
  3. Sites. Find your nearest showrooms through a search. Check out their official sites. This is a kind of cover of the institution. Be sure to have a detailed price list with a list of services that are provided in this salon. The presence of useful articles, consultations, answers to questions, and the history of the organization is welcome. A serious institution should not have a website empty.
In discussions with friends

What you should pay attention to?

Having made a choice, pay attention to the following points:

  1. Services Pay attention to the list of services. Modern masters know several types of manicure (edged, hardware, combined), make different designs. Well, if the salon has its own "chips" - branded massage, for example. The more services a salon provides, the more qualified employees work in it.
  2. Pages on social networks. Almost nobody is limited to one site now, an advanced salon, as a rule, has a page on Instagram, VKontakte, Votsap, where a client can write in case of questions, complaints and suggestions.
  3. The interior and cleanliness. As noted earlier, this is the most important indicator for any institution. It is mandatory to have a hood and a dry oven for sterilizing instruments. Masters should wear disposable gloves. In the hairdressing room, hair is removed after each client. Tables should be clean, without any extraneous things. Allowed to use only disposable towels, wraps, hats and sheets.
  4. Prices. One of the most important factors. A quality manicure with a long-term coating cannot cost five hundred rubles in Moscow. Remember the proverb: "The avaricious pays twice." Compare the prices and you will quickly understand what the average cost of the service you need is. Overpay, however, is also not worth it. Keep in mind: this factor directly depends on the location of the cabin and the premises it rents.
  5. Consumer Corner. In a good cabin, it should be. Everyone can get acquainted with certificates and diplomas of masters there. If the salon provides cosmetic services, there must be an appropriate license.
Workplace cleanliness

The history of the creation of a network of salons Nail Sunny

Yes, finding a good place, like a qualified specialist, is not easy. If you are looking for a combination of a pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff, responsible and impeccable work, you can safely sign up at one of the Nail Sunny beauty salons in Moscow.

Salon on the Arbat

The first premises of this network was opened on March 25, 2013, being then still a small economy-class beauty salon in the basement of a residential building. According to the founders, two sisters Arina and Eleanor Movsisyan, they initially had no idea to expand to the current scale. The staff included only a couple of manicure masters, the girls recorded the clients themselves. A little later, the institution moved and was located at 32 Bolshaya Yakimanka Street. There, due to the quality of services, word of mouth and reviews in Nail Sunny, the client flow began to increase. In addition, it was one of the first establishments where a design called “lunar french” appeared, which is now very popular. Girls say that because of the large number of records, they had to work even at night. The location near the center also played a role: foreigners who came to Moscow began to apply for services. The Nail Sunny entry has been increasing day by day. So there was a need to expand jobs, staff and range of services.

Network extension

In March 2014, repairs were completed in the new building of the growing salon, the design of which was created by the owners with little or no help from architects. They proudly say that all the "chips", such as a huge mirror with spotlights and manicure chairs on wheels, were invented by them personally. Now in Nail Sunny, the masters provided not only manicure and pedicure services. There were hairdressers doing high-class haircuts and styling.

Reception of the first salon

In April 2015, another Nail Sunny studio was opened on the Arbat, which already had dozens of masters and specialists in its staff. A distinctive feature here was the unusual pedicure chairs, custom-made, called "royal chairs with a hood."

Network salons

Over six years, the network has grown decently, with more than five hundred employees. At the moment, it includes ten Nail Sunny stores, the addresses of which are listed below:

  • Moscow City, Nails & Beauty Building, Presnenskaya Embankment, Building 8, Building 1.
  • Lubyanka, TsDM building, Teatralny proezd, house 5, building 1.
  • Kiev, TGK "Kiev", st. Kievskaya, house 2.
  • Kiev, salon "Dorogomilovo Nails", st. B. Dorogomilovskaya, building 10.
  • Borisovo, salon "Borisovo Nail", Borisov Ponds, building 16/3.
  • Yakimanka, salon "Big Yakimanka Beauty", st. B. Yakimanka, house 32.
  • Yakimanka, salon "Big Yakimanka Nails", st. B. Yakimanka, house 32.
  • Arbat, salon "New Arbat Beauty", st. Novy Arbat, building 25.
  • Arbat, Salon "New Arbat Nails", st. Novy Arbat, building 23.
  • Novinsky, Salon "Novinsky Nails", Novinsky Boulevard, building 1/2.

Each salon has its own unique design and atmosphere. The color scheme must have black, white and delicate pastel shades, giving the room an extraordinary lightness and tenderness.

Salon on the Arbat from the inside

How to enroll in Nail Sunny, job reviews

Among the services provided today are available manicure, pedicure, architecture and tattoo of eyebrows, haircuts and styling. There is a unique opportunity, which is not available in other Moscow salons, to simultaneously do “Manicure + pedicure + styling in six hands” in just an hour. You can familiarize yourself with the price list on the official website of the network. It is worth noting that in their reviews of Nail Sunny customers are pleased with the prices, the average check is about the same as in most inexpensive salons in the city of Moscow. Be sure to visit the official website before visiting to make sure that the service you are interested in is in the selected salon of the network. Recording is possible by phone, through social networks or a special form on the site. There you can always leave a claim or review about Nail Sunny.

Recording through the salon administrator

Some tips for the fair sex

Writer Oscar Wilde said: "Man carries love of self through his whole life." Sometimes it is so hard to find time to put yourself in order. But a well-groomed woman is always confident. Maintaining your hair and nails in perfect condition is important at work, and on the street, and with friends, and in the family. After all, "the book is judged by the cover." Do not spare yourself time and financial resources - the desire to save money can play a cruel joke with you: an unscrupulous master is able to spoil not only your appearance, but your mood and even health. Choose proven beauty salons, preferably large chains: to risk your reputation by buying low-quality materials and hiring non-professional employees, the owners of such a business will not. Love yourself and be loved!


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