Emigration to Slovenia: procedures, documents, migration services and organizational issues

Moving to Europe is a natural desire of almost every wealthy person. And moving from Russia to Slovenia is one of the most affordable ways to accomplish this. It will not be expensive compared to emigrating to other EU countries.

general information

Everyone who has made the final move to Slovenia for permanent residence opens up many new opportunities. For example, this is an opportunity to visit other countries of the European Union without visas. In addition, the standard of living in the country itself is higher than in Russia.

Kind of there

At the same time, many choose emigration from Russia to Slovenia because the culture of its inhabitants is quite close to the Russians. This is a Slavic state, despite the fact that languages โ€‹โ€‹are still very different.

About changes in laws

The conditions of emigration to Slovenia changed not so long ago - in 2015. From that moment, the bar for requirements for migrants rose. In many respects, this affected those who conduct their business in this country. The renewal of the residence permit began in a new way. For this reason, those who are puzzled by the issue of business emigration to Slovenia should pay attention to the date of material published on the Internet on this topic.

Of the most unpleasant innovations - the legislation in Slovenia has tightened the procedure for reuniting with relatives. Previously, it was allowed to immediately take the family with him to the one who emigrated to Slovenia from Russia. And according to the new rules, this became possible only after a year of life in the country. Therefore, first one family member must settle in the new state, spend a year in it, then extend his residence permit, and only after transporting his family here.

With this innovation, local authorities limited the number of people entering the country who applied for social support immediately after moving. Thanks to this year, a person is now able to understand whether it is really necessary to bring family members into the country.

In addition, reviews of emigration to Slovenia from Russia indicate how much the employment system has changed since 2015. The bar for the registered capital of new enterprises in the country has been raised. Checks on the activities of firms organized by those wishing to emigrate to Slovenia have become more stringent. It will be necessary to prove that the company makes a profit, and there are real people on the staff. Moreover, their number should grow. Many changes have greatly affected the lives of those who have already moved to Slovenia for permanent residence. In the reviews, they advise checking whether this country is suitable for living or not.

Ways to move

To emigrate to Slovenia, you need to go through a series of statutory procedures. Among them: obtaining a visa, about 3 months of life in the territory of this state, applying for a temporary residence permit, 5 years of living with him, obtaining permanent residence, 5 years of living with him, and then obtaining citizenship.

Slovenian village

At the same time, the last year before receiving it must be continuously in the country for 9 months. In the reviews of the move to Slovenia, the Russians noted that the most difficult is the very first stage - arrival at a new place.

After all, at this moment you need to be puzzled not only by everyday issues, but also by making friends with local laws. To obtain a residence permit, you need to provide a weighty argument. The laws stipulate that they may become a reason from a list common to many European states.


One of the popular reasons for obtaining a residence permit and emigration to Slovenia is the marriage with a citizen of a given country. But you need to remember that you must first evaluate the duration of the relationship with the spouse. Indeed, for the final emigration to Slovenia on this basis, it will be necessary to live with him for several years and regularly undergo checks for fictitious relations. The marriage does not lead to the issuance of a Slovenian passport, but gives it the right to obtain a residence permit.

Local authorities do not take into account exactly where the marriage was registered. Only a certificate from the competent authority is required. Nevertheless, recent innovations have limited the possibilities for moving to Slovenia, and this fully affected the conclusion of a marriage with a citizen of the country. So, checks for fictitious marriage have become even tougher. Anything can cause suspicion from the competent services. You should not even temporarily live separately. If the decision to declare a marriage fictitious is made by the country's authorities, then the foreigner will lose the opportunity to move to Slovenia. A citizen of this state will be fined.


According to reviews of emigration to Slovenia, obtaining a residence permit for a student is one of the best ways to move to this state. A diploma from local universities will be quoted worldwide. And training in higher educational institutions of the country is free. But this privilege does not apply to foreigners.

Any student acquires a residence permit, has the right to stay in Slovenia with all members of his family. But now, with the tightening of migration legislation, checks regarding the financial viability of future students of the country have become stricter.

Every account statement, sponsor's order is carefully checked. During the training, a Russian-speaking person will not have much difficulty mastering the language, as well as get used to the local culture. Still, she is also Slavic.

Slovenian language

But it is imperative to remember that each studentโ€™s length of residence counts only 50%. For this reason, to obtain permanent residence, the student still needs to work in the country. But the good news is that a local diploma is appreciated by employers.


For some, the process of employment and obtaining a residence permit on this basis seemed complicated, and for others it was quite simple. To get a job in the country it is worth learning the local language. Usually, an emigrant who speaks Russian can cope with this task in 6 months. Indeed, many dialects are consonant. Also, the country has organized language courses for those who have moved, and it makes sense to use them.

First of all, for employment in the country it is necessary to find a suitable vacancy on the website of local employers. Next, you need to make contact with him, making sure that he is ready to hire a foreigner. This will serve as the basis for obtaining a work visa, as well as a residence permit.

The main difficulty of the procedure is that the country has a rather high percentage of unemployed citizens. For this reason, it can be difficult for foreigners to find work. But more often than not, they go to places where local residents do not want to work. Exceptions are specialists of a narrow profile, who will easily be taken to the appropriate position if there are no such professionals in the region. Most often, specialists in the field of IT, medicine, psychology are in demand. There is an increase in demand for psychological services in the country, for this reason, specialists in this field will feel best.

But at the same time, in Slovenia a very large percentage of wages goes to life in the country. A residence permit on the basis of employment is issued for a year. You need to extend it a month before the deadline. The second extension is carried out for another year, and the third - for 3 years. After this, permanent residence is issued.

On a work visa, one family member can move to the territory of the state and the rest. But for this, a person must live a year in Slovenia alone, having a residence permit.


Until 2015, this particular path was considered the most convenient for moving to the country. It was possible to obtain a residence permit for all members of the family in a short time and with ease. He most likely assumed the financial security of the emigrant in the country.

Business emigration

Now the mechanism has changed and many have raised reasonable concerns. Previously, the process could last up to 5 months, and then all family members ended up in Slovenia with a residence permit.

At the moment, the entrepreneur must first come to the country and open his own company. Now the size of the authorized capital has increased to 10,000 euros, this is the minimum value. At the same time, investments in the enterprise should amount to more than 30,000 euros. Then the businessman draws up a work visa, and only after that - a residence permit. Family members will be able to enter the country only after 1 year. And this is possible only if the effectiveness of the newly opened company was confirmed. There will be many checks on her activities.


It is possible to obtain a residence permit in Slovenia by granting refugee status. But this requires thorough preparation. An excellent legend must be provided, otherwise a person will be deported from the state.

Those who contacted Slovenian institutions with this question during the first 3 days of their stay in the country have the most chances. If you apply later than this time, then with a high degree of probability the decision of the authorities to grant a person refugee status will be negative.

The life of a refugee has many shortcomings, but also advantages. For example, he eats entirely at the expense of the state, as he receives housing and social support. But he will work in hard work, and labor will be paid poorly.

Buying a property

The misconception is that in Slovenia you can buy real estate in order to obtain a residence permit later. In many states of the European Union, it is forbidden to purchase real estate for people in countries that are not in the Schengen area.

In Slovenia

But you can buy real estate here, having already issued permanent residence.

Registration of residence permit

The most expensive procedure in the process of emigration to Slovenia is the registration of a residence permit. You need to pay a fee of 100 euros. A number of commissions and fees are also charged. But if we are talking about re-obtaining a residence permit (renewal), then the cost will already be 20% lower than the original. It is imperative that all documents be translated into Slovenian, and for this you will need to use the services of a translator. Also, each document must be certified by a notary. Some should have an apostille. For example, he is always on criminal records. Also, a number of documents are subject to the procedure of sighting. It is important to correctly indicate the basis for obtaining a residence permit.

Organizational matters

Russian emigrants in this European state note that in terms of organizational issues, moving to Slovenia is indeed the most convenient. The country's tax system is not too complicated, and it will be easy to understand for those who are going to open their own business. There is also a low crime rate, and, accordingly, the chances of a collision with fraudsters are reduced.

Everyone notes that it is extremely important to first accurately calculate all the cash expenses that will be needed when moving. There must be a โ€œairbagโ€, as unforeseen expenses will be inevitable.

It is necessary to prepare for the fact that the main item of expenditure will be rental housing. Most of the funds for this item will go to large cities. For example, for 300 euros you can rent a room in Ljubljana, but for the same money in Maribor there is a studio apartment.

The advantage of living in Slovenia is that all cities are located close to each other, and it is quite possible to live in a small city, and go to the capital by bus. A one-way trip will take about 40 minutes, which, for example, is not a problem for Muscovites. And motorists overcome the same path much faster: there are no traffic jams like in Moscow.

Winter in the country

Most often, students prefer to rent housing with their compatriots. Thus, they share the cost of housing for two, moreover, together it will be easier to adapt to life in a new country. In the country there are hostels at universities, the price for accommodation in them is about 200 euros.

For food, you need to save at least 200 euros per month. Most of all here are locally produced products that enjoy the confidence of the population. Food prices are about the same as in Moscow. So, chicken will cost 4 euros per 1 kg, and beef - 9 euros per 1 kg. But the quality of the products will be great.

Students are also paid food subsidies here. They are called bonos. They are used in dining rooms, cafes and restaurants. Students pay half as much for dishes, and they can also get an additional dish - tea, salad, soup. Thanks to this, many save a lot, and this must be taken into account. When moving, you need to keep in mind that due to this, eating in a cafe can sometimes be more profitable than cooking at home.

Every foreigner with a residence permit, including students, can freely cross the borders of the EU countries. And the road will cost very cheap, for example, for 30 euros for a weekend you can visit Vienna.

View in Slovenia

But before traveling, you should familiarize yourself with local attractions, it is easiest to get to them. This is the Postojna Yama cave, Lake Bohinj, the city of Bled, the Adriatic Sea. It is worth paying attention to the easy availability of sports activities. In general, the local population in Slovenia is very athletic. People here prefer to stroll through the mountains to sitting in front of the TV.

The most important organizational question is how much money is needed per month to live in Slovenia? Russian emigrants came to the conclusion that they would need about 500 euros per month. But much will depend on the person. Someone saves and sets aside for trips and the future, while someone prefers to live here and now.

Someone also includes additional medical insurance in their expenses. Usually it costs 30 euros per month, and in such cases, all medical services in many institutions are available to a person. Preparations for the insured are free of charge. This should be taken into account, since conventional medicines are sometimes expensive.

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