Black jacket on nails: a photo of exquisite manicure

Beautiful well-groomed hands have always been a hallmark of a woman. Therefore, the fair sex pay great attention to manicure. Masters of nail service offer design for every taste. There is a traditional manicure made in pastel shades, as well as more bold and vibrant solutions. One of these is the black jacket.

Tips for creating the perfect manicure

Black French manicure looks not only unusual, but also exquisite. He will like both lovers to attract attention and lovers of minimalism in design. Of course, classic French manicure still does not lose its relevance, but more and more girls choose its various variations.

Masters of nail service are advised to use the following recommendations to get the perfect manicure.

  1. For such a jacket you need to choose the darkest and most saturated color.
  2. The optimal length of nails for a French manicure is medium. For a short length, this design will not look so exquisite and the line of "smile" will not work long. The basic rule of any jacket: the longer the nail, the wider should be the line of "smile".
  3. If earlier for such a manicure only the square shape of the plate was acceptable, now this requirement is not necessary - they can be almond-shaped or round.
  4. The French should always be in perfect condition. Due to the minimalist design, any flaw will be noticeable. That is why most women make it with shellac.
  5. It’s best to paint a β€œsmile” with a thin brush. But it can be replaced with special strips for French manicure.

By following these tips, you can create the perfect black jacket that will look stylish and elegant.

manicure black french

Flower decoration

Of course, you can make a black jacket like a classic: a pastel shade background and a black edge of the nail. But such a design in combination with some design looks much more interesting.

One of the popular drawings are flowers. You can draw both neat little flowers and bright large ones that draw attention to manicure. You can draw a picture in white - you get an interesting contrasting manicure. This design, made on one or two nails, looks especially impressive - it turns out to be an excellent addition to the black jacket.

Lace splendor

What can be more sophisticated and feminine than lace. Thin graceful lines look especially beautiful, made in dark color. Therefore, the black jacket and lace will look just fine.

You need to make such a pattern with a thin brush. You can make such a "lace" design on one or two nails to look most impressive and expressive.

ideas for manicure black french

Manicure "Zebra"

It does not mean a large number of black and white stripes. It is enough to make one thin white strip in the middle of the black "smile". And you can divide the edge of the nail into two parts: one paint over with dark color, and the other white.

A combination of coatings of different textures will look interesting in a manicure. For example, matte and glossy or with sparkles. French with such a design looks original and stylish.

"Broken glass" on the nails

If you want to stand out from the crowd, a black jacket with the effect of "broken glass" is suitable for you. To create it, you will need holographic pieces of foil. Thanks to this, the effect of stained glass is obtained.

It is not necessary to glue the entire nail plate, except for the protruding edge of the nail. You can add a few pieces of foil on the line of "smiles" or one on the nail plate. It is better to draw a pair of nails in this style so that the black jacket does not lose its charm.

black jacket with broken glass effect

Moon manicure

Black French can be made in another, no less popular area of ​​French manicure - the moonlight. Its feature is that the surface of the nail is painted in one color, and the cuticle area in another.

The combination of black and white varnishes looks especially impressive and bright. The plate is covered with a dark shade, and the cuticle is highlighted in white or vice versa. To make a manicure more refined and luxurious, you can decorate one nail with rhinestones. Only it is necessary to observe moderation so that the design does not turn out too bulky. It will be enough to use one rhinestone or decorate the border between black and white varnishes with them.

black french with a pattern

French manicure with a pattern

A popular black French nail design with a pattern. Such a manicure can be not only an everyday option, but also as a holiday one. There are also the most popular drawings with which women decorate marigolds.

  1. Pattern of notes - dark notes look beautiful on a light coating. They can be applied both to all nails and to single out one nail. Also from the notes you can draw the second line of the "smile".
  2. A tie or bow tie design is an original solution that is suitable for a romantic date or for a special occasion. In the middle of the butterfly, you can stick a rhinestone.
  3. Design of a nail plate in a space theme - such a design looks very unusual and suits dreamy people.

Of course, you can make any drawing - it all depends on the client and the wizard. But in a black manicure it is better to single out one or two nails, because its peculiarity is minimalism, restraint and sophistication. And to emphasize its distinctive features, it is better to make a pair of nails with a different design.

black french with drawings

Black and Gold Manicure

The dark color looks luxurious with gold. You can see it in the photo of a black jacket with a gold line. Make it very simple.

  1. After preparing the nail plate, cover it with a transparent base.
  2. When the base is dry, paint a line of "smile" with black varnish.
  3. Then proceed with applying the gold border. You can use special strips or draw with a very thin brush.
  4. After the pattern dries, apply a fixing coat.

A beautiful and elegant manicure is ready.

Matte design

Unusual and luxurious looks matte black jacket. The manicure is done completely in dark color, so ladies who are ready for experiments and love to be in the spotlight choose it.

The background coating is matte, it is best to use a dark gray or gray varnish. And the edge of the nail is painted with glossy varnish. Such a design does not look defiant or aggressive, but looks reserved and noble.

matt black french

Nylon design

One of the latest fashion trends is a design that imitates nylon tights. Such a manicure looks unusual and beautiful, the β€œsmile” line made in this style will look especially original.

The base coating is applied to the nail - transparent or light shade. And on the edge of the nail - the base, a translucent shade, to get the effect of "nylon". Then the "smile" is varnished in black . You can draw dots or a net on one or two nails - like a pattern on tights. This manicure looks unusual and is perfect for the holidays. But also due to its minimalist design and discreet palette, it can be chosen as a daily option.

You can find many photos of a black jacket on nails with a variety of designs. But to make it look beautiful and spectacular, it must be done very carefully, carefully drawing lines. And you do not need to go too far with decorations, because the main advantage of this manicure is its concise design.


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