How to become interesting for society?

So how to become an interesting person? Each of us in our own way understands what an “interesting person” or “interesting person” is. But all agree on one thing : being an interesting person is good. After all, such a person is listened to, respected. It is pleasant to spend time with him; he has charisma, a sense of humor, and generally an optimist in life.

If you feel that it is your time to become interesting in the eyes of others and finally begin to attract attention, then you will have to work a bit on yourself.

1. How to become interesting: developed horizons

To get started, get interested in what is happening around you. It is much nicer to communicate with a person who is able to maintain a conversation. Start exploring new places, get interested in new opinions, ideas, news from the world of science, music, painting, photos, literature, embark on a journey, constantly expand your horizons, enrich and develop your intellect.

2. How to become interesting: hobbies

Get your favorite hobby. It can be anything from cross-stitching to gliding. Do not limit yourself to one thing. When you thoroughly study this area, the chance that you will interest a person will increase significantly, there will be an opportunity to talk with him about other topics of interest to him. Just remember, a hobby should be liked not only by others, but also by you.

3. How to become interesting: we develop speech

Knowledge alone is not enough; it is necessary to correctly convey it to the interlocutor. You need to learn to speak competently and beautifully, try so that your speech is not boring. It is necessary to captivate the interlocutor, to force yourself to listen.

4. How to become interesting: work on yourself

Never underestimate yourself. Show people your talents, even if they’re not so great. To become interesting, fight against your own weaknesses and lack of will. Find your positive qualities and try to increase them. Make your weaknesses work for yourself, turn them into virtues, perhaps they will become your corporate identity. Think about it, maybe you have habits that will seem funny to other people. This will also draw attention to you.

If you are different from other people in some ways, don’t become isolated in yourself, you don’t need to think that if you are not like everyone else, this will push your friends away from you. Let it be your highlight, but try not to overdo it, remain understandable to others.

5. How to become interesting: know how to listen

There is no better interlocutor than one who can listen. Give others the opportunity to express their opinion, do not interrupt them, believe me, this is very annoying. The more attentively you will be to the interlocutor, the more you place him to yourself. A person who does not know how to listen will never be interesting to others.

6. How to become interesting: you need to have your own opinion

To be interesting, you need to be yourself. Do not be afraid to express your opinion. Independent people with self-esteem attract attention. When making a decision, do not rely on the majority opinion, be independent. Do what you like, wear what suits you, don’t rely on concepts such as “fashionable” and “unfashionable”, listen to the music that warms your soul, etc.

Do not pay attention to envious people or gossip, do what you think is right. This will raise you in the eyes of friends, they will begin to respect you.
Do not be afraid that you will be convicted of a different opinion than most. There is nothing wrong.

Avoid whiners and nerds in your surroundings. Even if you are an interesting person, sooner or later you will begin to fall under their influence and go down with them. It’s not for nothing they say: “Tell me who your friend is, and I will tell you who you are.”

Use your sense of humor, because it is much more pleasant to communicate with someone who can cause a smile. A person who knows how to joke or tell a funny story in time will never be deprived of attention.


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