How to unstick chewing gum from pants: proven methods

Would you like to enjoy your holiday on the bench, but in the end spoiled your clothes with chewing gum? Do not rush to throw away the jeans or give them dry cleaning, as there are quite a few proven methods that will allow you to unstick the chewing gum from your pants or shirt. You will find more detailed information in our article. Also, at the end, a short video will be presented to your attention, which will certainly make sure the effectiveness of the described techniques.

Hot method

Not sure how to remove chewing gum from your pants? Then we suggest you immediately use one of the most effective methods that allows you to get rid of a sticky product in just a few minutes. The essence of the method is that initially it is necessary to warm the chewing gum in any way convenient for you: an iron, hot water, a hairdryer, and so on. In just a few minutes, the chewing product will lose its sticky properties and will easily detach from clothing.

Steam from a hot kettle.

However, it would be dishonest not to take into account the fact that after such cleansing, a greasy stain may remain on the pants, especially if you overdo it with a high temperature. To prevent this from happening, try to use a heating method that does not raise the temperature of the sticky product above 80 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, after this you will have to additionally use a stain remover or give the pants dry cleaning.


A very effective method that allows you to unstick the chewing gum from your pants or dress in a few hours. The whole point is that you just have to fold the thing so that the adhering product is on the surface, after which it remains only to put it in the refrigerator for several hours to cool. If you use a freezer with an air temperature of no higher than 18 degrees, the whole process will take no more than 20 minutes. After this, it remains only to remove the chewing gum with your hands or with some kind of brush.

A girl takes out jeans from the refrigerator.

However, it is not always possible to change into replaceable clothes, and the nearest refrigerator is usually only at home. What to do if chewing gum is stuck in the office or restaurant? To get rid of the sticky product, it will be enough to ask the employees for some ice in a plastic bag, and then attach it to the contaminated area. All that remains is to withstand the cold bag on the clothes for as long as possible, and then to grip the chewing gum with a knife or other sharp object.

Chemical freezing

"How to clean your pants from chewing gum?" - This question is often asked by primary school teachers and kindergarten teachers, since children tend to stain their clothes with chewing gum. In this case, it will be very reasonable to purchase a bottle of household chemicals, which is most often used by sports trainers to cool the excited muscles of athletes. One such bottle will deprive you of problems associated with chewing on clothes.

Spray for sports freezing.

However, if you decide to purchase a nitrogen spray or other household chemicals, be sure to read the instructions for use before using it on clothing. Some products are prohibited from being used on textiles, as they are intended for completely different purposes. Particular attention should be paid to cleaning products for metals, plastic and wood. Such compounds can completely ruin clothes in a matter of seconds.

Stain removers

Some companies produce very good stain removers that can even be used to get rid of chewing gum on your pants. The composition of the tissue usually does not matter, and the chewing gum is removed in minutes. The best example of such products is Amway SA8 Spray Remover, which is designed not only to remove stains of any type of difficulty from clothing, but also to clean the interior of the car. Therefore, if you often get dirty seat covers, it makes sense to purchase this tool.

Amway stain remover.

However, we want to immediately warn our readers that most stain removers are quite expensive, but they usually last on the farm for several years. The spray can handle dirty collars of children or remove dirt from greasy sleeves of winter clothes. Of course, for such a tool it will not be difficult to get rid of chewing gum, but be sure to read the instructions for use before spraying them with clothes. You should also hide the bottle away from children, because it is still household chemicals.

Hair fixation spray

One of the easiest, but very effective ways to clean your pants from chewing gum is to use regular hairspray. It will be enough to spray the contaminated surface with a similar product, and then wait about 5 minutes for the chemistry to do its job. Very soon, the gum will lose its stickiness and it will not be difficult to remove it with scissors or any other object that can easily chew the chewing product.

Girl uses hair spray.

If you decide to remove the chewing gum from your pants with the help of hairspray, then try to spray the item so that the varnish penetrates under the chewing gum. To do this, you can even turn the clothes inside out and use the product from the inside. By the way, do not worry about the fact that after such a procedure, stained spots will appear on your clothes or the smell of varnish will now haunt you all your life. The hair product is quite simply washed in cold water.

Alcohol-containing compounds

How else can you tear chewing gum from your pants so as not to spoil your favorite wardrobe item? Sometimes it’s quite simple to use a liquid that contains ethyl alcohol. The following products are suitable for this purpose:

Whiskey Jack Daniel's.
  • cologne;
  • cognac;
  • vodka;
  • whiskey.

Also, if a bottle of isopropyl or medical alcohol is found in your home, you can use it as well. It will be enough to moisten the contaminated area on the jeans with liquid, after which the chewing gum itself will detach from the pants. We wash clothes in fast mode and enjoy the result.


To peel the chewing gum from your pants, sometimes it’s enough to use a product that is found in almost every home - 9% apple cider vinegar. Just pour a little product on a dirty place, and then gently clean the dress or pants with an old toothbrush. In just a couple of minutes of such work, chewing gum should lag behind the clothes, after which it will be possible to enjoy the result.

Table vinegar from a well-known company.

If you decide to use concentrated vinegar essence, then it is better to abandon this idea in advance if you do not want to spoil your own things. Our grandparents used diluted vinegar to remove the dirtiest stains on the laundry, but a substance with a high concentration can simply corrode the fabric. The maximum concentration allowed for use is nine percent.

Vegetable oil

Another folk way that allows you to unstick chewing gum from your pants. Ordinary vegetable oil can neutralize the effects of most sticky substances, including chewing gum. However, a significant drawback of this method is that after it there may be a large greasy stain on clothes, so prepare a basin with soapy solution in advance to soak the jeans in it after the sticky product has been removed.

Wet the cotton pad thoroughly in vegetable oil and begin to clean clothes with it. It is worth trying to penetrate the sticky product with your fingers so that the fat penetrates inside. If you are sure that you can easily remove the oil stain, turn the clothing inside out and moisten it with oil on the other side. After that, immediately throw your pants in a washing machine or in a bowl of soapy water until the oil is too deeply absorbed.

By the way, this method is simply indispensable if you need to remove the chewing gum, which is tangled in long hair. The most important thing is not to panic and not to rush, otherwise you will confuse your curls even more. Just soak your hair with chewing gum in vegetable oil with a toothbrush, and then comb your comb with a comb. You will be surprised, but chewing gum will be removed without much difficulty. And most people in this case just go to the hairdresser.

Video and conclusion

We hope you now understand better how to remove chewing gum from your pants. If you want to know more information about this, we recommend watching a short video, which also describes effective methods. Some of them have already been mentioned in our article, so you can clearly see their effectiveness by watching this video until the end. Remember to thank the channel’s author if you find the tips helpful.

We hope that now you will not have a question about how to unstick the chewing gum from your pants. Most of the methods described are suitable for any type of fabric, but if you do not want to spoil an expensive thing with careless actions, it is best to immediately seek professional help from a dry cleaner, where you will remove the chewing gum for several minutes for a small fee. The likelihood of spoiling the dress or pants in this case is minimized.


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