NBA teams are the most popular in the world

The NBA is the planet’s most popular basketball league. Basketball players from all over the world dream of playing it. Only the most talented and vibrant players become players in league teams. NBA teams fight for the playoffs during the season, and then the champion is determined.

The number of teams in the league

After the creation of the NBA, only 11 teams played in it. But gradually the league expanded. Currently, 30 teams are playing in the playoffs. Almost all of the clubs in the most prestigious basketball league are in the United States and only one Toronto Raptors team from Canada. The NBA teams for convenience are divided into conferences, western and eastern. Each of them, in turn, is divided into 3 divisions of 5 teams each.

NBA teams

Most titled clubs

There was a time in league history when NBA teams could not stand up to the Celtics club from Boston. Domination lasted from 1958 to 1969. During this time, the team from Boston won 11 championships. A great contribution to this historic success of the club was made by the famous coach Red Auerbach. This specialist was able to find young talents and turn them into basketball stars. Over time, viewers could see the famous confrontation between the Celtics and the Lakers.

There was a time when the struggle for the championship of these clubs supported the interest of fans in the NBA. From 1980 to 1989, one of these teams played in the playoff finals. In 1984, the best NBA teams of the time finally met in the final against each other. This event aroused great interest in the league. No one was indifferent to such a historic event. In a bitter struggle following the results of 7 matches, the Celtics club won. But the following year, the Lakers took revenge. Nowadays, the NBA teams are equal in strength. All of them are able to potentially win the playoffs. It is because of this that the league has a great rating. The largest non-winning series have the clubs “Sacramento Kings” and “Atlanta Hawks”. These teams have not become champions for more than 50 years since their inception.

best NBA teams

Player Draft

NBA would not be able to maintain such a high popularity, if not for the annual draft of newcomers. Each of the league teams has the right to get a young talented player. Beginners are selected from colleges, or team members already graduate from them. But there were times when basketball clubs were strengthened by players who were still in school. Clubs that did not participate in the playoffs last season receive the right to choose the first 14 places. Since 1985, the NBA leadership decided to hold lotteries to determine the priority of the player's choice. Thus, the weakest league team could be further strengthened by a rising basketball star. A summer league tournament is held to draw newcomers, which is also very popular among basketball fans.

Popular players in NBA history

For outstanding achievements in the field of basketball, players, coaches, referees, teams and other figures are brought to the basketball hall of fame. It was opened in 1959 in the homeland of this sport at Sprigfield College. Then his whereabouts changed more than once. At the moment, 303 people have been brought into the Museum of Glory. There are cases in history where the achievements of athletes have been recorded twice in the museum. First as players, and then as coaches.

Atlanta Hawks

Of course, player Michael Jordon is listed in the Museum of Glory. The basketball player who made the Chicago Bulls club the most successful league in the 90s. He became the champion 6 times and received the "Best Player" prize many times.

The National Basketball League has made basketball one of the most popular sports in the world. Leading basketball players have large contracts, as well as multi-million dollar advertising fees. Due to the great popularity of basketball in the United States and beyond, many young children choose this sport.


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