How to make a bed do-it-yourself

The bed is one of the main places in each apartment. When choosing it, you should take into account the comfort of each model, because without a full sleep you will not be able to lead an active life. But your bed should be not only comfortable, but also attractive in appearance. So that the process of falling asleep takes place in the most pleasant environment. So let's look at how to make the bed more interesting. And in some cases more versatile.

A great idea was borrowed in the Scandinavian countries, whose cultural characteristics suggested how to make a bed soaring over the floor. You can build this interior item yourself without much effort. All you need is a ready-made orthopedic mattress, strong ropes, good ceiling beams, specialized fastenings and boards for assembling a wooden board.

This option is perfect for country houses and cottages, as it requires a large bedroom space and the presence of wooden ceilings on the ceiling. How to make a bed yourself? Very simple. Measure your mattress. Take, for example, the size of 160x2100 centimeters. We put together a wooden shield from the boards , the dimensions of which will be 190x2400 centimeters. We make marks in the corners on it, stepping back 15 centimeters from each side, and drill enough holes for the rope.

You can hang the shield on four short ropes or two long ones. In the case of choosing four separate ropes, each segment is inserted into its hole and tied into a knot under the shield. The end blooms and forms a magnificent brush. The length of the rope will correspond to the distance from the ceiling beam to the height of the bed, to which about 40-50 centimeters are added to the decorative knots and brush.

If you decide to use two long sections of the rope, they will pass under a wooden shield and exit the drilled holes. In this case, we calculate the length of the ropes as follows. We measure the distance from the ceiling beam to the location of the bed and multiply it by two. We add to this value the width of the wooden shield and 40 centimeters for the upper loops.

If the beams in your house are not closed by anything, then just throw the ropes through them and tie them well. In the case when the ceiling is decoratively decorated and all the floors are located inside, you will have to use specialized fasteners, screwed securely into the wood. As you can see, making a bed with your own hands is very simple. No one of your friends will have such an original model. The model is simple, but the comfort is not inferior to the rest.

You can slightly modify the existing version of the var. Let's look at how to make a bed with a canopy. This piece of furniture will especially appeal to romantic ladies and girls posing as princesses. We will need to supplement the standard bed with decorative carved pillars screwed in each corner. At the top they are fastened to each other by narrow boards forming a frame. It is to her that we will hang a canopy of openwork lace and flowing fabric. Carved pillars are painted with paints and varnished. We select the color scheme for the canopy. It should be combined with curtains on the window and bedspread. If the headboard is located against the wall, then the other three sides remain free and require drapery. Openwork tulle should completely cover the bed from all sides. Such a drapery will not only look beautiful, but also serve as protection against flying insects in the summer. Flowing fabric will perform a decorative function. With the help of beautiful cords, we will fix it on poles.

If you are still tormented by the question of how to make the bed more interesting, then connect your imagination and do not be afraid of the most daring ideas. Then even a completely simple model will become the royal box.


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