Details on how to brew coffee in a pot and ladle (Turk)

How to brew coffee in a pan? This question often arises for those who want to make a tasty and fragrant drink on their own, but the Turks or coffee makers were not at hand. That is why in this article we decided to talk in detail about how to brew coffee in a pan or ladle, so that it turns out delicious and with froth.

how to brew coffee in a pot

Choose the dishes

In the absence of special containers, the presented drink should be prepared in enameled dishes. After all, it is such a saucepan that is unable to absorb the smells of products that were previously cooked in it. Of course, the ideal container for making coffee is a new container, but for lack of such it is allowed to take the used one, which should be washed well in advance.

Chop grain

Before brewing coffee in a saucepan, grind the required amount of freshly roasted beans in a coffee grinder. It should be noted that some people prefer to use a purchased and ready-made product. However, we do not recommend this, because pre-ground coffee quickly loses its unique flavor. Thus, you should purchase whole grains and grind them at the rate of 1 or 2 dessert spoons per standard glass. By the way, it is advisable to carry out this procedure just before the preparation of the drink. So he will keep his amazing taste and aroma to the maximum.

How to brew coffee in a pan?

coffee in a pan

Before brewing a drink, be sure to rinse the enameled dishes with boiling water, and then pour the necessary amount of water (150-170 ml into 1-2 dessert spoons of crushed grains) into it and pour a little bit of granulated sugar (dessert spoon). After the contents of the pan boil, it must be removed from the heat and pour previously ground coffee beans. Next, the container should be put back on the gas stove and slightly warmed up, in no case bringing the drink to a boil.

When a thick foam appears on the surface of the aromatic coffee mixture, the pan must be immediately removed from the heat and left aside for a couple of minutes so that the coffee is properly brewed. After the thickener settles to the bottom, the drink can be safely poured into cups, which are recommended to be heated with boiling water before that.

Another option for making coffee

How to brew coffee in a ladle or turk? Only a few possess this information. After all, today you can buy instant coffee granules and just pour them with boiling water. However, a self-made drink from freshly ground fried grains is much healthier, tastier and more aromatic.

Cookware Selection Process

The most suitable option for making coffee is a Turk, or a ladle, as many call it. It should be noted that the unusual shape of this dish, namely the narrowing up, was invented specifically to ensure that the drink retained its aroma as much as possible during cooking and turned out with foam.

how to make coffee in a ladle

Heat treatment

There are many ways to make coffee in special dishes. We will present the simplest option that most lovers of this drink like. To do this, ground coffee or a ladle in a bucket and add a little sugar (dessert spoon). Next, the ingredients must be warmed up for one minute, and then pour ordinary water to them to the point of narrowing of the dishes. After this, the drink must be boiled until a thick foam forms on the surface. It is its appearance that means that coffee is ready to drink.

How to serve?

Now you know how to brew coffee in a pan or ladle (Turk). It should be noted that during cooking some housewives additionally put cloves or peas of black pepper in it. In addition, there are lovers who prefer to brew coffee with a spoonful of cocoa. In any case, during the preparation of this drink it is extremely important to know the tastes of those for whom it is being prepared. After all, some love pure black coffee, while others prefer it with milk and lots of sugar.


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