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How can I choose a decent web studio, without relying on the reviews of friends, especially if there is no one to advise? Even if you shovel the entire Internet or announce a tender on the freelancers exchange, there is still no guarantee that you will receive a quality product on time. The only way out for the layman is to highlight a few key criteria that should be addressed. So, how to choose a worthy website developer?

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Website development requires the mandatory availability of your own resource, which will visually present what they can offer you. Evaluate design, elegance, simplicity, productivity (how fast the site works and whether everything works), convenience (whether there is a site map, is it clear where to look for contacts, price, portfolio, etc.). In general, pay attention to everything that you yourself would like to see on your own site.


Another way to evaluate the quality of work is to look at the portfolio. First, determine for yourself whether you like the design, would you like it for your site.

Secondly, it is worth paying attention to the complexity of the work. A site can be a template (there are thousands of free examples on the Internet). Public CMS can not bend to the requirements of each customer, they have only a narrow standard set of functions. In addition, a web designer working with such platforms is hardly professional enough to create their own content management system.

The site, which has a developed structure, online services, portals, integration with social networks, chat and technical assistance, suggests that its creators are really professional developers and you can deal with them.

Another professional subtlety. If you want to verify the accuracy of the submitted resume, look at who made the sites indicated in it - as a rule, the data can be found at the bottom of the page. It would be ideal to contact these companies and clarify the details you are interested in. And the reviews of the web studio on the site itself may be unreliable.

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By the way, about customers. The services of a web studio can be estimated by the companies for which it made websites. If these are well-known large brands, then the question of professionalism is omitted by itself. Not every (and especially well-known) company entrusts its website to a beginner, and even more so to an amateur. Solid customers in the resume are the key to a good reputation, you will see this when you see an example of a web studio, the rating of which is considered the best in the world.

On the other hand, you can also evaluate the profile of the companies the web studio works with. Perhaps it works with customers of the same direction with you (for example, sellers of handmade goods via the Internet), then it will be easier for performers to understand the specifics and pitfalls of your work.

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Creating a web studio involves not only the ability to create a beautiful and user-friendly interface, but website promotion and regular work on updating it, filling it with interesting relevant and popular content. Confident of their success, web studios (their rating is presented below) open statistics so that a potential customer can verify the numbers, what traffic the site has, whether it makes a profit and whether it fulfills the tasks that it faces.

Having settled on these three pillars of choosing a web agency, you can select a couple of firms that interest you and turn to them for advice. Now let's determine what questions should be asked when discussing the project, and what the customer must know when choosing a web studio.

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Before starting work, a web studio should definitely conduct a brief analysis of your segment and, on this basis, give you a recommendation on which design to develop and how best to promote the site. Phrases such as β€œany whim for your money” mean that the company is not interested in your promotion.

Imagine the situation. You are a seller of yarn and you think that the heading of the site should be variegated, multi-colored, as if showing how many types and colors of the named product you have. An experienced web studio will conduct a comparative analysis and find out that the top of the search queries belongs to sites with a plain simple but elegant design and will give you a formula for success - people who engage in sewing and knitting art appreciate sites that are made with taste, without too much variegation and sloppiness. So, they are likely to leave your colorful site. Thus, you will be offered one of the real ways of promotion.

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Cost of work

Remember, website development cheaper than 30,000 Russian rubles is not carried out. This applies to the domestic market. Abroad, of course, the price will be much higher. If you find a cheaper offer, then most likely this site will work on a free CMS. A high-quality website on a good engine will be expensive.

Additional services

The development company must have a list of additional services. First of all, this is technical support of the site, promotion in search engines (seo-promotion), work with social networks, analysis of work in Yandex.Direct and Google Analytics, brand development and analysis, various marketing events. Random throwing of these services to different developers will not lead to successful results and will incur very big waste.

Companies that meet these requirements are among the world's top web studios. For those who want to get a high-quality, advanced and selling resource, we offer the best of them.

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TOP best web designers in the world

Our list includes web studios whose rating is the highest in the global web programming market.

  1. In the first place of our ranking is the creator of pages for IKEA, Pepsi, Ford, Gucci, MTV and many other world brands, the best digital production, according to Boards Magazine, is the Swedish web studio B-REEL.
  2. American design studio Big Spaceship is also considered unique and dissenting in the field of web design and marketing. The company works in many areas of Internet promotion, including analytics, social media, marketing promotion. Her clients became Google, YouTube, Adobe and many others. And in terms of place of work, Big Spaceship is recognized as the best in New York.
  3. Another American web giant is 42 Entertainment, which worked with the projects The Dark Knight, Pirates of the Caribbean, Living Steel, and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
  4. The oldest and most famous corporation Mullen Advertising is respected in advertising circles not only as a web design studio, but also as one of the best developers of brands, marketing and PR. Studio "21st Century Fox", General Motors, Google and others worked with this company.
  5. Not only American web designers are able to create high-quality and stylish sites. The Japanese advertising agency FICC with its laconic style in the world of fashion and cosmetics takes a worthy 5th place.
  6. Domain Studios is not only creating stylish and selling websites, but also famous for developing successful brands of companies such as New Line Cinema, Doritos.
  7. The Swedish company North Kingdom, despite its cold temperament, creates decent work, full of colors for the brands Adidas, Netflix, Google, Disney.
  8. In addition to foreign companies, there are a couple of domestic companies that occupy a worthy place in this rating. For example, CreativePeople is a web studio (Moscow), working with the well-known brands of Rosbank, Megafon, Pepsi and many others.
  9. No less well-known Russian company is Artemy Lebedev.
  10. Closes this list is a web studio (Moscow) - TomatDesign, specializing not only in graphic design, but also in branding, marketing, and working with the FMCG market. She got to the end only because the best served for dessert.

The listed web studios are one of the key in the web design market. But many worthy foreign and Russian agencies have not been named by us.

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It is quite difficult for a beginner to determine in which web studio he will receive the perfect, high-quality, selling and stylish website. It is risky to rely on the advice of friends and colleagues in this, it is much more productive to conduct your own search and select worthy candidates at your discretion.

Web studios, the rating of which was mentioned earlier, of course, can afford only large multimillion-dollar corporations, since the cost of this kind of advertising will be extremely high. A small company may well resort to the services of a small agency, which has several reputable companies in its clients, is engaged not only in website development and design development, but also in promotion, marketing, branding, has its own decent website and an interesting portfolio.

Try to choose those studios that either worked with a profile adjacent to you, or have enough opportunities for thorough analysis of your market. Remember that a successful site is 80% of success in the field of online sales.

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