New Year's nail matte design. Matte-glossy design of nails with gel polish black (photo)

Matte nail polish is very popular among fashionistas today. This manicure looks stylish and spectacular. Unless to perform nail design (matte) should only be on a smooth nail plate. Otherwise, all irregularities and defects will be emphasized.

How to make a matte glossy manicure

To perform a luxurious manicure, it is easiest to purchase a special decorative varnish. The black color looks most beautiful , although other shades may also have a matte effect. To create a spectacular nail design (matte) at home, you need to prepare a black varnish, as well as a transparent base.

The base should be applied first. After it dries, you should paint your nails in 1-2 layers using a black matte varnish. The coating should lie flat. It is worth paying special attention to the first time it turned out to create a beautiful nail design (matte).

After the coating has dried, you need to apply patterns using a thin brush. For this purpose, black glossy varnish is most suitable. Patterns can be completely different. Here you need to give free rein to your imagination. Such a nail design (matte) looks interesting, which involves the implementation of different patterns for each nail. Also, drawings can be applied using dots or stamping. Nails decorated in this way are perfectly combined with an evening dress and a strict style for the office.

matte nail design

Gloss and matte contrast are in fashion

French manicure is now very popular, for which matte and glossy varnishes are used. Thanks to the contrast, the nail design is very original. Indeed, as a result of combining the shades in the full sense of the word, an amazing black matte nail design is obtained. Photos show several interesting options for manicure. Simple species to perform were selected. But in reality they are just an example for a flight of fantasy.

Matte manicure can add zest to the image, surprise others. The efforts made to create this design will be truly appreciated. The owner of nails with a stylish manicure is sure to expect a large number of compliments. Matte glossy nail design is associated with luxury and grace, so it really deserves attention.

black matte nail design photo

New Year's manicure

Women pay special attention to holiday manicure. Therefore, we can say that the nail design option made in black is a great solution for the New Year. It looks matte New Year's nail design festively and solemnly, goes well with an evening outfit.

Black manicure looks elegant, mysterious, mysterious, restrained and rich. Of course, he should wear a beautiful evening dress. Although you can withstand a more laid-back style, which is a jeans and an interesting blouse.

Beautifully combined black and gold colors, reminiscent of the night sky in the stars. This manicure is full of mystery and mystery. That is, it is great for a fabulous New Year's Eve.

Especially matte manicure is a trend of 2016. Only you should give preference to rich and deep tones. Black is exactly what you need. But bright, even poisonous artificial colors should not be used.

matte glossy nail design

Features of New Year's manicure

In any case, to perform a holiday manicure, you should adhere to a number of rules. And you do not need to create compositions on the nails that have nothing to do with the internal mood. After all, there are several reasons for a manicure to be performed really well. Among them are the following:

  1. Making nails should bring its owner only joy. This is due to the fact that with what mood the holiday will be greeted, the whole year will pass.
  2. Due attention should be paid to along with, as well as the image as a whole. If the chosen style is not to the face of its owner, then no matter what the manicure, the girl will not be considered fashionable and dressed with taste.
  3. And do not forget that if it is convenient to wear short nails in everyday life, then you can afford to let yourself go of this habit for a holiday. Moreover, long nails are in fashion, with which not every girl finds it convenient to use daily.

matte christmas nail design

Holiday Manicure Options

Also, on the eve of the New Year, you can allow yourself to perform an “uncomfortable” manicure also in relation to sharpening nails. They can be made sharp and similar to claws. But this is already a more predatory option for the corresponding image.

You can also purchase rhinestones, beads or broths and attach them to the matte black surface of the nail. If in everyday life it often seemed that such a manicure clings to clothes, then on holidays it is quite possible to afford it. The more accurate execution will make it smooth and beautiful.

matte nail art gel polish

Matte manicure with gel polish

For modern fashionistas, manicure created using gel polish is very popular. It can be performed before the New Year and left on the nails for all holidays. This is very convenient, because in this way it will turn out to completely forget about performing a manicure.

It is also possible to complete a matte nail design with gel polish. To do this, a base gel polish is applied to the prepared nail. Then it needs to be dried for 2 minutes in a UV lamp. Then apply a decorative gel polish, dry it using a lamp, and repeat the procedure again. Then you need to cover the nails with the top and dry, as usual. Remove the sticky layer.

To create a good matte effect, you can use a nail file with an abrasiveness of 150 or 180. This tool is designed to care for natural nails. Do not replace the specified type of file with any other tool. In this case, the created coating will look as if scratched. If such a tool is not in the manicure set, then a matte top should be used.

A nail file needs to be sanded the nail plate. Near the cuticle, the movements should be semicircular. And then they should be directed from the base of the nail to its free edge. Thus, a matte surface is obtained. After that, it is degreased, and the drawing you like is created on it.

That is, to perform a matte-glossy nail design, it is not at all necessary to visit a professional master. You can independently stock up on all the necessary tools and tools to create a manicure. Moreover, creating a design yourself is very interesting. Thus, it will turn out to make truly fabulous compositions that can amaze the imagination of all friends and acquaintances.


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