Belozerov Oleg Valentinovich (JSC Russian Railways): biography, family, career

Belozerov Oleg Valentinovich is a statesman of the Russian Federation, a state adviser to the first class. This is the largest head of the road transport company. In 2015, he became the head of Russian Railways.


Oleg Belozerov was born in 1969 in Latvia, the city of Ventspils. His parents were doctors at a local clinic. Father was a radiologist, and mother was a neuropathologist. From childhood, Oleg Belozerov was fond of long jumps and sprinting. He broke a school record in running at a distance of 400 m. Until now, he remains unsurpassed.

early years

Oleg Belozerov reported the following information about his childhood craving for Russian Railways. From an early age he was impressed by the railways. Oleg Belozerov and his family often traveled around the country in a train. And the memory of these trips remained with him for life.

Inside him

While receiving education, Oleg Belozerov proved to be an exemplary student. In 1992, he successfully graduated from St. Petersburg University of Economics and Finance. He became an economist in industrial planning. Belozerov Oleg Valentinovich also served on conscription in Murmansk, guarding the state borders with Norway. By the end of the service he was identified in a sports company.

After graduation

Having already graduated from high school, Oleg Belozerov continued to study - he entered graduate school. There, having defended his dissertation, he became a candidate of science. After graduating, Oleg Belozerov began to build a career in the relevant field. Soon he found himself in the world of energy, where he took the post of head of the company JSC Lenenergo.


Since 2000, the future head of Russian Railways, Oleg Belozerov, has been closely associated with the road transport sector. He was the director of the respective enterprises, and soon he achieved inclusion in the financial and economic department under the plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation.

In the Russian Federation

Head of RTK

After 2 years, in 2002, he became CEO of Russian Fuel Company. 2 years later he headed the Federal Road Agency. Over the next five years, Oleg Belozerov worked as his leader.

He was spotted by representatives of the Russian authorities, and soon became deputy minister of transport of the Russian Federation. Here he proved himself to be a responsible employee. Even with the difficulties associated with the budget, Oleg Belozerov managed to do a lot for the development of this industry in the country.

With Dmitry Medvedev

More than once, the future head of Russian Railways was awarded honorary awards. And in 2015, Oleg Belozerov officially became the head of Russian Railways. The corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. He added that Oleg Valentinovich took up his duties at the new post “without buildup”. He managed to occupy an important post after Vladimir Yakunin voluntarily left the chair of the head of one of the largest state enterprises in the world.

This is Yakunin

Change of leadership

The change of the chairman of the board of the Russian Railways OJSC was necessary because the previous management could not ensure the activity of the monopoly enterprise without state investments. Belozerov had to ensure that the optimization of company expenses took place.

Once in a new post, Belozerov took up the development of promising projects that the previous leader had. We are talking about the reconstruction of the Serbian railways, the construction of the Trans-Korean Railway. And the construction of the road in the direction of Moscow-Kazan was continued. In addition, they optimized the internal work on the railways. The quality of services provided to passengers was improved, the economic level of the enterprise was maintained without a loss of the company.

About competition

Of course, all this time Belozerov actually in tough conditions competed with Yakunin, the former head of Russian Railways. After all, he also managed to do a lot for the enterprise, and a comparison of the two leaders was inevitable. The new chapter sought to increase the speed of movement in the Russian Federation, he justified the investment of capital in this industry, and he succeeded.

The coolest train

The company disposed of unprofitable assets while continuing to finance railway hospitals and other medical facilities. Football and hockey clubs Lokomotiv were also funded.

The new head of the enterprise organized large-scale personnel changes, increased the volume of container traffic. The company stopped purchasing imported rails, having concluded supply contracts with domestic enterprises - Evraz and Mechel.

Known Solutions

It is known that the new leader raised the price of freight by 9%, got rid of a number of benefits. All this led to the fact that the profit of Russian Railways increased. Such measures led to the fact that the company began to do without constant investments from the state budget.

Tea in it

But at the same time, the company was an indirect tax for citizens of the Russian Federation. This was due to the fact that freight prices increased. However, in 2016, the company for the first time in recent years has demonstrated the maximum figure for cargo transportation.

About personal life

Oleg demonstrated stability both in the course of his main field of activity and in his personal life. So, since 1994 he was married to Olga Alexandrovna, they have two children. Matvey was born in 1996, he became a journalist. Veronica was born in 2001.

It is noteworthy that Belozerov does not appear in any high-profile scandal. This is typical for the personal life of a major figure, and for his career. His entourage speaks of him as an excellent family man, a caring father and an exemplary husband. His income, according to data provided in 2014, amounted to about 12 million rubles. His wife earned the same amount. In addition, the head of Russian Railways has an apartment with an area of ​​220 square meters, a summer house, and a land plot.

For now

In 2017, the Russian Railways enterprise, under the leadership of Belozerov, showed a maximum profit indicator of 139.7 billion rubles. This has affected management salaries. If in 2015 Oleg earned 86.2 million rubles a year, in 2016 his salary was already 172.9 million rubles.

The growth of these indicators was due to the effectiveness of directly Oleg Valentinovich. The fact that he annually submits tax returns strongly distinguishes him from the previous head of the enterprise.

He himself

In the same year, O. Belozerov turned to the country's leadership with a request to change the name of his post. Previously, he was called the “president”, and now the name “CEO” was proposed, since the second variation is accepted in international practice.

In the spring of 2017, Oleg Valentinovich was urgently hospitalized. He felt bad at a meeting with the Chinese mission in Beijing. Belozerov was diagnosed with inflammation of the appendicitis, and he was successfully operated on in a medical institution.

At the moment, O. V. Belozerov continues to work in the same field, working for the benefit of Russian Railways. However, it is known that in 2018 he failed to achieve an increase in tariffs for seats on the reserved seat. The antimonopoly service prevented him from doing this.

In the media

There is information in the media that the growth of Russian Railways revenue is actually due to the introduction of a tax. That is, the company’s income was provided by ordinary Russian citizens, who were primarily affected by the increase in freight prices. The effectiveness of Oleg Belozerov was due to the "pumping" of money from citizens.

In addition, they report that Russian Railways pays taxes at preferential rates. And such exemptions bring at least 10,000,000,000 rubles to the company's cash desk. She is in the most favorable conditions provided to the states. And her success is attributed to the merits of the leadership.

Quite sharp articles about Belozerov are also published. So, it is indicated that hardly anything has changed much in terms of corruption. In fact, it was the main reason for the dismissal of the former head of the Russian Railways - Yakunin. However, the world's largest audit firm KPMG, analyzing the activities of the company, announced that the schemes used by the previous management are still applied. Russian Railways cooperates with the same suppliers, overpaying for their products and services.

But with confidence we can conclude that the life of Belozerov himself has changed for the better. He made a big career spurt, his earnings doubled. According to estimates, his salary is 700,000 rubles per day. Many in the country are concerned about the question, but nevertheless, for what specifically does he receive such amounts?

This is Russian Railways

According to official figures, Belozerov’s rise to power in Russian Railways was marked by the fight against corruption.

He raised questions about unjustified procurements that appeared in the company's expense items. It is known that the ex-head of the Trans-Baikal Railway, V. Fomin, was sentenced to 6 years in prison for an economic crime in 2018. Facts of fraud on his part and malpractice were revealed.

In general, expert assessments characterize Belozerov as an effective anti-crisis manager. After all, he came to a company that was in a rather depressing position. In 2016, it was suggested that Belozerov would one day become the Minister of Transport in the Russian Federation. This is likely to happen without his explicit desire.


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