Manicure: flesh color with sparkles

In recent seasons, naturalness in all styles and trends has become very fashionable and in demand. After all, every representative of the weaker sex wants to emphasize their naturalness, using all aspects of fashion trends. Well, physical manicure at the same time, of course, is an integral part of the natural style of every girl and woman. So that women's pens have an excellent look, it is recommended to choose a nail polish of a flesh-colored or pale pink.

Difference and features

This design is simple and aristocratic. The tenderness of its shade will give the image of the owner of refinement and charm. He is not intended to be evident to others, but at the same time he is ready to provide his hands with a well-groomed and stylish look.

Body manicure will be relevant everywhere, complementing any female image. Looking at Nude style nails, its owner and those around her will have the feeling that they are not painted with varnish, but have a natural and well-groomed natural look. Indeed, nude, according to the translation, means “nakedness”, which means naturalness and naturalness.

Also, this decor is a great solution for both everyday nail decoration and for a special occasion. Scheduled a business meeting or a noisy celebration? Nail design in this style is perfect and will be a pretty, natural complement. Charming ladies of any age and style will appreciate it.

flesh-colored manicure

To create a design in the nude style, its future owners do not need to grow a long nail plate. Body manicure looks exceptionally attractive on short-cropped nails. This type of decor has no flaws. It can be done independently, without resorting to professional help, unlike other areas in nail aesthetics.


  • The accuracy of nails stained with a corporal shade of varnish will visually lengthen the fingers, giving them a well-groomed appearance. Due to this, the body manicure , the color of which has a neutral shade, is recommended for women with short fingers.

  • Coating in this shade is practical. With minor damage there are no contrasting visual changes. For this reason, it is worn longer without correction.

  • Varnishes in flesh shades are much easier to apply, as irregularities committed during the work are not very noticeable.

  • The design is easy to use. Making nails in this style does not require additional education and training.

skin color manicure

  • The body manicure is combined perfectly with other shades. This advantage makes it possible to add new notes to it, providing style, individuality and modernity.

Application Nuances

To make the design flawless, you must follow a number of certain rules. Before choosing a design, you need to consider that the coating in a skin tone is more relevant for medium and short lengths of nails.

It is also important to complete this sequence:

  • process the nail plates, grind, giving the desired shape, degrease;

  • apply the selected shade to the nail plates in two or three layers;

  • remove excess, roughness after drying;

  • apply a glossy protective coating.

body manicure

A color scheme

The use of several neutral shades in the design of nails has recently become very relevant. Body manicure, the color of which is relevant in the style of Negative space, has spread throughout the world and has found its application among a huge circle of fashionistas who follow all sorts of new products in the nail direction. It is characterized by the brightness of spots on an unpainted nail. The application procedure is different in that not all of the plate is painted during application. At the same time, a characteristic pattern remains, which cannot but attract the attention of those around with its eccentricity. The surface not treated with varnish is filled with drawings of geometric shapes, lines and bends, diversifying the design. Hue is best to choose the most neutral. For example, a combination of white, black and beige will look great. If, in addition to a combination of contrasting colors, a decorative element in the form of stones and sparkles is used in the design of nails, you can achieve individuality in style.

Flickering design

For those who prefer a neutral manicure in everyday wear, the skin color with sparkles will look sophisticated and sophisticated. As an option, you can safely use sparkles if the design is done for a specific case, when it is necessary to emphasize the brightness and effect of the female image. Using a variety of types of sparkles, you can experiment, create, creating different types of design, taking into account personal preferences and style of dress. Creating a body manicure with sparkles, use the decor in dry and liquid form. Dry decor (glitters) is applied to the painted surface in the required place and covered with a surface-fixing composition, which eliminates the shedding of all beauty.

body manicure with sparkles

Liquid spangles include varnishes containing small foil particles and a transparent or colored base. They do not require additional fixing. Decorated in this style of nails acquire a more expressive look. Fashionistas who own the art of design, use their knowledge to implement creative ideas.

Tandem with black

A successful combination was received with body black manicure. Using the unity of these colors in different variations, nail art has acquired a new, but from the first days of existence, a trend in demand among fashionistas. These noble shades often appear together, complementing each other. Their tandem will be appropriate both in daily design and for “publication” (using all kinds of decor chips in the design).

flesh manicure with black

Openwork luxury

To add sophistication to the design in the design of nails using lace elements. After all, body manicure with black lace is luxury, tenderness and chic. To implement such an original design, you must have a real or special manicure lace. The latter will ensure flawlessness for a longer period. You can also use stickers and a stamping system. These are pretty effective decorating methods. Their reliable fixation will ensure flawless design for a longer period of use. Lace design is additionally decorated with sparkling rhinestones. They are especially effective against a solid background, over black lace.

body manicure with black lace

In the design of nails, two important factors must be followed: the selection of a color palette and the implementation of creative ideas. In this case, the result will delight others and owners with its impeccability and originality for a long time. The main thing is not to embarrass yourself in this.


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