Normalized milk, what is it?

In infancy, we all drink milk. And no one doubts that it (especially maternal) is useful and necessary for every child. As adults, we often forget about the benefits of this product, less and less often we begin to use it.

Normalized milk that's
Some refuse it already because "normalized milk" is most often found on sale. Not knowing what it is, you doubt: "Is it worth buying and using this product? Is it natural? Is there any benefit from it?" This is most often the reason that they are afraid to give purchased milk to young children.

What does normalized milk mean?

On packages of milk or other dairy products you can read: " Normalized milk used ." What it is and how it is received, few people know. Many are of the wrong opinion that such milk is obtained from milk powder, which does not contain the initial amount of vitamins. In fact, this is far from the case. No need to think, seeing on the label "Normalized Milk" that it is an unsuitable product for consumption. Upon receipt of milk as a raw material for processing at the enterprise, it is completely degreased, that is, reverse (with zero fat content) and cream are separated. Based on the fact that in the future, milk of various fat contents is used to make sour cream, cottage cheese and other products, its normalization takes place: by adding the right amount of cream to skim milk , a certain percentage of the fat content of the product is achieved.

Where is normalized milk used?

pasteurized normalized milk

For the manufacture of any products in the dairy industry, with the exception of absolutely fat-free cottage cheese, normalized milk is used. What is it - we already know: the term means that a certain percentage of the fat content in the product is reached by processing. Milk can be normalized by standard standards of fat content or by the manufacturer himself, if necessary. Yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, cream, processed cheese or smoked - all these are products from normalized milk. They are not only completely harmless, but, on the contrary, quite useful. Moreover, this process is nothing more than just one of the stages of raw material processing.

What is the benefit of normalized milk?

Pasteurized normalized milk can be sold in stores as the drink itself or as a component of other products. In any case, it is quite useful for people of any age. It contains the necessary calcium, phosphorus, potassium, B vitamins, vitamin H and other useful substances. There is nothing scary and dangerous in the fact that milk is normalized.

what does normalized milk mean
What does it mean? This means only one thing: in the process of pasteurization of milk and its normalization, only harmful microorganisms in its composition die, and vitamins and other useful components remain. They are preserved during the production of any dairy products. The conclusion is clear: normalized milk is good! Do not be afraid to consume it, on the contrary, it is recommended to maintain health.


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