We remember the native roots: how to make a family tree with your own hands

Unfortunately, modern young people know little about their relatives who lived three or four generations ago. In addition to parents, they keep in mind, if they managed to catch, grandparents, less often - great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers. Plus uncles and aunts and cousins. And about the more distant ancestors they have a very vague idea!

Family tree

do-it-yourself family tree
But it was not always like that. As far back as the beginning of the 20th century in Russia, not only representatives of noble families, but also philistines, peasants knew what kind of tribe they were, knew their cousins ​​and cousins ​​well, and could list all the branches of their families almost from their foundation. Archives, notes, diaries, parish books - all together, these documents were a family tree created by each member of the clan with his own hands. This also includes picturesque portraits, which were supposed to preserve the appearance of their ancestors for posterity. Then there were photographs, in our times - videos, but the connection of generations, alas, was interrupted. How to fix the situation? What can be offered to a modern person who wants to study the history of the family, learn more about his predecessors? Also try to make a family tree. With your own hands it is not difficult to make it. And if you attract close ones, for example, children, then such an activity will unite and unite you. You really feel the warmth and holiness of family ties.

Tree of your last name only

do family tree do it yourself
The easiest option to realize your plan is to draw a tree silhouette on a large sheet of whatman paper. Try to make it beautiful, because every visitor to your house will see it. Draw branches, leaves, color. Since you are making a family tree with your own hands, in the center on the branches, select a place and specially draw frames for photos. If you got married recently, plan not one, but several children, then you will gradually fill the tree. In the meantime, take the most successful shots, cut and paste. Decorating a family tree with your own hands is also simple. Firstly, the photos themselves, where you were shot with relatives in different angles and situations, can be with four-legged and other pets. Secondly, paste in your favorite corners of your vacation, they will also then remain in history and will remind you of the happy moments of life. Well, after you have managed to make a family tree with your own hands, insert the whatman paper into a sturdy, elegant frame and hang it on a place of honor in the living room or dining room. Update it from time to time. Children, seeing such a careful and interested attitude of parents towards their relatives, will assimilate it and will also value family values.

Family tree

do-it-yourself family tree pattern
If it is important for you to restore the history of the genus, you want to tell and leave a memory of its different representatives, then you need to go a little different way. In this case, a family tree (template), made with your own hands, should include a variety of branches, depending on which communication lines you reflect. For example, the parents of your parents personally, their ancestors on both sides. Brothers and sisters, their families and children. The more you know about your kin, the more powerful and branchy your tree will be. If the images of someone are not preserved - it does not matter. At the place of the photo you can enter the name and surname, occupation, profession, list the merits, if any. It will also turn out informative and interesting.

Remember that the connection with the ancestors, “love of the native ashes, love of fatherly tombs” is one of the components of our spirituality and tribal memory!

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