Additional fuel tank: installation, features

Not all car owners, in particular Gazelles, are satisfied with the available fuel supply. Users solve this problem by installing an additional fuel tank. Consider the design and capabilities of the main system, as well as ways to install an additional tank.

additional fuel tank

Regular fuel system

On the basis of the Gazelle we will study the features of a standard fuel supply unit. The system consists of the following elements:

  • Tank for fuel.
  • Pumping pump.
  • Cleaning and air filter element.
  • Carburetor.
  • Separator device.
  • Fuel line.

Sparse fuel is fed from the tank through the line to the separator, and then to the pump. The further path of the fuel runs through the filter into the carburetor. Improve the system by installing an additional fuel tank, refitting the pump and line.

Established tanks

The Gazelle, as standard, can be equipped with a plastic 60-liter tank or an aluminum analogue of 70 liters. On average, the fuel supply is enough for about 500 kilometers. The tank is durable, rarely needs repair. The disadvantages of tanks include low capacity.

installation of additional fuel tanks

Partially solving the problem is the supply of gas cans. However, it is not always convenient to refuel between settlements. Some craftsmen increase the volume of the existing tank, but this is illegal, since interference in the fuel system is not allowed.

Solutions to the problem

First you need to get permission to refit the fuel of the car. At the same time, passage through customs will be difficult, because by law the fuel supply should not exceed 10 liters from the indicator declared by the manufacturer.

Possible options for improving and increasing capacity:

  1. Installation of an additional fuel tank.
  2. Installing a larger tank.
  3. Equipping a car with several additional tanks.

The latter option is used extremely rarely, as it complicates the refueling process and is fraught with a large fine when crossing the border.

How to install an additional fuel tank?

Typically, a backup tank is mounted near a regular gas tank. To implement such an idea, a substantial alteration of the entire fuel assembly will be required. This is a conversion of the pump and installation of a double neck. The design can have two types: parallel installation of additional fuel tanks or a system of two tanks connected in series.

install an additional fuel tank

For the proper conduct of the process, certain skills and engineering abilities will be required, since at car services they do not undertake the alteration of the fuel supply unit. Depending on the volume of the new tank system, it is necessary to select a pump that is suitable for power and related components. The issue price is affected by the type of additional tank. It can vary from 15 to 100 thousand rubles, taking into account updating the details of the highway.

Volume increase

In addition to installing an additional fuel tank on the Gazelle, you can increase the fuel supply by mounting a tank with an increased volume. This is where the problem immediately arises. The manufacturer of "Gazelles" produces only 60- and 70-liter tanks. According to the law, it is forbidden to establish other modifications (upon detection, a substantial fine).

In this direction, the only legal solution will be the installation of a 100-liter tank from the GAZ-66. It is simply put instead of the standard model, without exposing the rest of the nodes. If you want to get even more volume, all work is at your own peril and risk.

In such cases, you can use an additional fuel tank in the following design:

  • Metal containers with a capacity of up to 150 liters, suitable in shape.
  • A 150 liter aluminum counterpart from any manufacturer is often delivered in pairs. The price is around 70 thousand rubles.
  • A variant of metal from KamAZ to 200 liters. Such models are mounted extremely rarely due to a significant increase in the mass of the vehicle and an increase in fuel consumption.

Installation of an additional fuel tank or an analogue of an increased volume requires the installation of a more powerful pump, other pipelines and necks. This is necessary to eliminate problems when supplying fuel on the highway.

Serial connection diagram

In this case, the main and additional tanks are equipped with intakes and breathers. After connecting the breather of the regular tank with the intake of additional capacity, fuel from it will be supplied to the system. When connecting, one important condition must be met. It consists in equipping the main tank with an individual sealed filling neck. Otherwise, air will be supplied from the reserve tank due to the occurrence of an atmospheric β€œplug”.

additional gazelle fuel tank

If you do not want to refuel frequently when moving over long distances without breaking the law, you need to stock up on cans or install a 100-liter tank from the GAZ-66. All other alterations require special permission and can only be used domestically, without crossing the border.


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