What is fortune-telling on sticks?

For many centuries, people were constantly attracted by secrets and incomprehensible phenomena. Questions to which they cannot receive answers have always been resolved through witchcraft and fortune telling. This may be fiction, or it may be the real truth, but the essence remains in the fact that people have always wondered and will continue to do it. There are many possible ways of divination, some of which will be described in this article. These include: fortune-telling on sticks, complex fortune-telling, children's fortune-telling and a host of others.

Fortune-telling is a way to find out the answers to all the most intimate questions that originated centuries ago in England. They used this method of divination only if they were talking about very important problems.

To perform the ritual, you will need special sticks or twigs that will vary in size - this is important in the process of divination. Three pieces must be sized to fit the human little finger. The rest of the set of sticks for fortune telling must necessarily correspond to the size of the human middle finger. If you have all this, you can proceed to the most interesting.

You need to put the thickest wand, which will be the queen, on the floor. After close your eyes. Now, taking all the sticks that you have in your hands, and there are six of them, as you remember, you need to ask a question. After throwing five sticks on the floor. The ritual is perfect. Now it is necessary to interpret it correctly. One stick left in the hands makes a logical choice. As a result, the floor will be more or short sticks or long. Short sticks mean β€œno” to your question, while long sticks in turn symbolize β€œyes”. Just like that, you can ask a question to unknown forces and get an answer.

Fortune-telling on sticks can cause skeptics to laugh, but many people confirm that everything they asked came true. This makes this method of divination one of the simplest methods of communication with uncharted forces. Fortune-telling on sticks does not require any special herbs or spells, and is very easy to understand.

Difficult fortune-telling on sticks consists in drawing lines on paper. After that, all the dashes are deleted in a certain order, and the remaining number is interpreted in its own way.

Fortune telling, the meaning of this process

During fortune-telling, your sticks or bones may fall in various combinations. In order for the unknown forces to give the most accurate answer, it is necessary to correctly interpret the result. The answer is yes, if the longest sticks fall out the most. If there are fewer long ones than short ones, then the answer is no. As a result of divination, truly mystical events can occur. For example: if all the ends of the sticks look in the opposite direction from the main one, the β€œqueen”, then in this case all your problems will be solved by themselves. If the bones lie on top of each other, then they will help you in solving problems. If there are any strange variations, it is better to transfer the die again, with the same question.

For those who are going by such methods to find out the answers to their questions, there are some tips. First, never use fortune-telling on sticks several times a day, once a day will be enough. Otherwise, it can anger the forces, and they will not give an exact answer. Second, you should never believe what the wands say, since this is just a fortune-telling, and you can listen to it, but you should not blindly believe this method. In general, it is worth noting that any fortune-telling is, first of all, self-hypnosis. A person programs himself for success or failure, and fortune-telling is only a catalyst for decision-making, and the most important thing is to know the middle ground between fortune-telling and common sense.

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