Reviews: Casual Club - dating site or customer divorce?

The current age of high technology negates human communication in the usual "real" way. It is difficult to imagine an acquaintance in a restaurant or on the street, rather it will cause bewilderment or concern. But, during working hours, at home and on a walk, we are absorbed in being in another world - virtual. Take a look around when you get into a crowded place.

casual club reviews
One in two is absorbed in their electronic assistants — mobile phones and tablets. We spend time there, it is there that we boldly communicate and get to know each other, talk, and only after that we risk putting out the object of attention at the meeting. Emoticons have long replaced us with emotions, and the keyboard with live speech. That is why people are interested in what they say about modern places for dating - dating sites, for example, reviews of Casual Club, the recently appeared "closed club", are interesting.

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Dating Sites - Who Benefits?

Dating on social networks is now not a surprising thing and quite acceptable by society. Why not? Where to get to know those who spend the morning and evening in the office? Bars and restaurants generally do not involve communication with the opposite sex, as was the case before.

At the same time, sitting on your favorite sofa or at a comfortable table with a cup of coffee, you can easily and naturally "have a conversation" using the keyboard, first finding out what the interlocutor is and then making an appointment with him.

For what purposes are dating sites created, and what benefits do organizers get? Users can indeed meet the one they are looking for, and the creators receive material rewards through advertising.

Internet Dating Innovation

Not so long ago, a fundamentally new dating site at began its work. Feedback from grateful and ungrateful customers has already appeared on the network. What is the peculiarity of this virtual "institution"? This organization does not reduce lonely hearts, but rather, embodies the secret desires of each of us. By registering on the site, the user gets the opportunity not only to share their most unusual thoughts, but also “the opportunity to put them into practice with those who share their views” - this is what is written on the main page of “Casual Club - dating site”. Reviews of grateful customers are given here, for those who are interested in the experience of using the resource. In addition, the user can get acquainted with the recommendations of the print media, which the developers have placed in a prominent place and read articles on psychological topics. It should be noted that the topics of the articles relate mainly to the assessment of infidelity as misconduct and the joys of the embodiment of fantasies.

casualclub com reviews

Flattering reviews: Casual Club makes life easier for spouses and couples

In fairness, it is worth noting that even without registering on this site the very idea of ​​adultery is presented in an interesting wrapper.

"Are you bored with married life? Bring some fire to the relationship!" or "Fresh intimate life can be diluted with an unexpected acquaintance that will refresh the former romance." It turns out that promotes Casual Club? Deceiving the faithful for the sake of "preserving the relationship."

Promiscuity has no justification, and people differ from animals in that they can control their desires. If the relationship has become bland and boring, is not it better to just break up? Why change your soul mate under the plausible pretext of "saving love"?

casual club dating reviews

What does the club promise users?

So, Casual Club collects the first negative reviews even from unregistered users, but from deceived wives and husbands.

The rest of the activities of this "club" is quite typical for an intimate dating site. You can register as a loner or couple, describe in the questionnaire exactly what you expect from dating and wait for our call to respond. The site involves the search for a suitable partner and a gift in the form of an unforgettable adventure without obligation.

casual club dating site reviews

However, there are obligations, as they were convinced those who want an adventure to experience this.

Registration in a private dating club

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When registering, you will need to indicate your bank account number. For some reason, this did not surprise or frighten many users at all, although financial institutions and law enforcement agencies warn us not to transmit personal and such important information to anyone. After that, you find yourself in the "holy of holies" - closed Casual Club. Users note an inconvenient interface, and one cannot disagree with them. If the main page resembles an intimate boudoir, then the "main office" users seemed to collect an inept child. You do not see the information of interest to other users, cannot view their photos and send messages. These and many functions are not available until you send an almost free SMS to connect VIP status. But the site, as it were, is pushing the participants towards this - without a fee you can see the maximum age of other participants, and being on the site in this right is not of interest.

The procedure for sending SMS also did not cause concern for most registered users. “Just think - SMS, all the more it’s not expensive at all,” the majority thought. True, in reality it turns out that you need to send three messages with a total cost of 900 rubles, after which you become the owner of a subscription, payable 2400 rubles once a quarter.

Match Casual Club reviews on whether it's worth it

Having registered and registered as a VIP, most of the respondents want to immediately refuse the service. And this is no accident - having discovered that a dating site is very expensive with low functionality, users want to quickly break off relations with it. But here the difficulty arises - it turns out that the site server is located in Switzerland, so the only option is to send a fax to 0041 91 6046509. Those who try to perform this maneuver respond extremely unflattering about the system - it’s impossible to get through and sending a fax seems like a tricky maneuver. Why such difficulties in the age of advanced technology? The developers simply do not want to lose their customers and their money, and therefore they will do everything so that you stay in the club as long as possible.

By the way, deleting a profile for customers without a VIP status will not cause difficulties, but this is logical - such "free" customers are not of great value to the club, and therefore parting with them is by mutual agreement.

Contacting a bank to terminate "cooperation" with a dating site

When a client discovers that a rather large amount is debited from his card once every three months, the first desire is to delete the profile without sending written statements by fax. But, alas, by deleting your page, you will not achieve anything but the loss of the right to use the site. And your money will be debited from your card. So I want to hide the card!

According to user reviews, the only way out of this situation is to close the function of auto payments abroad, which you will issue a bank card issuer upon your request.

Re-issuing the card and changing the PIN code, according to customers, will not bring the desired result, since the current account remains the same and this will not prevent the amount of 2400 rubles from your card being withdrawn once a quarter. Well, you have to pay for pleasure!

So, as evidenced by the reviews, Casual Club will try to keep your membership in any way and will not allow you to slip away so easily.

Is Casual Club worth the money?

Perhaps there are people for whom 2400 rubles is just a trifle. Let's see if such a fee for the services provided by the site is justified?

casual club website reviews
To draw such conclusions, I had to study confession on the casual club customer forums. Reviews about the site are all as one negative. Users complain about the large number of automated bots, the same limited potential, and the number of living people in no more than 20-30% of the total number of customers.

Someone managed to get to know each other on the site, but according to the assurances of the dating club who fell into the bait of Casual Club, such a pleasure does not cost 800 rubles a month at all.

Of course, there are enough positive reviews on the Internet, but they are very enthusiastic and similar to each other, while negative statements are emotional, with great detail on the described problem and very true.

How not to give your money to scammers?

It seemed that we were all taught from childhood not to talk with suspicious people and not to tell them anything about ourselves, but as adults, we forget about the simple rules of our safety. It is the provision of your data that entails undesirable consequences for you. Will Casual Club bring you dating? Customer feedback indicates that, yes, you have a chance to meet you. But this will not bring the desired results and will cost you 800 rubles per month, not counting the money spent on SMS. Whether the game is worth the candle is up to you. However, the traditional, "grandfather" and at the same time completely free dating methods have not been canceled.


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