Basketball Hall, Krasnodar. Description and small announcement of games and events

Opened in 2011, the complex building is considered the home sports palace for a basketball club based in the city - Lokomotiv-Kuban. The arena of such a high level caused a lot of emotions among local residents, especially among the community of fans who love this sport. In the winter of 2012, one of the first games of the season saw the first full house. Subsequently, the site was repeatedly filled to the maximum. It is worth noting that “Basket-Hall” (Krasnodar) is not only a place for sports, but also has a huge developed infrastructure, which includes many additional features, offers and services in various fields of activity.

Main direction and important details

The capacity of the city site is more than 7500 people. Everything in the complex was done for the comfort and interest of the audience during the game: lighting with high-quality equipment, excellent television picture and sound effect from the specialized PSSO system located around the perimeter. A special highlight of the Basket-Hall complex (Krasnodar) is the magnificent parquet that meets the standards and necessary indicators adopted in the NBA.

Basketball Hall Krasnodar
Already in the debut season, a screen was placed in the center of the main hall for viewing replays and what is happening in the hall from a more convenient angle. He replaced the classic "Cube", which has exhausted its capabilities as the main gadget.

In addition to playing basketball battles, the hall offers excellent conditions for the development of sports skills for both amateurs and professionals. The second floor is equipped with a training room with sliding stands, where up to five hundred people can easily fit. Of the additional services, there are freely accessible locker rooms, showers and a huge number of simulators that can satisfy any user demand.

Unsportsmanlike destinations

In addition to the fact that gaming events take place in the arena, it attracts the organizers of concert and other entertainment events, which are held in large numbers in Krasnodar. At different times, such world pop stars as Zemfira, Sting, Scorpions, Elton John and others came to Basket Hall. Recently, the complex regularly announces on its territory boxing fights and tournaments for fighting without rules, including the international format and the highest level (champion title defenses, qualifying confrontations). For example, last fall, the legendary Roy Jones Jr. boxed here.

To make a profit, Basket-Hall (Krasnodar) leases both halls for training, organizes corporate evenings and celebrations, shows entertainment shows, exhibitions and exhibitions.

Preparing the future generation for the achievements of the sports plan

A specialized center has been opened for everyone in the city, helping to find and discover talented young people with a craving for basketball. The organization has been operating since 2008 and covers the entire region.

Basketball Hall Krasnodar Address
Previously, the office of the institution was located in a different place, and with the construction of a large central hall, the office and reception center moved to Basket Hall (Krasnodar), the address of which almost every city dweller knows. The director of the preparatory center is the master of sports of the Russian Federation.

At the moment, the institution includes students from twelve settlements and nineteen teachers, three of whom have prestigious titles earned in the sports and teaching field. For more than seven years, about fifty dischargers, including candidates and masters of sports, have been trained here.

Main hall

The size of the large central hall is 45 by 27 meters with a height of up to 32 meters. Maximum capacity - seven and a half thousand spectators. The arena has the opportunity to conduct the most vivid shows, possessing modern equipment, an excellent organizing system and an excellent team.

Basketball Hall Krasnodar Game Schedule
In addition, each fan will be able to find out by visiting the “Basket Hall” (Krasnodar), the schedule of games or the poster of upcoming events. The parquet floor is 28 meters long and 15 meters wide, and its cover is considered to be the pride of local employees and players. It is worth noting that during breaks of confrontation, a full-fledged performance is provided here, and during off-season breaks in the room, concerts and other grand spectacular events are regularly organized.

Small Hall

The second most important venue of the complex is primarily intended for various sports and tournaments.

Basketball Hall Krasnodar
The size of the room is practically not inferior to the main hall. If we talk about the matches that the “Basket-Hall” (Krasnodar) demonstrates, then among them are the most common in such sports as handball, basketball, futsal and volleyball. Organize in the complex and non-game competitions in martial arts and boxing, rhythmic gymnastics and trampolining.


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