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Finding a bona fide employer is not easy. What kind of feedback does Stakhanov receive from its employees? What does the population say about this organization? Should I contact her? To understand this, just look at the reviews of applicants. It is important to learn how to separate real opinions from lies. Then with confidence it will be possible to say how firm is a conscientious employer.


But before that it’s important to understand what Stakhanov is doing. The company itself is an outsourcing organization. She is engaged in the search and selection of personnel for employers.

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This is a kind of intermediary between firms offering employment and job seekers. Accordingly, Stakhanov LLC offers employment in various fields of activity. It all depends on the requirements of employers and the desires of people looking for work.

Organization activities are not always approved. Some believe that outsourcing in the market is now not in demand. However, the majority of the population has a different point of view.

About vacancies

Stakhanov is a company that helps a variety of employers select and train staff. As already mentioned, the corporation works in different directions. And therefore the company "Stakhanov" earns positive reviews for the abundance of vacancies.

You can find through the organization a place to work in almost any field of activity: from construction to sales. As a rule, an outsourcing company offers shift work. It follows that leadership positions are rare in Stakhanov. Most often, you have to work as an ordinary subordinate.

Distribution in Russia

Jobs at Stakhanov earn mostly positive reviews because the organization under study has branches throughout the country. She is known, is not a fraudster, really offers jobs.

Work, as has already been emphasized, is often done on a rotational basis. Stakhanov collaborates with employers from different cities of Russia. Therefore, the size of the corporation inspire confidence in the integrity of the applicants. Especially considering the fact that modern outsourcing companies that do not fulfill obligations are closing all over the country very quickly.

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Job interview

LLC "Stakhanov" earns mixed reviews regarding the interview. Some people leave not the best opinions about this process. For example, some employees emphasize that managers begin to promise a lot. But in reality everything turns out a little differently. Actual conditions and job security are embellished.

Someone says that the interview only pleased. Recruitment managers tell all the details of employment, quickly and carefully study the application form. A workplace and training are also offered in the shortest possible time. But the applicant has little time to think about it - many turn to Stakhanov for employment. And therefore, it is possible that after the adoption of a decision within a few days after the call from the company, that place will already be taken. Such cases also happen.

Working conditions

Outsourcing company "Stakhanov" does not get the best opinions on working conditions that are offered to subordinates. Not always, but complaints come often.

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Workers complain that the workplace lacks the proper conditions necessary for the performance of labor duties. Some complain about the difficult work schedule - sometimes it takes 12-14 hours a day to do only work. These are all standard complaints about shift work.

However, working conditions do not depend on Stakhanov. This company just tells what the direct employer said. Therefore, the organization should not be blamed for dishonesty. For working conditions at the workplace "Stakhanov" is not responsible.


But that is not all. The company "Stakhanov" receives negative reviews from applicants and employees for wages, which are paid after completion of work. The thing is that initially at employment they promise high wages. In most cases, this is a hoax. In fact, according to numerous opinions, “Stakhanov” will pay the amount in smaller amounts.

Many also emphasize that salaries are issued with delays. Sometimes you have to wait for a calculation for several months. There are also positive reviews about the salaries offered by the company. But this is a huge rarity.

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In other words, Stakhanov is a company that really pays, but it is not suitable for making big money. Often there are prospects for a decent wage, but it is not possible to bring them to life.


What else does Stakhanov LLC offer? Moscow is a city where many go to work. As already noted, the organization under study is not well suited for this task. But the corporation also has positive aspects.

For example, most workers note that they have to work in a friendly team. But informal communication is often not enough time. Employers and managers on a shift are different. Among them there are good, attentive, responsive bosses, and not so much.

It is impossible to say exactly which work team will come across. An ambiguous opinion is left about him. But getting ready is recommended for everything. "Stakhanov" is trying to check the integrity of all customers, employers. But no 100% guarantees for a good working team and management team are given.

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Black list

The company "Stakhanov" reviews as a whole earns mixed reviews. There is praise and complaint. Opinions of the second type, although not confirmed by anything, are greater. Therefore, the studied outsourcing company can often be found in the black lists of employers.

It's not worth being scared. Stakhanov has been operating for a long time, and quite successfully. And all this, despite the fact that many are not enthusiastic about cooperation with the corporation. Someone is ready to turn here again to look for work as a shift, and some openly say "divorce, I will not come again."


From now on, it is clear which company "Stakhanov" earns reviews. Should I contact here for employment? If you believe the numerous opinions, it is recommended that you first independently find a job. An outsourcing organization does not cause much trust.

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Nevertheless, it is safe to say that Stakhanov is not a scam. The company is really famous in Russia. Employers speak of the organization as a responsible association.


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